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8 Best Custom Shampoos For Better Hair

Last Updated: May 4, 2022

Looking to up your shampoo game to achieve better-looking hair? We’ve got your back with these 8 best custom shampoos.

What is custom shampoo? Basically, a custom shampoo is a personalized formula created specifically for your hair type and goals. 

This usually consists of taking an online quiz about your hair, and you will get a shampoo recommended to you in minutes. Honestly, who doesn’t want a shampoo personalized just for them?

Read about our favorite custom shampoo brands below to pick the one that excites you most!

Best Custom Shampoos


📷 IG @prose

This custom shampoo is not one size fits all. In fact, it involves a questionnaire to determine what’s right for you. Try this one out for a specialized approach if you struggle with other brands because they aren’t made for your hair. 

Plus, its ingredients and packaging are good for you and the planet. 

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Function of Beauty

📷 IG @functionofbeauty

Who said picking a shampoo couldn’t be fun? This shampoo brand will let you select your shampoo’s fragrance, color, and name while meeting the five goals you choose to improve your hair.

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📷 IG @theouai

This brand is straightforward, offering three options— fine, medium, or thick — to improve your strands. The brand will quiz you and tell you which one to buy and why!


📷 IG @strands_hair

Suppose you want to really get down to the science of better hair. In that case, this brand will run tests on a small hair sample to provide a comprehensive report and ingredient list to help your hair. 

Then, they’ll send you custom formulated hair products. It can’t get more accurate than that. 


📷 IG @gemmistbeauty

This salon-grade shampoo will be prescribed to you after a quick quiz on hair tool usage, frequency of washing, and more. 

The algorithm doesn’t lie. Your hair care products will be catered strictly to your hair needs.


📷 IG @aurahaircare

You can have a new haircare routine at your doorstep by answering a few simple questions! 

Aura asks about your hair care goals and recommends specific shampoos, conditioners, and masques. 


📷 IG @formulate.co

For those of you with scalp conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or hair loss, this is the brand for you! 

You’re just a quiz and a chemist away from custom hair products. In addition, there are also 12 different scents to choose from.


📷 IG @seenskinandhair

This brand recommends a regime for you in just a few steps. No need to analyze all the shampoos in an aisle to find out none of them will get the job done. 

Instead, SEEN will build your strands back up with just a few products. 

In Summary

If you’re someone who suffers from an itchy scalp, has oily hair only one day after washing, or simply is fed up with their current essential shampoo, then, custom shampoo is your best bet for better hair. 

We listed the best custom shampoos that will analyze your hair type and goals to give you the results you’re looking for! 

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