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12 Best Luxury Makeup Brands Worth The Investment

Last Updated: April 7, 2022

Luxury makeup brands are almost always worth the splurge. That is, at least, if you know what you are doing. Luckily, we aren’t newcomers and can vouch for many makeup products and brands that will change your makeup routine for good. 

Spending your hard-earned money on makeup that is considered luxury always sends that dopamine through the body, but nothing can compare to using that product for the first time. 

Once you dive in and find out for yourself, there’s no going back. Investing in your makeup just puts you a step further in the glow-up game

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Best Luxury Makeup Brands

📷 IG @tomfordbeauty

Tom Ford 

You can never go wrong with Tom Ford, whether it’s eyewear, makeup, clothing, or film, he checks all of the boxes. There is a reason many MUAs rants about his products, specifically the creme contour and highlight palette that took over the beauty industry. 

Lustrous and glowy, these cream shadows are a flawless addition to your makeup collection. 

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Pat McGrath Labs

The award-winning makeup artist is no newcomer to the game. She is notably the makeup artist behind many iconic runway shows of the ‘90s and ‘00s eras. 

Her work includes makeup for Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Alexander McQueen. There is almost no match to her products. 

The Divine Powder Blush is unbelievably pigmented and silky, and the palettes are a must-have. There are so many options to choose from, with shimmery to matte palettes to compliment any season. 

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Undoubtedly recognizable as a must-have in their kit to any makeup artist, Dior has given us many products of high quality. The packaging makes us feel like we are backstage on the set of a runway show or photoshoot. 

This foundation wouldn’t crease even if you wanted it to. Plus, anything from the BACKSTAGE line is going to do you a solid. 

Charlotte Tilbury 

My love for Charlotte Tilbury will last forever; I’ll never forget the first time I applied the Pillow Talk lipstick! The makeup artist is a megastar, with celebrities endorsing the brand and many other MUAs raving in their videos about the formulas of the products. 

The Hollywood Flawless Filter will give you the most illuminizing glow. 

📷 IG @gucci


Gucci has come back full force with the re-launch of their beauty products. The packaging is to die for, but it’s not a gimmick to get you to purchase something. A fan favorite is the foundation, which has so many shades it’s overwhelming. 

And, their sheer lipstick is lightweight and non-cracking. 

📷 IG @armanibeauty

Armani Beauty 

You must live in a shack if you don’t know that Armani has been dominating luxury makeup for God knows how long. The brand sits high in top picks for a backstage makeup kit. 

Beloved by so many, this foundation is the holy grail of holy grails. 

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Yves Saint Laurent 

YSL is a go-to for all makeup experts. The legend of this fashion house carry on into makeup with their sleek execution of lipsticks from satin to matte to gloss and velvet. 

Plus, their mascara will give you the same volume as falsies. Va-va-voom!

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The fashion house goes above and beyond in this area. With to die for packaging, it makes it even harder to resist. 

Their Eye2Cheek Blush gives a sheer finish for radiance and elegance, and the fine tips on this liner make it all the easier to apply. 

📷 IG @chanelofficial


Can’t make it to the end without mentioning our beloved Chanel. We’re obsessed with the elegance and style of the makeup packaging and feel. 

Their Rouge Allure L’extrait is a must have lipstick. And, the Revitalizing Foundation is an eco-friendly formula that won’t irritate the skin. 

📷 IG @hermes


Their lipsticks are rare: they’re able to transform you into that girl in just one swipe across the lips. 

These Hermes lipsticks are refillable so you never run out of your signature color. 

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Sisley Paris 

Sisley outshines so many others in the industry right now. Their products are fresh and vegan, which is a huge bonus for the skin. 

The Blur Expert Powder provides a single-stroke filter on the skin, while the Le Phyto-Blush is Rosy Fucshia is *chef’s kiss.*

📷 IG @lauramercier

Laura Mercier 

Mercier is no newbie, with the flawless finishing powder as a staple all over the world. The French makeup brand transports us to a new level of luxury in makeup. 

The Translucent Setting Powder is an ultimate classic, while the Caviar Stick Eye Color is luxe and multi-use.

Final Verdict

Our list of the best luxury makeup brands will guide you to make the right choices when it comes to high-end products. 

Sometimes a splurge is all we need to feel a bit better, and you’ll love the outcome when you choose to invest in makeup that is high quality. 

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