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What Shirts to Wear With Leggings to Stay Comfy + Chic in 2022

Last Updated: December 22, 2021

Time and time again, leggings are always there for you when you need something to throw on real quick. Whether you used them to get your reps in at the gym or your steps in at your local Target, leggings are always the go to. However, it can be difficult to figure out what shirts to wear with leggings if you also want to make a fashion statement.

Leggings are often used for lazy days or gym days, so it takes a little extra work to shake that reputation. Fortunately, dressing up your favorite leggings is easier than you think! 

Before we get into tops, shoes, and accessories to pair with leggings, it’s important to address the leggings.

You might be wondering what shirts to wear with black leggings that are pretty basic, but you might also have a more unique pair you want to dress up. That said, printed or bright-colored leggings can be hard to dress up unless you’re going for a sporty look, so we recommend sticking to a basic pair like black or tan. 

There are also legging designs that are naturally more dressy. For example, leather (or faux leather) leggings look fancy, but are super comfy when made right!

Shirts to Wear with Leggings

The top you pair with your leggings will make or break your outfit, so here are some of our shirt ideas.

Crop Tops

The best part about leggings is that 9 times out of 10, they come with a high waist. I am a firm believer of the rule stating that the higher the waist line, the higher your shirt hem can go (which means leggings and a crop top is the classic way to go). 

A good way to start is by matching your crop top with your leggings. Matching sets have taken the world by storm and a simple monochromatic color scheme is the best (and easiest) way to look put together.  

You can also play around with the type of crop top you wear. Some examples that look great and dress up any outfit would be a cropped turtleneck or a one shoulder crop top. Both are simple, but there is beauty in simplicity.

Baggy Tees


Here’s a way to make a casual look put together. This is typically what you wear when you just need to throw something on, but you can still make it look like you put some effort into it. 

First, start with what tee you want to wear. You can go with a simple tee, giving yourself a foundation to build from, or you can go with something a little more graphic. It doesn’t have to be too bold, but something that catches the eye is great.

Once you have your tee, it’s time to dress it up. You can start with cuffing the sleeves and move on to either tucking or tying you tee at the ends (at the front or the side). This doesn’t seem like much, but it can change so much.

Muscle Tees 


If you like the look of a baggy tee, but want to show off your arms, opt for a muscle tee. It offers the same boxy silhouette, while still keeping you nice and breazy on those warmer days. They are the perfect casual look, but you can still dress them up a bit. 

I suggest keeping with the laidback style and going for more neutral and subdued colors, making it a piece of the outfit and not the focus.That way, you can add what you like to really draw the eye like a fun jacket or maybe a pair of colorful sneakers. 

If you want your minimalist look to have a bit more edge, try adding some texture with either a leather or denim jacket. It will not only add some structure to your outfit, but it will also give it some edge and make you look pretty badass.

Button Down Shirts

If you don’t want to bust out a jacket for the last look, here is another easy top for layering. If you want to add another piece to your outfit, go and grab a nice button down shirt. 

Whether you opt for a simple denim top or you find one in a variety of other fabrics, this is the perfect layer to keep around. Layering is not for the lazy, or it does not appear as lazy. Just adding another shirt helps you look a little more put together. 

The best part is that it can be added to any of these examples I shared. If you find your outfits looking a little too simple for your liking, don’t worry and just this extra layer. You won’t regret it. Sometimes all you need is a little something more. 

Loose Knits

Here is a look for those colder days. There is nothing better than welcoming the cold weather by busting out your leggings and your favorite knit sweater. It’s the perfect combination of comfortable and cozy. 

To me, knits were always the easiest option to look put together. I associate them with nice get togethers or professional outings and that reputation follows you even if you are just running some quick errands.

If you are a fan of neutral, knits in light browns and tans give you that more effortless beauty look. If you don’t mind playing around with color, try going for knits in jewel tones, deep burgandys, emeralds, and navys, for a royal look.  


When just long sleeves don’t cut it you have to reach for something thicker. I am always in favor of wearing hoodies as just a regular top. There is something about wearing your favorite hoodie that just brightens up your day a bit. 

My absolute favorite look as of late is pairing a comfy hoodie with a nice jacket. Again, it’s a simple outfit, but it doesn’t look like it. Again, it is the simple elegance that makes it look as chic as it does. 

Again, like most of these outfits, there is beauty in their simplicity. You don’t need all the bells and whistles to make a chic outfit. Sometimes all you really need is something as basics as your favorite hoodie and the rest can handle itself. 

Bottom Line

Overall, there are quite a few opportunities when it comes to what shirts to wear with leggings – hopefully we inspired a few outfit ideas! No matter what you decide to pair your comfy leggings with, the most thing is to feel confident about your outfit, so wear something that makes you feel amazing!