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29 Loving Valentine’s Day Gifts in 2022

Last Updated: February 11, 2022

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts can be hard.

That being said, it truly is the thought that counts. So, whether you’re on a strict budget or can spend thousands, you can find an amazing gift that will bring tears to your partner’s eyes.

Check out some of the most thoughtful gifts for Valentine’s Day! From traditional gifts to one-of-a-kind products to date ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Flower Delivery

Giving flowers to your loved one is an age-old, traditional present that can melt hearts and make days.

There is something reliable and oh so romantic about giving flowers on Valentine’s Day — it is a classic gift for a reason.

FiftyFlowers Custom Arrangement

If you want to put a thoughtful spin on flower delivery, we’d recommend FiftyFlowers DIY flower combos.

This way, you can design your own flower arrangement to make this gift that much more special.

Rose Teddy Bear

This rose teddy bear is a unique and romantic gift that will make you the hero of Valentine’s Day.

Crafted to look like a soft, cuddly teddy bear, it is made out of a bunch of fake roses (aka it will last forever). What could be sweeter than that?

3D Photo Lamp

The 3D photo lamp creates a custom image of your favorite picture, just like magic!

Show your significant other how much you love them with this everlasting lamp.

Custom Star Map

Now, this is quite the way to remember a special date, anniversary, the day you met, or another special occasion.

This custom star map is designed to look just like the night sky on your specified date of choice! Give it to a loved one and they can remember exactly how the night looked on your special day. This is a gift unlike any other!

Photo Crystal Tower

This photo crystal tower image takes a picture of yours, removes the background, and puts you and your significant other into a gorgeous crystal tower.

You can even add some custom text to make the moment shine even more!

Adore Me Lingerie

Whether you’re gifting a lingerie set to your significant other or you’re the one who’s going to be wearing it, one thing is for sure: it will be appreciated.

Adore Me offers a large selection of beautiful, sexy, sensual items that will light up any night. With different styles and inclusive sizes, plus your first set for $25, Adore Me is a place to find your next favorite lingerie.

Custom Photo Book

Creating a custom photo book is one of the sweetest gifts you can give your partner. Whether you’re making it yourself or ordering it from a photo website like Shutterfly, your significant other will love it.

You can compile all your favorite memories into one place and customize the book as much as you’d like!


You can’t go wrong with chocolate. No matter the occasion, chocolate is always a good gift. But, there is nothing like a box of fancy, high-end, delicious chocolates on Valentine’s Day.

There’s a reason this is one of the most common gifts! When in doubt, go with chocolate.

Blazy Susan Rolling Papers + Cones

What pairs perfectly with a bed full of roses and chocolate? A pink Valentine’s Day joint!

Blazy Susan sells premium pink rolling papers and easy-fill cones. Just fill em’ up and surprise your valentine with a festive treat. They burn smooth, plus they’re vegan and use natural dye!

Couples Bucket List Cards

This adorable card game is packed with 100 date night ideas that will spark romance and adventure. it will truly put a smile on both of your faces.

If you don’t want to spend another night binge-watching the Office, pull out these cards for a surprise adventure that will rekindle the romance and create more exciting memories.

Huge Teddy Bear

What is better than a regular teddy bear? How about a huge teddy bear?

That is what you get with this lovely fellow! This is a gift that is sure to make a long-lasting impression. Everyone loves hugging a teddy bear – hugging one you can hardly get your arms around is even better.

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

These precious heart-shaped tea bags are a wonderful way to say “I love you” over Valentine’s Day breakfast.

The set contains flavors such as English Breakfast, White Berry, and Early Grey. They are yummy and straight from the heart.

Heart Dildo

Sex toys always make a great gift to use at the end of an eventful Valentine’s Day. Why not get a cute toy that fits the theme?

Created with a tapered tip and reinforced shatter-resistant glass, this heart-ended dildo is truly one of a kind. Now you can create a night full of sensual memories with a toy that is impossible to forget.

Victoria’s Secret Undies

No matter if you are going for something skimpy and sexy or something a bit more form-fitting and traditional, Victoria’s Secret has got you covered.

Let’s face it, nearly every girl loves new underwear. So, purchasing some Victoria’s Secret for a loved one on Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to remind her that you are thinking of her.

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Love Letter Blanket

Valentine’s Day is never complete without a sweet love letter. But, why not go above and beyond by putting your love letter on a huge blanket?

