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15 Best Luxury Skincare Brands Worth Buying

Last Updated: April 7, 2022

The skincare game is intimidating at first, but you’ll flourish once you have the tips and tricks to navigate your way around. Drugstore skincare is level one, while the best luxury skincare brands take it to level ten. 

The price of a luxury product may cause you to hesitate at first, but the quality and execution of high-end products are enough to keep us coming back for more. In addition, many of the products that cost more are actually proven to work on the skin, as opposed to the more gimmicky skincare you’d find at the local drugstore. Luxury skincare is the key to beautiful and healthy skin for a lifetime. 

Without any more rambling, here are our picks for the best luxury skincare brands that will help you take your skincare to the next level. Plus, be sure to take a look at our top picks for the best luxury makeup brands as well.

Best Luxury Skincare Brands 

📷 IG @3labskincare

3Lab Skincare

Erica Chung started this skincare company to mix beauty and science. The line features innovative technology to enhance the skin with rich antioxidants and plant-based renewal complexes. 

This brand includes all skin types in the feat against blemishes, acne, and dry skin. In addition, there are high percentages of active ingredients that will aid your skin in nourishment and healing.

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La Mer 

La Mer is a holy grail for many MUAs worldwide, and for a good reason. The healing of the sea is brought to life within their products, with fermentation and intricate sonochemistry (a branch of study that explores the effect of sound waves on liquid) incorporated into the process. 

As a result, their products will revitalize, replenish, stabilize, and renew. 

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Skinceuticals is a leader in the skincare game, primarily due to their products’ science-backed ingredients and formulas. 

The next-generation products optimize your beauty and health for years to come. A fan favorite is the triple lipid moisturizer!

📷 IG @sisleyparisofficial

Sisley Paris 

Sisley has been shining in the skincare and makeup industries lately.

They use phyto-cosmetology as the basis for their products, using the vital energy of plants and their regenerative potentials to produce creams, serums, and moisturizers that protect and refresh the skin. 

📷 IG @skii


The Japanese skincare brand has broken out over the last few years, winning multiple beauty and skincare awards at Glamour, Byrdie, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. 

They have an established array of essences, creams, and treatment masks that will leave you hydrated, tight, and firm. They also offer skincare kits for beginners! 

📷 IG @tatcha


Another Japanese line, this skincare brand is science-backed with clean ingredients for clear and dewy skin.

All of their products are influenced by Japanese well-being practices, and you can even find your own “ritual” with their Ritual Finder quiz. 

📷 IG @drbarbarasturm

Dr. Barbara Sturm 

Dr. Sturm has become a staple in the skincare game, making her science-based brand a coveted cult classic. The brand embraces all types of skin and caters to all of those struggling with maintaining their skin’s health. 

Their highly effective skincare products will blow you away, providing nutrition, hydration, glow, and regeneration. 

📷 IG @reviveskincare


Revive’s founder Dr. Gregory Rays Brown bio-engineered a molecule called Epidermal Growth Factor to help damaged skin heal more quickly. 

Since then, his studies and groundbreaking applications of science in skincare have flourished into the brand today. The anti-aging elixir and firming moisture cream are some of our favorites we can’t live without! 

📷 IG @laprairie

La Prairie 

The Swiss brand is known for its transformative ingredients with concentrated formulas that help balance and enhance the skin. White caviar, pure gold, and platinum are just a few ingredients to namedrop. 

Your skin will be ultra-rejuvenated with any of these products available. Of course, we’ll have to mention the platinum rare eye cream with the jaw-dropping price tag of just a little over $1k. Iconic, if you ask us. 

📷 IG @herbivorebotanicals

Herbivore Botanicals

Natural and cruelty-free, you can’t go wrong with this brand! Their biocompatible products are essential in the restoration of the skin. 

Their philosophy is to keep skin feeling and looking healthy and luxurious while having fun with packaging and marketing. With ingredients that range from Brazilian gemstones to French pink clay, there’s not a product that won’t intrigue you. 

📷 IG @esteelauder

Estee Lauder 

Estee Lauder is a milestone in a woman’s skincare journey; it’s about time to seek out what everyone’s talking about. Many of their products focus on revitalizing and purifying to have the skin look supple and dewy.

Their essences, serums, and brightening treatments are catered to many different skin problems. There is something for everyone in this rich and classic skincare line. 

📷 IG @tataharperskincare

Tata Harper

If you’re looking for an all-natural luxury skincare brand, look no further than Tata Harper. Their products don’t contain any synthetic ingredients such as artificial dyes and colors. And, the brand is self-proclaimed as 100% non-toxic.

Moreover, the products actually work, with rave reviews all over the web. Tata Harper proves you can have clean skincare that works just as well as the leading high-end brands.

📷 IG @shiseido


Their transformative and time-tested ingredients are able to help a wide range of skincare problems. If you have issues with sagging or drooping skin, there is a product for it. Oily skin or dryness? They have you covered, too. 

A bonus is that the company is a leader in the beauty industry, with its high-quality products and formulas that have an environmentally conscious effort. 

📷 IG @sulwhasoo.us


The holistic skincare brand is herbal-inspired and circulates with the balance of nature. Their signature ingredients include Korean ginseng and the JAUM activator, which is a five-ingredient synergy that cares for the skin’s replenishment, clarity, elasticity, and nourishment. 

Timeless beauty is of the essence. A favorite is their concentrated ginseng renewing cream

📷 IG @naturabisse_usa

Natura Bisse

Natura Bisse has evolved and adapted to the needs of all skin types. The luxury skincare brand pushes boundaries by seeking the latest scientific advancements to keep improving product quality. 

They are increasingly passionate about their formulas and revolutionary beauty. 

To Wrap Things Up 

Any of our picks will have your skin feeling new. Luxury skincare products are an investment, but they benefit over a lifetime. 

Therefore, it is important to stay consistent in your skincare products and routines! We hope our list of the best luxury skincare brands helps you find your best match.

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