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DailyLook vs Stitch Fix: Which Subscription Dominates?

Last Updated: March 13, 2023

When it comes to DailyLook vs Stitch Fix, it might seem hard to choose. Keep reading to find out which subscription is the best.

Fashion trends change faster than the weather, so how are we supposed to keep our closets up to date when we don’t have time to shop every day? 

These two fashion subscription services are meant to make your fashion life easier by giving you personalized, trendy styles without the hassle of shopping. Keep reading to see our comparison of DailyLook vs. Stitch Fix and which one you should invest in.  

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DailyLook vs Stitch Fix: Overview

Of the fashion subscription boxes, Stitch Fix has been the fashion subscription hub for many years because of its simplicity and great service. Their mission is to give you an easy, affordable, and fun way to get the styles you want without the stress of shopping. 

However, DailyLook is competing to take its spot as the top subscription service. DailyLook is a newer fashion subscription service focusing on the individuality and uniqueness of each customer. Using their expert stylists and in-depth style quizzes, they are able to curate 7 to 12 pinpointed pieces just for you.  

Both services focus on the individual customers’ fashion desires to ensure everyone gets the clothing of their dreams. Since these services are incredibly similar, below we’ve listed their main points:

DailyLook Stitch Fix 
– $40 styling fee, applied towards items you keep

– Style prices range from $60 – $500

– 7 to 12 garments per shipment

– Only offers women’s styles

– Inclusive sizing

– Style quiz to curate the best pieces for you 

– Free shipping on all U.S. orders

– 5 days to try garments on at home

– Free returns within 30 days

– Offers all garments except for shoes, accessories, and jewelry
– $20 styling fee, applied towards items you keep

– Style prices range from $28 – $300

– 5 items per shipment

– Offers styles for women, men, and kids

– Inclusive sizing

– Style quiz to curate the best pieces for you 

– Free shipping on all orders 

– 3 days to try garments on at home

– Free returns within 30 days

– Offers tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses, shoes, accessories, and jewelry

Stitch Fix vs. DailyLook

Now that we’ve gone through the overview of each brand and some of the top comparing points, let’s dive deeper into various categories for each service.

How It Works

Both services are pretty similar, offering the ability to try handpicked styles on at home before you decide to purchase them.

Both brands start off with an in-depth style quiz, pair you with a stylist that handpicks your items, then ships them to your home. Once they arrive, you’re able to try on the garments and send back anything you don’t want to purchase within a certain time frame.

Time frame to try on your styles with Stitch Fix: 3 days from arrival date (you can extend this time period if needed).

Time frame to try on your styles with DailyLook: 5 days from arrival date (you can extend this time period if needed)

After these days have passed, you’ll need to send anything you don’t want to purchase back in their provided mailer bag or box – return shipping is free for both brands.

Another key feature is that both brands don’t offer the ability to view your selections before they ship them to you.


When filling out your style profile for each brand, you’re able to select a budget range you want to stay within for each type of garment.

Note: You’re not able to view these items until you receive them, so picking your budget range in the initial style quiz is important to ensure you receive items you can afford.

Dailylook has the following budget range options:

  • $60 – $100
  • $100 – $150
  • $150 – $200
  • Price doesn’t matter

DailyLook asks your budget range for tops, jeans, dresses, and bottoms.

Stitch Fix has the following budget range options:

  • The cheaper, the better
  • $50 – $100
  • $100 – $150
  • $150 – $200
  • $200+

Stitch Fix asks your budget range for tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses, shoes, accessories, and jewelry.


When it comes to picking a stylist service, knowing what brands they offer is an excellent way to figure out if it’s a good fit for you.

DailyLook features their brand’s list and you can even shop their products to see what kind of specific garments they offer as well as view new looks they put together. This is a great way to get a feel for their styles and see if they’re in your wheelhouse. You can even view their stylists and see who might be picking out your styles!

On the other hand, Stitch Fix allows potential customers to preview what brands they offer (although they don’t share a full list). They also don’t offer a list of specific products or a shopping area like DailyLook does, so they make it more difficult to see what styles they offer.

Overall, it’s much easier to preview what type of styles you can find in DailyLook whereas you have to research deeply to find what Stitch Fix offers. That said, Stitch Fix seems to offer a larger amount of brands as they advertise over 1,000 whereas the DailyLook brands list features 100–200 brands.

Although both brands advertise a wide variety of styles, you might want to do some additional research if you have more of a quirky or unique style to make sure they have options that you’ll love.

Styling Ability

Based on the initial quiz, we noticed the following:

  • Both services ask for your typical sizes, how garments typically fit you, and other basic questions necessary.
  • Both show you a few outfits and ask if you’d wear them (Stitch Fix shows more outfits than DailyLook).
  • Both ask where you typically shop

But overall, DailyLook’s style quiz is more detailed. You can choose specific garments to avoid, colors or prints to avoid, colors to gravitate towards, what parts of your body you want to show off or cover, how trendy you want your items to be, and even more.

Many customers experience better results with DailyLook and feel the garments they receive are more curated towards their style – this detailed style quiz could be a reason.

On top of that, DailyLook seems to value its team of stylists better than Stitch Fix, which reflects in better styling quality for clients. Their team is fairly small and they provide a good amount of perks to their stylists, like providing a minimum of 20 hours a week and offering flexible schedules. They’re also only required to style 2–3 clients per hour, giving plenty of time for the stylists to thoughtfully curate boxes instead of rushing.

DailyLooks Stylist Michelle K

On the other hand, many people haven’t had great experiences working as a stylist for Stitch Fix. We’ve found a ton of posts and reviews surrounding Stitch Fix treating their stylists poorly (although some do have good experiences).

Winner: DailyLook

What Customers Think

Searching through customer experience on both of these services online, we found that these are the main points of feedback when comparing Stitch Fix vs. DailyLook: 

  • DailyLook has more communicative and knowledgeable stylists that listen to the customers’ preferences. 
  • DailyLook’s pieces are high-quality, stylish, and up-to-date for the season. 
  • Some of the prices are higher on DailyLook and
  • Stitch Fix is great for those who want an updated wardrobe and who don’t have time to shop.
  • Stitch Fix can be pricey but the quality is usually top-notch
  • It can be difficult to contact Stitch Fix’s customer service and cancel your subscription. 

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Final Statements 

Regarding DailyLook vs Stitch Fix, the service with better reviews and results is DailyLook. They seem to offer better styles, lower prices, easy-to-manage subscriptions and are truly personalized to you. However, if you want a subscription service for the whole family, DailyLook only provides women’s styles whereas Stitch Fix has men’s, women’s, and children’s

That said, the true winner really depends on what you’re looking for. You might find that one service doesn’t have as many garments that fit your style, is out of your price range, or another reason one might be superior for you.

Both are solid services, however, DailyLook has a positive reputation for getting customers their desired looks. (Check out our full DailyLook review here). Both offer free returns and easy-to-cancel subscriptions, so you can always try them both if you are still not completely sold on one or the other. 

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