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8 Squat Proof Leggings For All Your Workout Needs

Last Updated: May 17, 2022

We’ve all made the mistake of purchasing low-quality leggings, only to get to the gym with a friend who tells us they can see our underwear (or worse) while we squat. To make sure you don’t make that mistake again, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of squat-proof leggings that won’t show anything, even with the deepest squat.

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Best Squat Proof Leggings

Fabletics PowerHold

One of the top legging brands around, Fabletics offers squat-proof quality and an affordable price! When you place a new order with Fabletics, you can get 2 leggings for $24. You can cancel easily if you don’t want the subscription.

These have great compression and never slide down, which is hard to find in good leggings (especially if you’re curvier). They also have so many colors and prints to choose from as well as different lengths.

Even their lighter colors do a great job at remaining squat proof!

LuluLemon All the Right Places

Before we talk more about this specific pair, let’s start out by saying that ALL Lululemon leggings are squat-proof and amazing quality. Yes, they’re spendy, but they last years and years. They’re worth the investment if you can afford them.

That said, this is one of their most popular pairs. They’re breathable and sweat-wicking, all while maintaining a strong hold. There is also no front seam (aka no camel toe)!

If you can’t afford Lululemon brand new, check a few online thrift stores for better pricing as well as top Lululemon dupes.

Girlfriend Collective Leggings

Girlfriend Collective offers an array of leggings for all sizes that are squat-proof. They’re also a company that works to be more sustainable, so it’s a win-win!

These high-quality leggings will last years. They’re a bit cheaper than Lululemon (especially when having a sale), so definitely invest in Girlfriend Collective leggings if Lululemon is too much. A pair will run you around $70–$80 or less.

Their compressive leggings are the best for squatting. Each pair is made with 25 recycled water bottles!

Victoria’s Secret Total Knockout

The Knockout leggings from Victoria’s Secret are another top contender when it comes to squat proof leggings.

The only downside is that they’re often sold out and are only available in black (it honestly seems like they’re phasing this style out, so get them while you can). Their other leggings are good too, but the Knockout is the best. They have changed the material a bit since previous versions, but they’re still great quality.

If you can get your hands on a used pair made a couple of years ago, do it! The material is buttery soft and nicer than what they use now. We’ve found some gems on Mercari.

Athleta Salutation

Available in a few different colors and styles, their Salutation line is a go-to. The support is strong and feels like a gentle hug.

They can be a bit spendy, but again, worth the investment (although we would recommend Lululemon first if you’re going to spend the full price).

Athleta offers a 60-day workout guarantee, so you can return them at any time if you’re unsatisfied, even after wearing them!

Gymshark Adapt Leggings

These are comfortable, safe for squats, and only cost $55. They stay put and move with your body – you’ll honestly want to wear these all day. To top it off, they’re available in all colors of the rainbow!

However, they’re definitely prone to camel toes, so watch out if you have thicker thighs. Also, the quality doesn’t match up to Lululemon, of course. So, if you’re willing to drop $55, you might consider purchasing one of the pairs listed above.

Old Navy High-Waisted Elevate Leggings

If you’re on a budget, the Old Navy Elevate leggings are a great choice. They’re made of thick, squat proof material that isn’t see through. However, don’t expect them to last as long as a pair of the more expensive leggings above.

Also, proceed with caution because some reviews say that they recently changed material and are now see through.

You can get higher quality Fabletics leggings for cheaper, just saying.

90 Degree by Reflex Squat Proof Leggings

If you’re really looking for affordable squat proof leggings, this brand is worth giving a shot. They’re beyond comfortable and have a convenient pocket. They can often be found and Marshall’s for around $15 (some of the styles on Amazon are pretty cheap too).

We’d recommend getting darker colors as some of their lighter colors can be see through.

Bottom Line

Overall, while we did include some cheaper options on our list, we ALWAYS recommend investing in quality leggings, especially if you workout often. This rule excludes Fabletics though, somehow they’re able to sell their incredible quality leggings for $12 each (obviously they aim to reel in new members with this deal, but it’s easy to cancel the subscription, so you might as well grab a couple pairs).

That being said, Lululemon is our top pick for squat-proof leggings as far as quality goes. And again, if you can’t afford the regular price, get thrifty! Even if you have to spend $50 on a used pair, these will last much longer than two pairs of cheap $25 leggings would.

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