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Our Fashom Reviews: Is This Styling Service Worth It?

Last Updated: April 20, 2022

Over the last few years, personal styling services have taken over the fashion world. It makes sense – who wants to spend hours shopping in department stores and waiting in long lines when you don’t have to?

Since many popular styling services can be pricey, however, you might be searching for more affordable alternatives. 

One of those options to pop up lately is Fashom, a budget-friendly styling service focused on finding great fashion for women of all body types. This sounds like a dream come true, but is their clothing worth the price? Keep reading our honest Fashom reviews to find out. 

What is Fashom?

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Fashom is a personalized styling service delivered straight to your door. They are a 100% cruelty-free company focused on making women feel confident in their own skin (no matter their budget!). 

Unlike most other styling services, Fashom doesn’t work on a subscription base. Instead, you choose when you receive a box by submitting a new request anytime you feel like having a wardrobe refresh!

How Does Fashom Work?

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Since Fashom isn’t a subscription service, it works a little differently than other styling boxes. 

When you first sign up, you’ll start with their styling quiz that asks about your personal style, sizing, and price you’d like to stay around. 

Then, you’re paired with a personal stylist who hand-picks items for you to review. The best part is, you get to pick 5 pieces you want to be shipped to you so you know what you’re getting beforehand. 

Your box then ships within 48 hours and takes about 10-12 days to arrive. You also get free shipping and returns!

Once you get your clothes, you have 3 days to try them on at home and decide what you like and what you can part with. Keep what you love and send back the rest!

Is There a Styling Fee?

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Like many other styling services, Fashom charges a $20 styling fee that it is credited toward any purchase you make if you decide to keep any pieces from your box. If you don’t keep any items, however, you still have to pay the styling fee. 

But, they do waive the first styling fee for you so you can try Fashom for free!

Fashom Reviews

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Overall: ★★★ 3 stars

Based on customer reviews, Fashom is a decent styling service if you know what you’re paying for. The affordability is great, but you shouldn’t expect super high-quality clothing. Based on our own experience, the quality of clothing seemed to be all over the place. Some pieces were great, while others weren’t impressive.

Price: ★★★★ 4 stars

What customers like most about this service is the price point— Fashom aims to be affordable. While they don’t note the exact prices anywhere on their website, customers have said that the average price for an item from Fashom is around $30–$40. This isn’t amazingly affordable, but it’s definitely on the lower end when it comes to styling services.

Quality: ★★★ 3 stars

Most customers agree that the quality of items they receive isn’t top tier. Some customers say it’s fair for the low price you pay, while others think the quality isn’t worth the price. 

Value: ★★★ 3 stars

All in all, if you want to build your wardrobe in a budget-friendly way, you’ll likely find a lot of value in this styling service. However, if you’re looking to add quality pieces to your wardrobe, you might not be a fan of Fashom. 

Styling: ★★★ 3 stars

Their styling ability isn’t impressive either, at least in my experience. They are fairly new, so this is bound to improve, but I really didn’t find much that I liked in my box. There were a lot of floral prints and unflattering pieces.

Being someone who prefers minimalistic coloring and body-hugging styles, there wasn’t much for me with this styling service. I’m assuming this is because they are a smaller brand and don’t have an extensive inventory yet, so I’m hoping they improve this as I would love to give them another shot!

What Customers Are Saying

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Since I’m only one person, let’s take a look at what other customers had to say about their Fashom experience:

“I have [tried Fashom] and wasn’t impressed. I ordered in summer so perhaps they have a better inventory for fall/winter. I wasn’t impressed with summer tops I received. Can’t hurt to give them a try if you have a referral code to try for free.” laura8435 on Reddit

“I tried it and honestly compared to the competition it’s 10000% better. Not only is it cheaper, but it’s more personable, they have a wider variety of sizes and the stylists nail your style quickly as well as it’s not a subscription which is convenient. I’d say give it a go because it’s the best one I have used so far.” Kimberely10 on Reddit

“I tried it [and] wasnt impressed with it. The quality didn’t seem to match compared to Stitch Fix. I did like the concept that Fashom picked out 7 items for you to review and then you selected the 5 you wanted to try (not sure if this is the same now) also you get a discount if you keep at least 3/5 vs stitch fix where you have to keep 5/5 to get the discount. So it definitely has its pros and cons, I would say definitely worth trying it out if you got the promo for a free box.” Dakotasky90 on Reddit

“I’ve tried them too and they have great customer service! I even had a call with my stylist who took the time to make sure I received everything I wanted.” heatherkafton11 on Reddit

Based on thousands of Fashom reviews around the web, here are the main pros and cons of this styling service:

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  • Affordability
  • No subscription commitment
  • Personalized styling
  • Choose what pieces you want
  • Large size range (including petite and maternity)
  • Get 15% off when you keep 3 or 4 pieces and 30% off if you keep all 5
  • Free shipping and returns


  • Quality isn’t always great
  • Shipping can take a while
  • They may not have styles that match your preferences

In Conclusion

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Overall, whether or not Fashom is worth it ultimately depends on the customer. Some customers love that they provide affordable styling options for every body type. Others say the quality of the items is too low to justify the price. 

So if you’re looking for an affordable way to add pieces to your wardrobe, this service is definitely for you. But if you’d rather have high-quality items and have the budget to do so, we’d recommend something like Stitch Fix or Trunk Club!

Fashom Alternatives

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