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11 Best Vegan Clothing Brands (Affordable + Stylish)

Last Updated: May 17, 2022

While most people think of food when they think of veganism, the lifestyle spans beyond a diet. Animals (and people) may be harmed in the making of your favorite outfits, so it’s important to find vegan clothing brands that you can be excited about and won’t take up your entire paycheck.

Having been vegan for 5+ years, I put together a list of the best vegan clothing brands that are also stylish. Most are on the more affordable side! Let’s dive right in.

Vegan Clothing Brands

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This PETA-approved brand is a wonderful store for bras, underwear, leggings, and other activewear. They have a section for women, men, and even babies.

Compared to similar brands, it’s surprisingly affordable! Not only are they vegan, but they put a huge emphasis on creating eco-friendly clothes (everything is made from bamboo). 

Average pricing: $20 – $70

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Unreal Fur 

Although not the most affordable option, Unreal Fur is definitely one of my favorite vegan clothing brands. Based in Melbourne, this brand sells jackets (mainly faux fur) that are amazing quality.

Since I can’t afford as many of their jackets as I want to buy, I try to find them on apps or sites where people sell used clothes for cheaper (such as Poshmark and Mercari).

Average pricing: $200 – $400

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Native Shoes

Native Shoes has hundreds of stylish options for every size and gender, plus the prices are comparable to Nike or another large shoe brand. They’re “beast-free,” meaning they don’t use any animal fabrics and they are even PETA-approved.

They do have factories overseas, but they claim to enforce strict laws regarding ethics.

Average pricing: $50 – $150

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This sustainable store features activewear with fun prints as well as other loungewear and some swimsuits. They have some pieces for men as well. Their fabrics are made exclusively of a fabric that is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Not only are they vegan, but they’re making a huge effort to make eco-friendly clothes readily available!

Average pricing: $70 – $100

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Everlane isn’t entirely vegan. However, they put great importance on sustainability and ethical working conditions, so it’s a great place to shop as long as you avoid their animal fibers.

They offer amazing jeans, leggings, tops, and more that are vegan and environmentally friendly. Look for their organic cotton items as well as the ReNew and ReKnit fabrics.

Average pricing: $40 – $120

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Beyond Skin

This shoe brand is fairly spendy, but the quality lives up to the price. Whether you’re looking for knee-high boots, booties, sandals, or heels, Beyond Skin has it.

Not only do they create more sustainable shoes, but they donate 5% of their profits to grass-root environmental and social projects!

Average pricing: $200 – $400

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The Nude Label

We always need new underwear. Nude has an array of comfy basics made of sustainable materials, manufactured in their family factory in Spain. No animals involved.

They use sustainably-grown cotton or recycled polyamid to create their pieces. Their bras are super comfortable and I love their bodysuits!

Average pricing: $35 – $55

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Vetta is a beautiful store that can help you design the perfect capsule wardrobe (you can also just shop for pieces on their own).

On their site, you can “Shop by Capsule” to find the right capsule for your style. They even give ideas! Their clothing is made in NYC or Los Angeles using sustainable fabrics.

Average pricing: $50 – $200

Lucy and Yak

Lucy and Yak is just as unique as the name sounds. From outerwear to dresses, you can find plenty of cute finds at this vegan brand. Plus, the prices won’t fly past your budget.

Their clothes are vegan and made in India at an ethical factory (workers are paid 4x minimum wage).

Average pricing: $30 – $60

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This high-quality, durable brand creates swimsuits using material made from 78% Recycled Polyamide (never animals).

They also have other items that are made of vegan silk, spandex, Modal (wood pulp), or other cruelty-free and sustainable materials. Each product shares detailed fabric notes in the description.

Average pricing: $45 – $100

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Since it can be difficult to find entirely vegan clothing brands on a budget, buying secondhand is a great way to keep your wardrobe trendy and stylish without supporting the manufacturer.

Or, you can find vegan fashion labels above without overspending. For example, Unreal Fur is often available for a huge discount. 

Most of the top clothing and shoe brands offer vegan options, but that doesn’t mean it’s ethical (hint: even if something is vegan, it can still be made in a sweatshop). Buying second hand is also a much more environmentally friendly way to shop to keep clothes out of landfills!

Bottom Line

These are our top favorite vegan clothing brands. If you’re searching for a type of clothing in particular, you can always use the GoodOnYou app or website to search their directory for ethical brands. They have a “vegan” filter so you can ensure to purchase from brands that don’t harm animals.

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