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What to Wear on a First Date? 8 Outfit Ideas + Tips

Last Updated: October 12, 2021

Whether it’s Valentine’s day or just a regular weekday, you want to look good for that special someone, especially when it comes to the first date.

If you’re planning a nice date night soon, you might already have a few outfits in mind to impress your boo. But, things are a little different when it comes to first dates – these are all about first impressions. Like anyone would, you might be wondering what to wear on a first date. 

You want to put your best foot forward, but that’s easier said than done. If you’re struggling to find the right look for this special occasion, here are some suggestions to make sure you really dress to impress. 

What to Wear on a First Date

Dress Up the Jeans 

The age-old question: Should you wear jeans on a first date?

We all have that one pair that fits us like a glove, but are they too casual for the occasion? 

If it’s anything less than a black-tie dinner, not only should you wear the jeans, but dress them up for the occasion. 

Just because you wear them every day, doesn’t mean you have to dress them how you would every day! 

Wear the jeans with a nice blouse, tucked in, and some cute shoes. If it’s cold outside, top it off with a nice jacket. It’s a classy look that will have you looking effortless.

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Jewelry, Jewelry, Jewelry 

Marilyn Monroe was right, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Who doesn’t love a little sparkle every now and then? 

When it comes to date night, I say bring on the sparkle, but use it sparingly. You don’t want to be outshined by your own jewelry.

Instead of anything bold and chunky, go with something a little more dainty. Whether you pick silver or gold, maybe even rose gold, try wearing a subtle necklace with come bangles or rings to match. 

Don’t forget some earrings too; hoops are my personal favorite, but some cute studs work just as well. Remember, you’re the real gem so wear something that will complement your glow, not outshine it.

If you’re on a budget with slim pickings, check out a jewelry rental service like Rocksbox or Switch!

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Get Cozy + Cute 

We are huge advocates for comfort, but believe it can also be stylish as well. Even if it’s a dinner and Netflix kind of night, that doesn’t mean that you should put on your worn-out sweatpants and old t-shirt from high school – it’s still date night after all.

Instead, opt for a matching lounge wear set

They may seem like the same thing, but a set offers comfort in a stylish monochromatic look that makes you look comfy and chic. Pair it with some chunky sneakers and maybe a nice jacket, then you are ready for a wild night in.

Shoes Made For Walking

No one likes a complainer, especially on a first date. You want to be around someone fun, not someone who complains, especially about their shoes. 

It kills the mood and it’s best if you avoid it altogether. I say keep it simple and don’t even bother taking a second pair of shoes – just make sure that you can last all night in the ones you have on. 

Remember, this is all relative. If you know that heels are a no go, opt for some flats or comfortable boots. But, if you know you can walk miles in a pair of pumps, strut around in those heels. 

Don’t let your shoes ruin your night and if an annoying blister does happen to show up, make sure your purse has enough room for some bandaids and an Advil or two. 

You’re better off safe than sorry. Just because they don’t have a 5-inch heel doesn’t mean they’re not cute! Some good picks could be a nice pair of flat sandals, Chelsea boots, or similar shoes that are more supportive than a pair of heels.

TIP: If you really want some extra height, a good quality pair of platform shoes won’t kill your feet!

Dash Of Color 

Color can be tricky. Most of the time, it’s easier to just stick with neutrals. 

I know what they say, black is sleek and mysterious, but (if you’re a girl going out with a guy), you might just better your chances of romance with a little red; it’s scientifically proven. 

In a 2008 study done by psychology professor Andrew Elliot and post-doctoral researcher Daniela Niesta, the two found that the color red enhances men’s attraction toward women. 

It’s not a conscious reaction either, just an example of how color can affect our behavior. So, if you want to make the ultimate impression, add a bit of red to your look when deciding what to wear on a first date. You can’t argue with the science.

Ditch the Coat 

Here’s one for all the hopeless romantics: leave the coat at home.

I don’t recommend this for anyone living in single-digit climates, but for those who are experiencing some breezy weather, try this out to get your rom-com moment. 

Leave your coat at home, don’t make it obvious, just leave it behind, and wait for it to get a little chilly. 

If your date is any good, they’ll jump at the opportunity to offer you their jacket. Try it out and see what happens, you might like the results. 

Dress It Up

You can’t go wrong with a cute (or more of a sexy) little dress for a first date. These are always a great go-to because you don’t need to worry about matching a top and bottom, just shoes!

Paired with a cute pair of short booties or knee-high boots, you’ll be ready for a night on the town. You can even wear the right dress with some sneakers if that’s more of your style. 

Not a dress type of girl? A romper, jumpsuit, or even a two-piece set are some great alternatives that are easier to move around in and can still give off a dressy vibe. 

Bottom Line: Confidence is Key

If you are still having trouble deciding on what to wear, pick something that you feel confident in. Confidence can make or break any outfit. If you feel sexy, people will notice. It’s best to wear something that you know you will be comfortable in, no matter what that is.

Whether you wear jeans and sneakers or a dress and heels, so long as you have a smile on your face and your head held high, you’ll truly be dressed to impress.

Life Hack: You can rent a date night dress if you don’t have a large budget, but want to wear something mesmerizing. Rent the Runway has an entire date night section to make it easy.

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