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How To Measure Inseam: 3 Easy Methods To Know

Last Updated: June 27, 2022

Need to know how to measure inseam fast? Use any one of these 3 easy methods below!

So you just received your package with the trendiest pants and ran up to your room to try them on. But, horror of horrors, the pants stop just short of your ankles. Or worse, they are too long, and you have a wad of extra cloth near your ankles. 

Your excitement probably just came plummeting down. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The underlying problem with pants that are too short, too long, or just don’t sit right at the waist is often an incorrectly-sized inseam.

That is why it’s always a wise idea to know how to measure your inseam. Don’t worry; it’s not that difficult. Once you know your inseam number, you can fix the fitting of your pants. 

And next time, you can order great-fitting pants and save yourself a trip to the tailor.

Follow these simple steps on how to measure inseam and never deal with ill-fitting pants again!

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How to Measure Inseam

Method 1: Measure The Inseam With The Pants On A Table

Black Jeans

Many people are confused about how to measure an inseam and what an inseam is in the first place. 

The inseam is the seam on the inside of the leg of both men’s and women’s pants. This seam connects the pieces of fabric that make up the front and back portions of the leg. 

The inseam measurement is the pant length from the crotch to the ankle where it ends. Don’t mistake it for the length of the entire pant leg, which would be from the waistband to the ankle.

Step 1: Get A Pair Of Well-Fitting Pants

If you already own a pair of pants that fit perfectly and feel comfortable, you can measure the inseam of those pants. 

In case you forgot which pants fit perfectly, you should try all of them. It will take time, but you will no longer have to deal with poor-fitting pants afterward. 

Step 2: Look For An Inseam Measurement Tag

If you’re lucky, you may find that the inseam measurement tag is still on your pants. This can save you the trouble of measuring the inseam yourself. 

Also, if you have more than one perfectly fitting pair of pants, try to look for the tag in all of them. 

If you are unable to find a tag, it’s okay. We are here to help you measure the inseam yourself. 

Step 3: Fold Your Pants Lengthwise on a Flat Surface

Place your pants on the ground or a table. Once you’ve folded your pants, make sure the legs are aligned with each other.

Step 4: Lift The Top Pant’s Leg Up To Reveal the Inseam

Fold up and tuck away the top pant’s leg. You should now be able to see the seam that runs from the crotch to the hem. 

Make sure there are no wrinkles or folds on the pants, which can reduce the inseam measurement. 

Step 5. Measure The Inseam With Tape

You will find the crotch seam running down the center of your pants. In addition, you should be able to identify where the seam on your jeans’ crotch meets the seam that goes down the leg.

Measure from here all the way down to the bottom of the trouser leg with a measuring tape. 

Step 6. Jot Down The Measurement

Don’t round up or down the inseam measurement of your trousers if you want them to fit correctly. This inseam measurement will help you choose the perfect pair of pants, whether online or from a physical store.

Method 2: Measuring Pants’ Inseams While Wearing Them


Occasionally, you may be away from home or simply not have time to measure the inseam using the above method. 

You can measure the inseam using the following method, even if you are outdoors, wearing your perfectly-fitting pants. All you need is a measuring tape. 

Step 1: Stand Up Straight and Let the Tape Hang Down.

Stand up straight. Without slouching, hold the tape in front of the crotch seam. Let the tape fall to the floor slowly, keeping it as close to your body as possible. 

Step 2: Stand On The Tape

When the tape has rolled down to your ankle, stop unrolling it. Step on the measuring tape as you continue to hold it in place in front of the crotch seam.  

Step 3: Note Down The Number On The Tape

Hold the tape in place at the crotch seam. Check the tape measurement at the bottom where you stopped unrolling the tape. This is your inseam measurement. Add an inch or two to the measurement if you plan on wearing heels.  

Method 3: Have Someone Else Measure Your Inseam


If you find it hard to measure the inseam yourself, you can always ask someone else to do it for you, perhaps your partner or a friend.

Step 1: Put On Tight Pants

When you wear tight-fitting pants, it will be easier for a person measuring your inseam to get the correct measurements. Opt for tight chinos or jeans; both work great.

Step 2: Stand Straight

If you measure the inseam while standing straight, it will give you the most accurate measurements. To help maintain a good posture, you can stand against the wall. Remember not to slouch at any point, as it could mess with the measurement. 

Step 3: Have Them Note Down the Measurement

If your partner or friend isn’t familiar with an inseam and how it is measured, you can guide them using the methods above. Make sure they write down the exact inseam measurement. Again, avoid rounding off the number as it can change the fitting of your pants. 

Final Thoughts

For pants that fit right, you should pay attention to the length of the inseam. This applies to all kinds of pants—slack, jeans, or casual pants. 

You can measure your inseam using an existing pair of pants that fit you perfectly. While measuring the inseam, always check for folds as they could cause inaccurate measurements. 

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