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Noracora Reviews: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Last Updated: August 12, 2023

Finding new clothing each season can be a drain, but what if there was a brand that drops all the newest trends right at your feet?

Noracora claims to offer customers stellar, fashion-forward styles quickly and affordably, but are they too good to be true? Read our Noracora reviews to see if they are legit or a scam.

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What is Noracora?

Noracora is a fast-fashion brand priding itself on bringing customers affordable styles. Their mission focuses on the beautification of women through the use of clothing. 

They offer a wide variety of collections such as dresses, tops, shoes, bottoms, jewelry, bags, undergarments, and more. 

Noracora Overview 

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Founded in 2018, Noracora claims to be a high-quality, eCommerce experience for all your shopping needs. The 3 words they use to describe their brand are fast, comfortable, and beautiful. 

All of their clothes are affordable for fashionistas on a budget. Their fast-fashion model ensures customers get a huge collection of trendy clothing to choose from. 

Noracora Reviews

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Overall: ★★★ 2.5 stars

Noracora has some happy customers, but there are many negative experiences as well. Most negative comments come from those who were disappointed by the lack of transparency in the material makeup, saying it’s mostly polyester, not cotton as advertised.

Also, a large number of people experienced the quality being poor for the price they paid and sizes being off. Their pictures are often stolen or photoshopped and the item you receive is a poor-quality knockoff.

However, some people have received decent quality items and feel it’s worth taking the risk. The brand can be risky to shop from – if you really want to try them out, we’d recommend starting out with a smaller order to see for yourself before spending hundreds of dollars with the brand.

Price: ★★★★ 4 stars

All of Noracora’s products tend to stay below $20. Most shoppers state the brand is very affordable, but this can be risky and has the potential to come with quality issues.

Quality: ★★ 2 stars

As we mentioned, Noracora has disappointed many shoppers as far as quality goes. Many people state that the item they received doesn’t look like the photos, the material feels very thin, and/or there are defects.

Like most fast-fashion clothing, quality can be hit or miss (but seems to be more often a miss).

Customer Service: ★★★ 3 stars

The brand states their customer service is available through a 24/7 live chat, ticket responses, or email. However, customers said that the service responses were automated and unhelpful. 

Sizing: ★★★ 3 stars

Noracora has added extended sizes to ensure all customers have access to their clothing. However, many customers stated that the actual sizing was significantly off compared to their charts. 

Noracora Shoes Review

Noracora’s summer shoe collection has over 400 products to choose from. Prices range from $6 to $51 so that everyone can afford their favorite pair of shoes. 

Some of the styles they offer are sandals, slippers, sneakers, flats, wedges, and more. Each style comes in sizes 4.5 to 11 in women’s.  

Noracora Dresses Review

You can find the dress you want on Noracora by searching for the desired pattern, length, or style. Many of their dresses are bohemian patterns with flowing silhouettes. 

There are some mini dresses as well that accentuate your figure. The pricing ranges from $9 to $53. Sizes range from small to 2XL and they have 1,000+ products.  

Noracora Tops Review

Offering 3,000+ products, and adding more each season, Noracora’s tops are wonderful pieces to add to your summer closet. 

The majority of their tops are flowy, comfortable blouses all sized from small to 5XL. Each piece is fairly priced from $4 to $43 so that everyone can easily afford their ideal summer closet. 

What Customers Are Saying

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We searched through many customers reviews on sites such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber, and we found these to be the main points from customers: 

  • Fun variety of styles
  • Quality is a hit or miss
  • Sizing is also a hit or miss
  • Risky to shop from, never know if you’re going to get a good or bad item
  • Returns are difficult
  • Super affordable prices
  • Hard to reach customer service

Because Noracora offers so many products, below we have found the ratings for a few of their best-sellers: 

Return Policy

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Noracora’s return policy states that all returns must be made within 30 days of receiving your complete order. The shipping fee for returned items is the customer’s responsibility. That being said, many shoppers had issues with returning items and getting a full refund.


Where is Noracora located?

Noracora is located in southern China within the Guangdong Province. Their return address is different from their corporate office address, but it is also located in China. 

Is Noracora legit?

Noracora is a legitimate company because they do send their customers products. But, not all of these products are exactly what the picture shows or high quality.

