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Fake Freckles – 7 Ways to Make Fake Freckles That Look Real

Last Updated: October 12, 2021

The freckle look is totally adorable and can even be sexy, depending on what look you’re going for. If you’re not naturally blessed, however, you might have a serious case of FOMO when it comes to makeup looks that center around freckles. 

Faux freckles are super trendy right now, giving you a fresh, sun-kissed look even if you haven’t spent much time outdoors lately. Plus, they give a youthful, fun vibe that can boost anyone’s mood.

Even if you don’t have a single freckle on your face, you can still create fake freckles that can fool anybody; it’s actually really easy to do! All it takes is some practice and the right products. Ahead we’ll share 7 ways to make fake freckles, plus some product recommendations to perfect the look.

How to Make Fake Freckles

No matter which method you choose to create your fake freckles, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

The key to creating fake freckles is to apply them on the areas of the face that the sun naturally hits, concentrating on the nose, cheeks, and top of your forehead

You also don’t want your freckles to look too perfect, so it’s best to place them in a random, relaxed manner. Real freckles aren’t precise, so you don’t want your faux ones to be either.

Now, let’s dive into the real work of making fake freckles!

Eyebrow Pencil Method

This is one of the most common techniques to create fake freckles. It’s fast, easy, and you probably already have an eyebrow pencil in your makeup bag. (You’ll want to choose a soft brown shade, however, rather than a black or similarly dark one.) 

To create faux specks, gently tap the pencil on the areas of your face that you want your freckles to be, without trying too hard to be exact. You can experiment with how big or small you want your freckles to be and can even apply different sizes for a more natural look. 

Once you’re done with that step, gently blend your freckles with your fingertips. You can also opt to use a makeup sponge or brush to soften your freckles and make them look more believable.

For best results, repeat these steps until you’re satisfied with your freckle look and variation. We recommend using Anastasia Brow Wiz eyebrow pencil!

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Try Brow Pomade

If you want something a little creamier, try using your favorite brow pomade, like this affordable option from NYX. 

You’ll also need a small brush to make your fake freckles, such as a pointed liner brush. The technique for using pomade is very similar to using an eyebrow pencil. Simply dab your brush where you want your freckles to sit on your face, blending afterward to soften the look. 

Keep in mind, however, that brow pomade will dry in place, so you’ll need to work a bit faster than you would with an eyebrow pencil. 

Use Your Eyeliner

Next up grab your fave eyeliner, preferably in a shade of brown, much like if you were to use an eyebrow pencil. 

To make fake freckles with eyeliner, you’ll use the same application technique as a brow pencil, unless you’re using a liquid liner. Liquid liners can absolutely work for creating faux freckles, but you’ll want to use the right method. (KVD’s Tattoo Liner is great for this!)

Make sure to blot your liquid liner first on a tissue or paper towel to get the product flowing and to make sure you don’t have too much product on the tip. Gently dot the tip of the eyeliner pen on your skin to mark where you want your freckle to be, then press down a little harder to create your full freckle shape.

Continue doing this on the rest of your face, then blend afterward. Again, you’ll have to work quickly to make sure your freckles don’t dry completely before you have the chance to blend them out. 

Experiment with Henna

For longer-lasting faux freckles, try your hand at henna. Most henna kits come with all the products you need, such as the henna paste and application cone. Use the application tool to lightly create some fake freckles, then dab with your fingertips or a sponge like you would after using an eyebrow pencil or liner.

Mihenna actually makes henna specifically for creating fake freckles, and you can get it here!

If you’re looking for an alternative to henna, try using a temporary tattoo marker with a fine point, like this one from BIC

Stipple Sponge Technique

This simple method creates a smattering of faux freckles for a beautiful, natural look. All you need is a brown eyeshadow and a stipple sponge, like this one on Amazon

Mix a small amount of water with your eyeshadow of choice to make a creamy concoction for the best results.

Next, dip your stipple sponge in the mixture and apply it to your face by gently tapping it on the areas you want to place fake freckles. You don’t need to leave it on for very long— just dab and go!

This method can even work with a matte bronzer or contour powder!

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Invest in a Freckle Pen

If you’re serious about creating fake freckles, there are actually pens on the market made for this very reason! Freck Beauty offers a freckle pen that creates fun, natural-looking freckles in no time.

It comes with the product and brush for easy application; all you need to do is lightly tap your face with the brush to create your most realistic freckles yet.

You can also find other freckle pens on the market, like this one on Amazon

Get Handy With a Stencil

If free-handing your fake freckles makes you cringe in fear, you can always start by using a freckle stencil. This is a safe way to create faux freckles without worrying about exact placement of your specks.

For beginners and pros alike, the Bronzie Ultimate Tan Your Own Freckle Stencil is a huge hit! Place the stencil where you want to make faux freckles and then use the product as directed. You’ll create adorable freckles without stressing about ruining your look!

To Finish Up

No matter which method you choose to create faux freckles, make sure to lock it in with some makeup setting spray to keep your frecks in place all day. If you struggle with oily skin, check out some of our favorite setting sprays for oily skin

As with any makeup technique, practice makes perfect. Here’s short video to give you an idea of what applying fake freckles should look like:

If you’re craving that fresh, sun-kissed look, grab some makeup and try your hand at applying fake freckles!

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