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8 Jewelry Trends To Know in 2022 (Chains, Pearls, and More)

Last Updated: October 11, 2022

We have all seen many different jewelry trends dominate the runways of fashion week. Jewelry has always been something that will withstand the test of time, since it allows people to express their emotions and accessorize in a glamorous way.

While the trends of jewelry have changed drastically over the years, there are many new ways to style traditional pieces and fit them into the current era of fashion. Whether your style is elegant or blinged out, there are enough trending pieces to keep you on game this year. 

2021 Jewelry Trends


You can never go wrong with pearls as they are a timeless and memorable piece. They have always been a personal favorite of mine and the resurgence of them are back in full swing this year. 

The iconic layered pearl necklaces from Vivienne Westwood have been seen on many influencers and models styled for nights out. 

Jelly Rings 

Fairly new to the game, jelly rings have been having a moment. The style is fun and stylistic, often giving off the “cool girl” vibe. The chunky rings can be found on Etsy and Depop for reasonable prices and there are often shops that customize the jewelry for the customer.

The rings come in all different shapes and sizes, giving potential customers plenty of options to choose from. Mixing and matching the rings can amp up any outfit and pull the look together.

Glittering Gold

Gold jewelry has always been trendy, but there’s something about certain gold pieces that just look extra golden (like everything from Mejuri. Check out our review here!) 

What’s the difference? Many of these glitzy gold pieces are made with 18k gold, which makes these pieces look extra stunning and Instagrammable.

For example, you’ll notice that Mejuri’s gold vermeil pieces (plated with a thick layer of 18k gold) look shinier than their 14k pieces. Plus, they are cheaper.

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Chain link necklaces also graced the F/W runway shows last year and left a lasting impression. This year, the trend is evolving into an even chunkier and bigger look.

Hardware has been the center of attention this year for many jewelry brand campaigns. You can find these pieces from many different retailers including Mejuri.


One thing I will always rock is an anklet. They’re perfect for the summertime and are a piece that will never truly go out of style. Plus, layering anklets is a great way to look chic and elevate the basics.

There are so many different versions to choose from; the classic butterfly, stars, pearls and gold hearts will always be near to my heart.

You can find luxury anklets like this one from SSENSE, or more affordable options from places like J. Crew.

Layered Necklaces/Lariats  

These trends have snuck their way back in and are giving us a full nostalgia moment. Necklaces can be more than just one at a time (in some cases, a lot more). With this trend, there’s room for a lot of fun and creativity.

Lariats give the classic ‘90s vibe and can also top off a look perfectly, especially if your décolletage is the focal point! Vanessa Mooney is a great place to find layered necklace options.

Dainty Jewelry

With minimalist jewelry brands blowing up, dainty jewelry is another trend that is dominating. Dainty pieces are the perfect pick when you want to wear a few cute pieces of jewelry without overpowering your outfit.

You can find just about any type of dainty jewelry you’re looking for on Etsy!

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Charm Necklaces 

Charm jewelry has been creeping its way back into the mainstream, but there is a better way to make the look more tasteful these days. 

With many in-demand designers contributing, this style is super easy to shop. The charms can add a quick pop of color or be a statement. Nordstrom has some super cute charm necklaces, like this one here.

In Conclusion

All in all, it’s fair to say that fashion repeats itself, even when it comes to jewelry. Styles that were once popular in the 90s have made a major comeback this year.

Even though jewelry is a timeless accessory that will never go out of style, there are definitely trends that come and go with the times. Pick up any of these jewelry trends on our list and you’ll be sure to nail your accessorizing this year.

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