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18 Best Swimwear Brands Worth Buying in 2023

Last Updated: March 2, 2023

We’ve finally reached that beautiful time of the year where our spirits are a little higher, our skin is a little darker, and our hair is a little brighter. That’s right – summer. While the summer is full of endless adventures, one adventure all of us women must experience is finding the best swimwear brands to buy a good swimsuit from. 

While this can be fun, it can also be tedious, expensive, or even frustrating – you may not even know where to start!  

To help make it easier, we’ve put together an article sharing the best brands based on various factors to help you find the best swimsuit for all your needs! So, if you’re ready to show off that sexy summer body, read on to find your new favorite swimsuit brand.

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Best Swimwear Brands

We’ve broken our list down into three different categories: budget (the best, most affordable brands), quality (highest quality with a bit of a higher price tag), and designer (high-end swimsuit designers). Click on your favorite to jump down.

Best on a Budget

Let’s kick it off with the best affordable swimsuit brands. 

Nasty Gal

With a flattering selection of trendy bathing suits (including one-pieces, cheeky bikinis, and pieces that almost look designer), Nasty Gal may very well become your favorite swimwear spot. 

You can find your favorite prints from cheetah to tropical to polka dots. With a low average price, you’ll find everything you need without breaking the bank. 

Average pricing: $20 – $40 a set

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is full of trendy, stylish, and luxury items from designer brands at affordable prices everyone will love! With floral one-pieces to tropical bikinis, you’re bound to find the perfect piece. 

They even sell discounted name brand pieces (such as Adidas)! Pricing depends on the brand, but there are plenty of affordable choices. 

Average pricing: $30 – $60 a set


Topshop is one of the best affordable swimsuit brands when it comes to variety – they truly seem to have something for everyone! From flashy bikini tops to ruffled one-pieces, this is a brand everyone can shop easily! 

Their average pricing will fall even lower when they have a sale (which happens all the time), so they are one of the most affordable brands on the market.

Average pricing: $40 – $60 a set


Next, AMIClubwear is all about making you feel like a goddess. Their sexy and affordable swimwear collection features cheeky bikini bottoms, cropped bikini tops that show a little skin, push-up bikinis, and even tight-fitting one-pieces to flaunt all those feminine curves. 

AMIClubwear is perfect if you’re all about wearing something a little risque and fierce. 

Average pricing: $25 – $40 a set


This inexpensive brand has plenty of chic designs, including ruffled, snake print, floral-print, and sexy v-neck styles. Although the quality probably won’t be as great as a designer brand, you can still find cute swimsuits that will last you the summer! With CupShe, feeling sexy and empowered is cheap. 

Average pricing: $20 – $30 a set


The PrettyLittleThing is a must-have in every woman’s closet if you love diversity. Their swimsuit designers do a great job! From pastel-hues, halters, classic cuts, high-waisted bikinis, to sexy frilling detailing, this brand has just about everything you need to feel wild and free.

You can’t go wrong with this pretty little thing – see what I did there?

Average pricing: $30 – $60 a set

Aerie Swim

One thing we love about the Aerie Swim brand is that they use models of all shapes, sizes, and flaws to create a friendlier brand for everyone. This way, you can know you’re buying a swimsuit that doesn’t just look good because the model is flawless. 

You can find mesh-cropped bikinis, sexy push-up pieces, ribbed cheeky bikini bottoms, trendy top knot bikinis, and even more. Plus, everything is affordable, especially if they have a sale!

Average pricing: $25– $40 a set


Target is one of the most affordable stores to shop when it comes to swimwear, workout clothes, and pretty much anything else. Not to mention, they always carry the latest styles and trends. 

With everything from tankinis, active swimsuits, coverups, sexy bikinis, or modern style one-pieces, Target is an easy and fun place to shop for all your swimwear needs this summer.

Average pricing: $30 – $40 a set


And last (but not least) when it comes to the best swimwear brands for affordability is Pacsun. Known for their stylish and modern clothes, their swimsuits are a top seller. 