This is an amazing gift that you truly won’t find anywhere else. You’re able to customize it with a 10-line custom message and your signature at the end. Every time they get cold, they can wrap themselves in your love!

Lovebox Messenger

This modern take on the classic love note is something you won’t find anywhere else.

You send lovely messages directly to your Lovebox and your partner opens it up at home and receives a dose of warmth and romance. This is a lovely Valentine’s gift for long-distance relationships!

Photo Puzzle

Putting together a puzzle with your loved one is a fun, romantic, and exciting time together. With this customized puzzle, you can put together any image of your choosing (or collage of images).

Whether it be a shot from your wedding, a vacation, or another happy memory, a custom-made photo puzzle is a great way to relive some romantic memories and show your partner how much you care.

Swarovski Heart Necklace

Swarovski means quality – this beautiful heart necklace is perhaps one of the most romantic gifts you can get.

Created with a mixed metal finish and classic Swarovski style, this necklace says that two hearts are forever bound together. Romantic, stunning and special, this necklace can’t be beat.

What I Love About You Book

What do you love about your partner? You can tell them, thanks to this helpful and fun hardcover book that consists of pages that you fill in with your own responses.

A wonderful present for anniversaries, birthdays and especially Valentine’s Day, this is a book that will bring tears to their eyes.

Long Distance Bracelet Set

These long-distance love bracelets are a modern way of saying I love you.

Each partner wears a bracelet and downloads the special app that connects them. Then, you simply tap your bracelet to send a “Bond Touch” to your loved one. Their bracelet will light up and vibrate, reminding your lover that they are on your mind.

Boxers with Face

This is a hilarious gift for him. What guy doesn’t want their loving partner’s face all over their boxers?

This is a sweet gift that will make them chuckle – pair it with something else like chocolate for the ultimate gift!

DIY Memory Jar

A memory jar is an inexpensive, super thoughtful gift. Write down your favorite memories, roll them up, and stuff them in any jar you’d like. It will help you and your partner remember how much you’ve been through together!

It’s very inexpensive, yet so thoughtful that it doesn’t matter how much it costed.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Is there anything yummier and more romantic and chocolate-covered strawberries? No, probably not.

That is why they are such a lovely gift when Valentine’s Day rolls around. They are delicious, they are sensual, and they will add another layer of romance to any dinner. You can also make them yourself if you’re on a budget!

Cartier Love Bracelet

When you want to buy the fanciest, most high-end Valentine’s Day gift that shows you love them, go with the Cartier Love Bracelet.

Crafted with 18K yellow gold, this is an iconic and stunning piece of jewelry that is sure to make her heart skip a beat. You can also find them barely used at TheRealReal!

Dates + Surprises

Not every Valentine’s Day gift has to be an item! Whether you want to save money or would rather go on a fun experience together, here are a few more ideas.

Love Letter

Forget extravagant jewelry and big boxes of chocolates – sometimes all you need is a love letter to tell him or her how you feel.

The intent, the effort, the love all comes pouring out with a hand-written love letter. It really is the thought that counts, and no thought counts more than crafting a letter by hand that tells your partner how you feel and why they mean so much to you.

Breakfast in Bed

Waking up to a delicious, ready-made meal is one of the greatest feelings in the world and can really make you feel loved and thought of.

Creating breakfast in bed for your lover is a sensual, romantic, and truly heartfelt way to let them know they are cared for. And, it’s a cheap way to make them smile!

Candlelit Dinner

Creating an at-home candlelit dinner for your partner is something straight out of a romance movie. It is a romantic, loving, and delicious way to add extra love into your life.

Set the tone and remind your significant other how loved they are over a yummy meal and some warm, relaxing candles.

Romantic Restaurant Dinner

Going out to a nice restaurant is a wonderful way to treat your loved one to a night out.

Find some place he or she loves, make a reservation, and just enjoy one another’s company!

Movie Marathon

Since we’re still in a pandemic and there aren’t too many options when it comes to things to do, a movie marathon at home can be the best romantic night!

Microwave some popcorn, fire up the movie, and cuddle up on the couch for a night that you both won’t forget any time soon. Maybe even build a movie fort!

The “Perfect” Day

Every partner has activities they love and wish their significant other would do with them. An amazing Valentine’s Day gift could be a day full of everything and anything they want to do!

Join her at the spa, go shopping at Homegoods, take a yoga class, go thrifting at her favorite spots, and/or whatever else your partner enjoys. What a lovely gift!

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