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11 Best LuluLemon Dupes (From Tik Tok & Beyond)

Last Updated: August 10, 2022

Although we know and love Lululemon as one of the top legging brands, a lot of us don’t love their prices. While you can always shop secondhand, you can still pay a good amount for their top sellers. Lucky for us, Lululemon dupes have been growing in popularity (on Tik Tok especially).

We’ve tested more than 30 options and picked out the best Lululemon dupes for their most popular products (basically everything from the Align collection).

Plus, since most are from Amazon, you can try multiple options due to their fantastic return policy!

Lululemon Align Pant Dupes 

The Align pant is one of Lululemon’s top sellers, for good reason. Although they fit amazingly and last forever, they cost nearly $100. So, these are some of the best dupes we’ve found.

Colorful Koala Leggings 

We’re thanking Tik Tok for bringing these to everyone’s attention. They’re so similar to the Lululemon Align pant, it’s almost scary.

These usually cost a little above $20 (if they’re not out of stock) and are available in 15+ colors. Now, you can have the buttery feel of the Align pants without the high cost. They’re even squat-proof!

Nepoagym Leggings

If you’re comfortable waiting a month (or longer) to receive these, you’ll be pleased with how similar they are to the Align pant. They’re beyond affordable and surprisingly great quality!

They’re beyond comfortable, perfect for everyday wear as well as any type of activity.

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Yunoga Seamless Leggings

These soft leggings are moisture-wicking with a four-way stretch. Like the Align pant, they’re a bit compressive while also being stretchy and super comfortable.

They even have unique patterns you wouldn’t even find at Lululemon!

CRZ YOGA High-Waisted Leggings

These affordable leggings are available in 20+ patterns and sizes up to X-large. Although not as similar as the previous three options, they’re still pretty similar to the Lululemon Align pant and worth trying out.

Note: Some patterns have a double V seam rather than the single-seam, which is similar to the original Align style.

Lululemon Align Tank Dupes

The Align tank is another best-seller that is widely requested for dupes. This tank has a perfect, flattering fit and buttery soft, stretchy material that lasts forever. Here are four top dupes for the Align tank!

Lavento Tank

We were surprised when we tried this tank, especially since it doesn’t have many reviews. It’s shockingly similar to the Align tank!

Not only does the design look exactly the same with the scoop back and V-neck front, but the buttery material is one of the best Lululemon dupes we’ve found. It’s available in 10+ colors and only costs around $20! They also have a ton of other tops with different designs, but similar material.

The Gym People Tank

Available in 12+ colors, this top is another great dupe for the Align tank. It has the same design with a comparable stretchy, soft material. It offers a medium support, which is also very similar to Lululemon’s tank.

Overall, it’s very flattering and, of course, affordable!

Dragon Fit Longline Bra Top

This bra top is a Lululemon dupe that will definitely fool everyone at the gym! It offers a super comfortable medium-support, with the same design as the Align tank.

At 1/3 the price, you can’t go wrong with this dupe.

Lemedy Longline Bra Top

This longline bra top is another top-rated Lululemon dupe. Available in 10+ solid colors, you’ll be ready to stock up once you try them out.

They fit perfectly and make you look amazing! The thick, soft, stretchy, material is great quality for the price.

Lululemon Align Short Dupes

The Lululemon Align short is available in a few different lengths, so we’ve included various options of different lengths so you can find the perfect dupe.

Lavento Shorts

It’s no surprise that Lavento also has a dupe for the Align short! These are 10 inches, perfect for those who love biker shorts (comparable to this Align style from Lululemon).

They have a similar smooth feel and are very flattering. Overall, this style will easily be mistaken for Lululemon (by both other people and yourself as you wear them).

Coastal Rose Shorts

These lovely shorts are a great dupe if you love the shorter Align styles. The material and fit is very comparable. Plus, they’re flattering and don’t roll down.

With some styles under $10, these are significantly more affordable than the Align short. They even have an inner pocket!

CRZ Yoga Shorts

We didn’t find these as impressive as previous options, but some people rave about them, so we figured we’d include them.

They are super affordable and flattering with a similar feel to Lululemon’s Align shorts, but we found them to be a little thin (aka not squat proof). But, these are still comfortable and great for lounge days!

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