With comfortable ribbed pieces, bright neon colors, bandeau bikinis and more, Pacsun has a little bit of everything for everyone. Prices are a little higher than the brands above, but they drop whenever they have one of their common sales (you can often save half off). 

Average pricing: $40 – $60 a set

Best Swimsuit Brands for Quality

Next, let’s move onto the brands that are some of the best quality on the market!


Everybody’s heard of Lululemon, for good reason. While they’re most known for their activewear, their swimwear is just as luxurious! This high-quality brand is full of durable swimsuits with intricate details for the ultimate swimming experience. 

Offered in a variety of styles and designs, you never have to worry about ripping or tearing when it comes to LuluLemon. 

Average pricing: $130 – $140 a set


When it comes to the question of where to buy swimwear, we absolutely love Summersalt. To them, simplicity and comfortability is the key to feeling beautiful in your own skin. Here, you’ll find simple one-color pieces, soft mesh-style bikinis, & even comfortable high-rise maternity pieces. 

Summersalt is one of the best swimwear brands because they know what you need to feel comfortable & beautiful, no matter what type of swimsuit you choose!

Average pricing: $90 – $110 a set


Next, Billabong is one of the bathing suit brands that takes comfort and sexy to the next level. It’s no wonder they’ve made a name for themselves in swimwear – their high-quality pieces will last you forever.

You can find everything from reversible bikini tops, sexy bralettes, stretchy bikini bottoms, and even some that are a little cheeky! Don’t even get us started on how many different designs they have. 

Average pricing: $80 – $100 a set


Patagonia is where it’s at when it comes to security. This is one of the best swimsuit brands for durable and sturdy pieces. Here, you’ll find everything from sports bra-material tops, secure cropped pieces, & even flexible bottoms with designs that everyone will be looking at! 

When it comes to swimwear from Patagonia, you can be sure you’re investing in quality pieces that will keep you secure no matter where you go. 

Average pricing: $130 – $160 a set


This activewear and swim brand makes use of sustainable fibers and eco-friendly practices to ensure your clothes are less harmful to the earth. 

Here, you can find everything from tie-style pieces, square-neck, tie-dye, high-waisted bikinis, and more. Since they’re an athletic brand, their swimwear is more geared towards keeping everything secure (which is always a good thing). 

Average pricing: $80 – $110 a set


Of course, Nike is known well for its quality products made from durable material, but also for their unique trends and styles. You’ll find everything from scoop neck swim tops, stylish tankinis, comfortable one-pieces, and even full-length swim pants.

Average pricing: $70 – $120 a set

Best Bikini Designers (Luxury)

And lastly, let’s talk about a few luxury swimsuit designers that are worth the splurge!

Monday Swimwear

To kick off this section, Monday Swimwear is a designer swimwear brand that helps you live out your wildest fantasies in comfortable swimwear. Their sexy, cheeky bikinis will help you show off that gym body you’ve been working so hard for. 

Not to mention, they work with recycled nylon & PET bottles to help you reduce your carbon footprint. Talk about a brand worth supporting! 

Average pricing: $160 – $180 a set

Frankie’s Bikinis

Lastly, the Instagram famous Frankie’s Bikinis sells luxury bathing suits made with high-quality fabrics. They’re well-known for their sexy and cheeky bottoms, but they have a little something for everybody. 

You’ll find unicorn-inspired colors, flattering ruffled tops, romantic one pieces, and more! When you flaunt Frankies, you’ll feel more adventurous & free than ever. 

Average pricing: $150 – $200 a set


When it comes to bikini brands, Triangl is where it’s at for chic, cute & flattering designs. You’ll find cheetah-print style bikinis, stunning ocean floral designs, sparkled grape-colored push-ups, and more. With all these unique, eye-catching styles, you’ll be flaunting your best self. 

Average pricing: $90 – $100 a set

Bottom Line

Overall, there are many different, unique places to shop for swimwear, but we believe these to be the absolute best swimwear brands on the market. So whether you’re looking for something affordable, durable, or even a little luxurious, you can be sure that the above brands have got your back to keep you in style all summer long.

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