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What Color Shoes to Wear with a Navy Dress: 8 Ideas

Last Updated: October 11, 2022

Wondering what color shoes to wear with a navy dress? We’ve compiled a list of 8 flattering colors that will compliment your navy ensemble perfectly!

As humans, we’re capable of wonderful creative expression when it comes to color, but we can also get a little paralyzed by all of our options. 

Navy blue seems to be one of those colors that can be pretty difficult for us to navigate effectively. So what are you to do if you’ve decided on a navy dress, but can’t for the life of you pick out a pair of shoes?

It’s actually not as hard as you might think once you know what you’re dealing with, so keep reading for some of the most flattering shoe colors to wear with a navy dress.

What Is Navy?

Navy is a dark shade of the blue family, named so because of its association with the naval branch of several militaries. In spite of being considered a very stately and eye-catching color, navy blue is a neutral operating along the same lines as something like olive green. 

That means it goes with a variety of colors, so what we’re going to do is break them down into categories and suggest some of the best shoe colors to wear with a navy dress. Let’s get started!

What Color Shoes to Wear With a Navy Dress


We’ll start with one of the colors you probably most associate with navy: red. This color combination not only has some basis in the color wheel, but has also gained some cultural significance as well, particularly for the US and UK during World War II.

Because of this, its combination with navy blue can come off as nautical, patriotic preppy, particularly with a vintage twist. If that’s your thing, you can lean into that vibe with classic pumps in shades like true red, cherry, and victory red

If you’d rather avoid the more preppy style, opt for a darker shade like crimson, burgundy, or maroon.  As for style, your options are pretty open, but going for something other than patent leather-like suede might distance you a little bit more from the preppy side.

We Recommend: 


One of the easiest things to do when you’re trying to pair colors is to go with a complementary color scheme. In the case of navy blue, this means orange.

Because Navy can come off as so neutral, bright orange is probably a better bet than something like creamsicle, since a big block of navy can easily overshadow a tiny pastel orange shoe.

We Recommend:


This is probably one of the most versatile colors you can pair with navy. It can lean toward both red and orange, so you have a variety of shades to choose from, depending on your mood. 

If you want something a little more out there, go with a hot pink. For something a little more feminine, a blush could be a very nice choice.

We Recommend:


Next, we’re moving on to a slightly more cheery color. While not directly complementary to navy, it can be a split complementary color which goes very nicely and isn’t quite as expected.

As with orange, pale yellow can easily be washed out by navy, so stick with bright yellow or a dark mustard shade.

We Recommend:

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White with navy blue can go a couple different ways. It can be part of that preppy trifecta with red if you go with a stark white, or you can dress it down by going with a more casual silhouette in a creamier shade.

We Recommend:


Contrary to what you’ve probably heard, you can wear black with navy blue. It’s a classic combination in menswear, so you can lean into that inspiration if you want, but you don’t have to. 

If you lean toward more feminine fabrics like tulle, it can add a wonderful softness even if the colors are dark.

We Recommend:


Brown might not be the first combination you think of, but it’s actually a pretty solid choice if you’re looking for a foolproof color combination that won’t usually clash. 

Because there are so many shades of brown, you can go with a warmer shade to balance out the coolness of blue, or you can go with a cooler shade and play it up. This category also includes more neutral shades of brown like beige in this category.

We Recommend:


Out of all the colors you can pair with navy blue, this one is probably the most popular for formal events. There’s something about blue and silver that just makes us think of a beautiful night sky, which is some amazing inspiration. 

A more solid silver in something like leather would work perfectly for formal events, but you can do this casually as well if you go for something a little girlier like silver glitter.

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Final Notes

All in all, there are a ton of great color options when it comes to choosing the right shoes to wear with a navy dress. Even though navy blue has a reputation for being a tough color to pair with other colors, there are actually more ways to wear it than you think.

Also, if none of these colors speak to you, try pairing your navy dress with navy shoes for a monochrome, sleek look!

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