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Vuori Review: The Best Performance Wear?

Last Updated: June 3, 2022

Activewear has become increasingly popular over the years and has transitioned from functional to practical and stylish. Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to find performance clothing that’s suitable for many active lifestyles. Keep reading our Vuori review to see if this brand is the one for you.

If you’re on the hunt for performance wear that offers top-notch quality, Vuori may be an excellent place to start. The company is no stranger to the active lifestyle, and they have a wide selection of performance clothing for men and women to choose from. On their website, you’ll be able to find a unique stock of tops, bottoms, tanks, joggers, and much more. 

Aside from the apparent characteristics of the company, this article is going to dive into the pros and cons that’ll help you conclude if Vuori is right for you. And, if you’re looking for the best athleisure wear, check out our list of the top brands!

What is Vuori?

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Vuori is a clothing brand that primarily focuses on activewear with all kinds of sports and active lifestyles in mind. All of their clothing’s designs and features are inspired by the active California culture, and you’ll notice that a lot of their clothing is geared toward surfing and overall fitness. 

One characteristic that sets the company apart from the competition is their thorough and ethical manufacturing practices. In addition, they are passionate about sustainability and take an eco-conscious approach to the materials they source.

Vuori Overview

Vuori works hard to set the bar for activewear on every front. From the materials they source to the quality of their products and designs, the clothing brand doesn’t skip a beat on the minor details. Aside from their products, Vuori works hard to build a like-minded community that has only strengthened the brand’s presence over time.

They don’t take manufacturing lightly either, as they only work with vendors and manufacturers that follow ethical practices. Some include no discrimination, no child labor, and partners must follow the International Labor Organizations (ILO) labor standards. 

Vuori Review

Banks Short Review

5 Stars based on 2,903 review

Created with their proprietary VCycled fabric, these shorts are a go-to choice for thousands of customers, and their design offers an overall universal performance, no matter the activity

They come in a vast color range, and they’re pretty body positive as you can get them in sizes that vary from extra small to XXL.

Fleet Pant Review

4.3 Stars based on 368 reviews

Well regarded by many of their customers, the Fleet Pant from Vuori is one of the most lightweight and breathable joggers you’ll ever wear

Manufactured from recycled materials, it’s form-fitting yet won’t restrict your mobility from any side.

Tuvalu Tee Review

4.3 Stars based on 668 reviews

Crafted with an extremely soft Pima cotton and SeaCell fiber, this shirt is best for light training, hiking, yoga, or even just relaxing. 

It’s a fantastic choice for those who prefer plain tees but don’t want to skimp on the quality.

Overall: ★★★★ 4 Stars

At a glance, the company seems to hit all the marks for quality performance wear, and although this may be true from many angles, the brand has their fair share of quirks.

This isn’t to say their customers don’t love them, as they boast literally thousands of five-star reviews online. When you get down to the details on their website, there are a few parts that may rub shoppers the wrong way.

Pricing: ★★★★ 4 Stars

The materials the company uses come with undeniable quality, but the cost of their clothing doesn’t aim to be cost-efficient.

When you factor in profit margins, manufacturing costs, shipping, and the like, it’s understandable why markups are needed. But when a plain tee is $54, I’d say that’s worth questioning.

Quality: ★★★★★ 5 Stars

With their eco-friendly take on their materials, the quality and functionality of their clothing are top-notch, and each piece of clothing is just as reliable as the next. It’s not so much about how they look, but how the clothing performs, and that’s where Vuori excels.

Shipping: ★★★★ 4 Stars

The company offers standard domestic shipping options for U.S. customers, but like many other companies, they have a decent markup on that too. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t ship outside of the U.S., so international customers are out of luck.

Customer Service: ★★★★★ 5 Stars

If you run into any issues on their website or with your order, you can quickly get in touch with customer service through their contact page. Thankfully, based on reviews and online comments, Vuori seems to be on top of being there for their customers.

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What Do Shoppers Have To Say?

It’s clear which products seem to be fan favorites, but customers have left plenty of other comments about the quality of Vuori’s clothing. You can find some of the most common sentiments listed below:

  • Extremely soft clothing
  • Great form and function
  • Vast color selection
  • Highly durable
  • Reliable customer service

Vuori FAQs

Do they offer exchanges?

Vuori isn’t really set up to handle exchanges as you can only exchange an item for a different size or color. They don’t have a specific exchange form, so you’ll have to fill out their return form and then email support for help processing an exchange.

Can I pay in installments?

If you’d rather pay for your items with installments, Vuori’s website supports AfterPay, which breaks down the total into four different payments. Once processed, you only need to make a payment once every two weeks until your total is met.

Which mail carrier do they use?

You shouldn’t ever have an issue receiving your order as the company trusts all of their shipments with either USPS or UPS, and orders generally take 3-4 days to pack and ship.

Where to buy Vuori Clothing?

You can buy Vuori clothing directly on vuoriclothing.com, REI, Norstrom, and even a few pieces on Amazon.

Return Policy

If you need to process a return, they make it extremely easy to do so by submitting a request through their website. The company gives customers up to 120 days to process a return which is much more generous than many clothing brands.

Let’s Recap

Offering some of the best activewear you can find, Vuori is a stellar clothing brand for those who like to spend time on the water or simply like to stay on the go. It’s also remarkable how eco-friendly the company is with their manufacturing practices and recycled materials

If you’re looking for a conscious performance-wear clothing brand, it’d be a good idea to give Vuori a look.

This Vuori review covered all of the bad and the ugly the brand has to offer, and they seem to be on top of their game as they continue to satisfy thousands of people who prefer to live an active lifestyle.

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