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How to Style a Slip Dress —11 Chic Ways

Last Updated: April 8, 2022

A slip dress might be intimidating at first, but the vastness of the ways you can style it is never-ending. The slip dress became popular by ‘90s supermodel Kate Moss and her supermodel peers during the fashion revival of the decade. Slip dresses are admired for their ease and simplicity; when all you have to do is throw it on and walk out the door, where do you go wrong? 

Slip dresses have been trickling back into fashion over the last few years. We’ve seen the supermodels of today wearing them on nights out, vacation brunches, grocery shopping, and more. There are so many occasions that can call for a slip dress, it doesn’t have to be taken out fancy date nights alone. And this black one from Lulu’s is *chef’s kiss* so good.

There are so many different ways to style a slip dress, from casual and comfy to preppy and classy. The barely-there piece is a staple for anyone’s closet. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the best thing to do if you don’t know where to start with fashion. Life doesn’t always have to be sweatpants and a t-shirt!

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How to Style a Slip Dress

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With a Cardigan 

Because a slip dress can leave you feeling almost naked, it’s nice to throw on a comfy cardigan that keeps you warm in case of an emergency.

A lace cardigan is a great way to play with matching different fabrics. Or, a cropped cardigan will be your best friend when it comes to the slip dress as it will help emphasize the waist!

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Blazer Over Slip Dress 

Blazers have been hot for the last couple of years, tying into streetwear looks all over the world.

It’s safe to say that the blazers won’t be leaving any time soon. That being said, keep the look oversized on this one; it allows for a more relaxed and effortless style. 

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A Sweater on Top 

Once again, you want to go for a cropped look if that’s your style, but we also endorse the oversized sweater look.

This is the perfect look for those who need a bit of cushion in their outfit. You won’t be bearing it all and you’ll also be cute and on-trend. 

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With a Shirt Underneath 

This is an ode to how our girlies used to do it in the ‘90s, a-la-Drew Barrymore.

A long sleeve plain t-shirt or cropped shirt always matches the vibe for a slip dress. It’s a timeless way to wear a classic piece. 

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Add a Corset or a Belt

Corsets are a beautiful addition to the lengths of a slip dress. A similarly colored corset to bring the waist in over the dress delivers a unique style that will catch the eye. 

If you aren’t into corsets, you can always add a fashionable belt to bring in the waist and add shape to your body. 

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With Sneakers 

Often people think that slip dresses are exclusive to be styled with a pair of heels, but we bring you advice from the contrary. A nice pair of white sneakers or a color that compliments the color of your slip dress will take you far.

They also won’t be killing your feet all day, so you don’t need to worry about blisters or walking long distances. 

Look here for the best sneaker websites.

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Cowboy Boot Mania

Cowboy boots are an out-of-the-ordinary way to style your slip dress. Whether it’s short or long, the boots will complement the dress heavily.

The contrast of the styles catches the eye and makes way for a true fashionista. 

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Statement Choker 

You really can’t go wrong with adding a choker or necklace to emphasize your bare chest. The necklace plays a huge part in incorporating itself with the piece. This will make the outfit pop! 

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Wear a Lariat Necklace

It might be hard to choose a pair of earrings for that slip dress, or even a necklace that fits the vibe for the night.

A good lariat necklace, like this one from Madewell, will mesh with a slip dress perfectly to accent areas of your decolletage. 

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With Geometric Frames

Sunglasses could also push your outfit to the next level, a bold statement can be made with some rectangular or geometric-shaped frames, like these ones on Amazon.  

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With a Minibag

A handbag is always a great accessory, it also carries just about everything you need.

A minibag fits the look, but to add some spice, add a scarf around the handle, like this one from Clavin Klein. Forever chic. 

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Bottom Line 

There are so many different ways to style a slip dress, the options are endless and timeless. A slip dress is a perfect addition to someone’s closet who wants to be fashion-forward without trying too hard. They are the best piece to be comfortable and effortlessly chic. 

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