11 Cheap Workout Clothes Brands to Awaken Your Warrior Within

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Last Updated: May 17, 2022

Let’s be honest; we all want new activewear. Whether you’re a fitness nut or not, women just naturally want to wear them because of their comfortability. Unfortunately, cheap workout clothes that are good quality can be hard to come by. 

Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars on gym wear from Lululemon. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of affordable activewear brands (that won’t fall apart).

  So, if you’re ready to awaken the warrior within while rocking a sexy little outfit, read on!

Best Brands for Cheap Workout Clothes

📷IG @fabletics


Fabletics is full of gorgeous, inexpensive clothes that make you feel beautiful. They design their clothes to be not only high quality, but also affordable. Check out our review here!

Their quality workout leggings are usually priced at 2 for $24 for new VIP members, not to mention their frequent 50% off (or more) sales. Talk about a steal!

Tip – If they have a 50% or higher sale going on, buy an outfit bundle to get an even better deal!

VIP membership – Although a subscription is required to get these “new member” deals, you can easily cancel (make sure to do so within a month so they don’t charge you the $50 membership fee). Or, you can remain a member for access to their VIP sales and get your monthly activewear fix!

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Let’s be real, who doesn’t love Target? This is just one of those stores that you shop at for hours. Aside from their trendy home collections that we can’t keep our eyes (and wallets) away from, the workout gear at Target is also amazing and affordable. 

With average prices falling between $20 – $30 a piece, you’ll be able to stock up on all of the Target workout clothes you want without breaking the bank. 

Not to mention, the return policy at Target is fantastic – some brands can be returned an entire year after purchase (even if you’ve worn them).

📷IG @oldnavy

Old Navy

Old Navy has a lot more than just $1 socks on Black Friday – you can find some of the cheapest workout gear on the market! Old Navy workout clothes are even better than many products you’ll find at spendier stores. 

The average price for athletic wear here is between $15 – $40, but the real deals lie in their frequent sales.

In addition to having inexpensive activewear for women, they have plenty of cheap gym clothes for guys, too!

📷IG @nordstromrack

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is another excellent choice for affordable athletic wear that we’re absolutely living for. The store is full of casual and comfy clothes with a variety of styles that everyone is bound to fall in love with. They’re basically the TJ Maxx of Nordstrom – you can find plenty of discounted designer pieces. 

They average $25 – $50 for their activewear, but some higher end designers will cost more. Plus, you don’t even have to go to the retail store – you can shop Nordstrom Rack online. 

TJ Maxx + Marshall’s

The next stores worth mentioning are TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Let’s admit it, we’ve all gone a little overboard when shopping at these discount stores. But, amidst your gawking in the cooking aisle, have you glanced at their sportswear?

The fitness section is stocked full of trendy & comfortable athleisure and workout clothes that make you want to hit the gym. 

With the average price falling around $10 – $30 (depending on the brand), this is one of the most affordable options when shopping for anything & everything fitness! 

📷IG @aerie


Although well-known for their comfy loungewear and undies, Aerie also has some great workout leggings, yoga pants, and tops as well! 

Prices range between $20–$45, but their frequent sales usually bring prices under $30.

Make sure to check out their clearance section for hidden gems!

📷IG @victoriassecret

Victoria’s Secret (Sport)

Any woman who says she doesn’t like shopping at Victoria’s Secret is lying. Anything from this brand just makes you feel sexy & free, plus their higher quality products can make you feel like you’re living a life of luxury. 

While you may think of lingerie when you see their name, they have plenty of quality athletic wear as well. 

The average price varies between $25-$60, depending on design & material, which isn’t bad for a brand so luxurious & empowering! Plus, you can save even more when they have deals going on. 

📷IG @nike

Nike Outlet

I know what you’re thinking; Nike is one of the most expensive activewear brands out there, why are you including it? 

While many of their new arrivals and trendier items are spendy, the clearance rack at your local Nike outlet will have the best bang for your buck without skimping on quality. Even the cheap Nike workout clothes last forever! 

Unfortunately, these deals are the best in outlet stores – the online Nike sale section is usually still pricey. Luckily, outlets are in nearly every city. 


While you may be taken off guard seeing Costco in an article about cheap gym clothes, truth be told, they’ve got some gems. 

Although there isn’t a vast selection, the workout clothes they do have are very inexpensive, averaging at only $15 – $20 a pop (can I get an amen). 

While the shopping experience may not be as luxurious as buying from a trendy clothing store, they will get the job done & still look super cute! 

Costco has a few options listed online, but check out your local store while you’re there as some items aren’t included online.  

📷IG @kohls


Kohl’s is just one of those stores that has a bit of everything. Home stuff, clothing, bathroom items, you name it! One of the best things they have is their cheap workout clothes. 

Although they average between $50-$60 on their quality fitness gear at full price, they always seem to have some amazing deal going on that drastically lowers the cost. 

Next time you’re out and about, stop by Kohl’s & shop their chic clothes – you’ll see what we mean!


Now onto everyone’s favorite website, Amazon. The best thing about Amazon’s clothing selection is that they have a variety of items you won’t find in stores, while also having many items you do find in stores, but for cheaper.

Since Amazon’s prices vary immensely, it’s hard to pinpoint average pricing. However, you can definitely find quality sportswear and athletic gear between $20 – $30 (you can even find some pieces for under $10). 


If you think we’re crazy for naming a store with such high prices, you probably haven’t encountered their sales. With prices averaging around $40 – $100 per item depending on the brand, the main perk with Zappos is their deals on quality workout clothes. 

Their sales often bring activewear to $30 – $40 cheaper. It’s worth the wait!

Best Cheap Workout Clothes (Table)

BrandAverage Pricing
Fabletics2 for $24 leggings (plus the occasional 50% – 70% off all items sale)
Target$15 – $30 per item
Old Navy$10 – $25 per item
Nordstrom Rack$20 – $35 per item
TJ Maxx + Marshall’s$10 – $30 per item
Aerie20 – $40 per item
Victoria’s Secret (Sport)$20 – $30 per item (with sales
Nike Outlet$5 – $30 per item (in the physical outlet stores)
Costco$10 – $30 per item
Kohl’s$10 – $30 per item
Zappos$20 – $40 per item

To Sum It Up . . . 

In conclusion, if you’re looking for cheap workout clothes, you can trust that these stores have your back. Whether it’s workout pants, sports bras, shorts, or even your favorite pair of Nike shoes, you’ll be shopping from some of the most affordable brands with some of the best quality on the market. That’s definitely something to celebrate!

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