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How to Wear a Tie: Style Ideas Every Man Should Know

Last Updated: April 15, 2022

Throughout many generations, the gentleman’s necktie has been a statement piece for men all over the world. Moreover, the style choices have continued to evolve with each generation. 

Whether you’re a business professional, planning for a wedding, or simply like to look sharp when you’re stepping out, there are a wide variety of ways to style a tie. In this article, you’ll gain insight into how to wear a tie the proper way, along with the various popular styles among modern men.

What Types of Neckties are There?

First, let’s talk about types of neckties.

For most people, there are a handful of ties that immediately come to mind, which would be the traditional-looking tie that’s usually eight to nine centimeters in length at its widest, or the sleeker look of skinny ties. 

Although they’re considered less popular in recent years, the skinny tie has had a firm hold on men’s suits for quite a long time. Even if the majority of men resort to some of the most available and popular designs, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a long list of other styles and designs that look just as good. 

Moreover, below is a list of neckties that have continued to make a fashion statement for many generations:

  • Bow Tie 
  • Bolo Tie
  • Ascot Tie
  • Clip-on Tie
  • Kipper Tie

How To Wear A Tie

It’s entirely up to you which tie you’d like to wear, but there’s definitely a proper way to style them to come out looking your best. Whereas you’ll see many traditional neckties with business dress wear, you’ll find more bow ties at weddings and skinny ties for a night on the town. 

Ascot ties aren’t the most common in a business setting, but they do provide a more elegant look to a suit and can be matched with much more relaxed dress wear as well. Nevertheless, traditional is always a good choice, but there are plenty of other styles to choose from that’ll help your look stand out.

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How to Properly Wear and Style Your Tie

With each design comes a different styling guide, and although there’s always room to customize your look with various patterns and colors, there are a few essential tricks to styling each type of necktie. 

Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to explore multiple styles to refreshen your look and add in some variety. Some methods may be more complicated than others, but wearing and styling your tie will start to become automatic for you with consistent practice and effort.

Traditional Ties

Perfect for a business or any professional setting, traditional ties have been a staple for men worldwide. As many other styles have come and gone, this has been a go-to choice for many individuals, young and old. 

This tie goes perfect with any two or three-piece suit and looks best between seven to nine centimeters in length. It may go unnoticed to some, but the width can make a huge visual difference for your entire ensemble.

Aside from the size of the tie itself, the color and patterns can make or break a suit. If you’re sticking to a bolder look, you don’t want a tie that comes off too loud and distracting, but if you have a suit with a contrasting shirt, this gives you more room with your tie patterns and colors. 

In some cases, mixing designs can work, but to play it safe, make sure your tie designs don’t contrast any of the patterns on your suit too drastically.

Note: The Tie Bar is always a great place to start with traditional and bow ties!

Bow Ties

Perfect and sometimes essential for formal events, bow ties have lasted the test of time and seem to never be out of style for any sophisticated occasion. In past and modern times, men utilized the bow tie for much more formal occasions that traditional ties simply weren’t suited for. 

It’s also essential to never rely on clip-on or pre-tied bow ties as they never offer the crisp look that the authentic ones exude with stylistic pride.

This particular style of tie always looks fantastic with a tuxedo and a sharp vest. Jet black may be the most popular color, but bow ties come in many different styles and designs as well, allowing you to add a little extra flair if you choose to do so. 

Nevertheless, if you have a more sophisticated event approaching, a sharp bow tie never fails.

Ascot Ties

Offering great adaptability with professional, elegant, and casual styles, the ascot tie brings a unique look and is often less popular than others due to modern cultural norms. 

Nevertheless, originating in Britain, the ascot tie delivers one of the most sophisticated looks out of the ties on this list. It gives a more relaxed look while adding flair to the chest and neck in a scarf-like style. It’s a stellar choice for spring and summer for more informal events.

Note: Check out John Henric for some classy ascot ties.

In addition, it’s a style choice that brings a more gentle touch to your outfit and is further complemented by lighter or potentially more colorful looks. You can consider an ascot tie for a quaint morning brunch, a casual meeting, or even a stylish afternoon gathering. The ascot has more applications than some may think.

Different Types of Tie Patterns

As previously mentioned, there’s an endless number of styles, designs, and patterns for your ties, but choosing the best pairing can take your ensemble to a whole new level. 

Before you choose just any tie, knowing the different patterns available will help you make a better choice for your suit. Below are some of the most recommended tie patterns men should know of:

  • Diagonal Striped Ties —For business and formal events
  • Plaid or Checkered Ties —Best paired with solid colored suits
  • Geometric Ties—Offer excellent versatility with many different suit patterns
  • Floral Ties—A great choice for spring and summer, offering a more lighthearted look to contrast and compliment your ensemble simultaneously.

To Conclude

It’s evident there’s much more than just your traditional business neckties in today’s fashion world. Although society has carried some style standards throughout many generations, we’re in an era where you can use quite a few styles to get a unique look for yourself. 

It’s easier than ever to make a statement, and this article on how to wear a tie provides plenty of information to try something new.

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