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Red Aspen Nails Review: Favorite or Flop?

Last Updated: April 27, 2022

Are you looking for the perfect press-on nails? Keep reading our comprehensive Red Aspen Nails Review to see if this brand nails it or falls short of all the hype.

Whether you’re an avid press-on nail wearer or simply want to try something new for a special occasion, finding the perfect set for your taste is essential.

Red Aspen offers a variety of press-on nail sets in different colors, lengths, and patterns to suit every occasion and preference. If you’re looking for the perfect set of nails, they might just have what you’re after! 

What are Red Aspen Nails?

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Red Aspen Nails is a press-on nail product from the cosmetic brand Red Aspen. They create a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every nail length and width, including petite for adults with smaller nail beds (they do not recommend their products for children under 13 years of age). 

The nails can easily be popped off and reused, making them a more sustainable alternative to traditional press-on nails that typically get thrown away after the first use. They can be applied quickly as well, making them perfect for anyone who lives a busy style but still wants fresh-from-the-salon nails

Red Aspen Nails Overview

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Red Aspen sets out to help women find their confidence and live inspired lives. They want their customers to live authentically and have the freedom to express themselves, which is certainly possible with the fun colors and patterns their nails offer.

If you’re looking for a clean, manicured look that truly does give you the option to express yourself and your creativity, Red Aspen Nails are a great choice for you.

Red Aspen claims that…

  • Their nails can be easily applied and popped off
  • The nails can be worn for up to 2 weeks
  • They offer salon quality press-on manicures
  • Their wide selection of nails makes it easy to customize your look

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Red Aspen Nails Review

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Overall ★★★★ 4 Stars

Overall, the nails are decent quality, and if any issues arise, customer service is happy to help. However, the company has questionable ethics as they operate as a Multi-Level Marketing business, better known as a pyramid scheme.

Shipping ★★★★ 4 Stars

Shipping is perfectly acceptable. If any issues arise, customer service is happy to sort them out with you! 

Pricing ★★★★ 4 Stars

The pricing for the press-on nails is average for the quality offered. While the pricing could be a bit less, they’re certainly not an overpriced product either.

Quality ★★★★ 4 Stars

While the nails are decent quality, they don’t offer anything spectacular beyond what most press-on nails can do. What does set the quality apart is their attention to nail size, meaning it’s much easier for customers to find nails that suit them perfectly.

Customer Service ★★★ 3 Stars

Overall, customer service is happy to help with any issues you may encounter. What causes customer service to rank a bit lower is Red Aspen’s multi-level marketing structure

Multi-level marketing schemes, colloquially known as MLMs, are essentially pyramid schemes that are structured to make money for those at the top, while those just entering the “business” continually spend out money on products with no return. Though they are told they’re entrepreneurs and running their own businesses, they aren’t stakeholders in the company nor do they gain financially from the company’s overall profits.

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Featuring a soft, brown-toned neutral shade, these pop-on nails are perfect for the office. If you’re looking for professional and chic nails, these are a fantastic choice.

In the petite size, these nails are specifically crafted to fit adults with a smaller nail bed. If you find that most press-ons are a bit too wide for the natural width of your nails, these are a great option.

Rosa & Raspberries Square Pop-On Nail Dashes Review

In a pretty pink tone, these nails are flattering on all skin tones. With a medium square shape, they’ll give you that classic, fresh-from-the salon look.

A bit wider than the petite-sized nails, these are suitable for most nail-bed sizes. This is a great sweet-spot size to start with if you aren’t quite sure where to begin.

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The nails are perfect for the long-nail connoisseur. If you’ve been getting your nails done at the salon for years with extra-long acrylics, these are a perfect choice for you as they’ll give you a similar look at home.

With a soft, ballet-pink color, these nails offer a professional and neutral tone that can be worn in professional environments as well (though the length isn’t suitable for all workplaces).

What Customers Are Saying

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After searching for reviews from outside sources, customers are saying that Red Aspen Nails are…

  • Easy to apply but may take a bit of practice to get done correctly
  • Once you get used to them, it is easy to achieve a salon-quality look
  • Most customers don’t like that they run their business as an MLM

Return Policy

Within 20 days of the order being placed, a return can be requested. An email must be sent in with order information and once approved, you have 14 days to return the product. 

Bottom Line

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Red Aspen Nails do offer a salon-quality look, but their business ethics are questionable. With so many press-on nail options available, if you don’t want to support a multi-level marketing company, there are other ways to achieve the nails you desire. We’ve listed some great alternatives below for you to check out.

Brands Like Red Aspen Nails

  1. Dashing Diva Nails
  2. Static Nails
  3. Allkem Luxury Nails

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