Can you get a refund from Noracora?

Based on customer reviews, refunds and returns are rather frustrating and difficult with Noracora. To get a full refund from Noracora your product must be approved as a return. 

On their return policy, they claim to give fast refunds that will reappear on the original payment method within a week. 

In Conclusion: Worth It?

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Noracora’s brand mission is inspiring, but they don’t always hit the mark. Honestly, it would be best to shop with another similar retailer that had better reviews and was overall more trustworthy. 

Many online stores nowadays are scams, and even though Noracora does send products, the returns and refunds make it difficult to return or get any money back. 

But, no worries! Down below we list some better options with more reputable reputations!

Noracora Alternatives

Because Noracora isn’t a very credible brand, below are 4 alternatives that are a bit more trustworthy.

  1. Lulu’s
  2. Emery Rose
  3. H&M
  4. SheIn

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13 thoughts on “Noracora Reviews: Is It Legit or a Scam?”

  1. I Am Very Disappointed! The Dresses I Got Are Not Even Close To The Pictures Of The Dresses OnLine! Not The Right Colors Or Type Os Dress Shown. Cheap Material With A Small Little Size Tag. They Probaly Spent 30 Minutews Sewing It! I Will Never Order Again! Totally False Advertisement!!

    • I bought a dress from and it took forever to get it. It was flimsy, the lace was “painted” on not real a total joke. Color was way off, nothing like the photo. I requested a return but had to settle for a 50% refund az they didn’t want the dress back either.

  2. Unless you don’t have breasts their clothes will not fit. There is no room for breasts. I had to return the 4 dresses that I ordered. I saw the exact dresses in an expensive shop and they fit great. So I ordered the dresses from Nora Cora. They were linen in the expensive shop, but what I received from Nora Cora was a cheap polyester material with no shape, but the same pattern on the material.
    That is what you call a scam. It cost me half of the amount to return it to China. They only offered me 15% to keep it. They do not tell you what the material is.
    Please don’t order from them. You will get what you paid for and it won’t be good!

  3. Don’t waste your money on this crap. Everything I bought through them was cheap ugly looking material, cheap polyester mostly. Then I go to the post office to send it back and I’m told it’ll be $61.00 to ship it back. So I went to Goodwill and donated it.

    • I too was very , very, very, disappointed as the product was nothing like the pictures. DO NOT BUY. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. I did get my money back, but not from this company. My bank reimbursed me. Please spread the word not to do business with them.

  4. If a price is too good to be true…it’s too good to be true. The ridiculously low prices are an obvious giveaway. Plus, the site’s kind of a mess, with repeated words, grammar issues, and no actual product descriptions. A legit foreign website will pay writers to get it right. All you have to do is read the reviews on Trustpilot to see the bigger picture: The products are cheap, poorly made, and possibly crafted on the fly by workers making next to nothing. Returns are discouraged, and getting support is an exercise in frustration. Just another one of those shops luring in those desperate for a deal, knowing they’ll make money on the people too busy or lazy to run the gauntlet of the return process.

  5. Terrible Terrible Terrible
    The good reviews MUST be scams. They have not shipped my product that I ordered over one month ago. Told me if I dont receive it in another 20 days to email them. Told me that they do not offer refund

  6. Will never, ever order from them again! Material is cheap, and everything purchased does not fit correctly. Returning merchandise is a joke. I should have known better than to order from a company from China!

  7. ok, so I purchased three tops from them and the fabric is great, doesnt wrinkle, easy to wash and hang dry…and still looks the same. Guess it is a matter of what you buy…it did take a long time to arrive, but I love the tops..a friend of mine who wears dresses , purchased a few for her trips and loves them too…the price was right and I am pleased…:)

  8. I have ordered 3 items. 2 pairs of cute tennis shoes. The first pair was too small. So I ordered a larger pair intending to send back for refund the smaller pair. That pair was too small. WOULD NOT GIVE ME A FULL REFUND. Only 15% of refund told me they were in England. Shoes were made out of cheap material. So I just used larger pair as miles. Gave one pair away as a gift. Ordered really cute sandals as well. They are soo cheap. Can’t hardly walk in them. First pair of sandals that actually hurt my feet to walk in. Will NEVER ORDER from this company again. Horrible quality.


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