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20 Best Light Jackets for Men for a Stylish Fall Wardrobe

Last Updated: April 22, 2022

When summer temperatures leave us, some falter, depressed by the thought of the end of sunny days. For others, however, fall marks the most poppin’ season—at least for fashion, anyway. If you’re ready to dress for cooler weather in style, keep reading to find the best light jackets for men.

The precious layer that a jacket adds really buffs outfits and can make you go from a zero to a hero with the right set-up.

But we aren’t talking about heavy-duty jackets meant to withstand deadly winters. No, that’s unnecessary; some of us just like looking cool. That’s why light jackets are great for those getting chilly but aren’t yet seeing the snow.

But what do the best light jackets for men have to offer? Let’s find out.

Best Light Jackets for Men

Patagonia Houdini

A jacket made with 100 percent recycled materials and made to withstand the very fringes of weather danger without breaking a sweat. All within a lightweight package that zips up into an even smaller package for on-the-go-jacket wearing.

Bonus: comes in a hefty variety of colors.

Barbour Beacon Wax Patch

A jacket that seems at home with the rebellious youth among the boats and waves and wetness.

Its color-block construction and waxy surface give it an unreal feel when floating through a rainstorm. But, unfortunately, it only comes in one color.

Nike WindRunner

Everyone’s favorite athleisure wear company makes another hit with their roundup of easy-to-wear windbreakers that make a cold morning run the most intense and stylish thing to happen.

Lightweight mesh and ribbed cuffs ensure the jacket keeps you warm without being too heavy.

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Proof Elements

A self-heating jacket that prides itself on being useful before being stylish.

The jacket sports a sophisticated look that could easily blend in with suits just as much as casual outfits. Only comes in heather green.

Adidas 3-Stripe Track 

An Adidas classic that people can’t seem to get enough of. If there’s one thing to own from Adidas, it’s a piece of one of their tracksuits.

Welcome on the field just as much as in the club. Plus, Adidas has recently switched its materials to recycled ones, making this both an ethical pick and a hot one.

Rhone Lightweight Commuter

Water will roll off the outer fabric of this bad boy while also having a hood to keep your hair from feeling the wrath of the rain.

Very neutral aesthetic, giving it excellent outfit matching capabilities. 

Patagonia Nano Puff

Puffers are great jackets that really puff up your street credit. Pun intended.

But you can’t be wearing one in 50 to 60-degree weather. That’s just crazy hot. So Patagonia whipped up the Nano puffer.

That’s 100 percent puffer glory without the heaviness of a standard puffer. Many colors are available.

The North Face Kataka 

The Kataka sits on the edge of a light jacket while retaining enough warmth to withstand some serious cold and windchill.

The fleece makes it a cozy wear, while the contrast in the sleeves gives it a futuristic look. Who says you can’t still be serving looks during the next ice age in 3022?

Finisterre Stafford

The working man’s jacket that makes the working man the star.

A hybrid of cotton and duck canvas gives this jacket a unique feel that can take a beating. 

Dickies Eisenhower

Who says working brands can’t also be cool? All backed by the legacy of a war hero.

Todd Snyder Sherpa Overshirt

An unusual jacket that seems like an oversized shirt but packs a serious comfort punch.

It’s an ultra-relaxed fit and carries an air of ‘why even bother?’

Best worn with casual outfits.

Baracuta G9

A prep-school style jacket that carries a sophisticated presence while keeping it low-key.

Available in many options and pairs well with just about anything.

Pendleton LA Pine

A piece inspired by the native inhabitants of LA, the jacket sports a pleasing pattern backed up by an array of soft colors.

The jacket sits just above the waist, is all wool, and doesn’t have any ribbed cuffs—an excellent choice for a day of light chill.

Filson Ultra Light

A jacket that seems more science project than reality, the Filson ultralight is an incredible addition to any outdoorsmen’s loadout. Look good while pulling off feats of survival and cool. 

Noah Rugby Coach

A softer take on the coach jacket that uses cotton for an ultra-comfy fit.

It’s low profile yet maintains a healthy presence in an outfit. So go for a dad-core fit, and don’t be afraid to look your cleanest.

Uniqlo Half-Zip Color Block Pullover

An ultra-affordable option that carries the fleece for warmth without bogging you down.

It’s a simple design with all-over color. 

AllSaints Grantham

A high-class light jacket, where simple wear seems to elevate your economic and social class without you even realizing it.

The material is waxed, so water just rolls off, and extra secure pockets keep everything safe just in case you suddenly start feeling like doing dangerous things. Just be careful, badass.

Wear this jacket with a suit for an outfit that will put fear into your business opponents. 

Levi’s Trucker

Nothin says “light jacket” quite like a denim one, reminiscent of cold falls in the midwest.

Backed by Levi’s high-quality standards, the Trucker jacket is a must-have staple. It can pair with just about anything and is durable as all hell. You might even pass this jacket on to your great-grandkids.

Aether Griffith 

A quilted bomber that stays at home on the cold docks, made with mostly recycled materials. 

Only available in shades of blue, but the navy is pretty hot.

Fear Of God Essentials Coach 

A bold jacket from Jerry Lorenzo that seems to take inspiration from the aggressive fonts of security guards.

Lightweight and warm with ribbed ends for extra security.

Final Thoughts

Everyone likes a warm jacket, but not every jacket is made for every weather. If your jacket is too heavy, you’re more likely to sweat than worry about the cold.

It’s easy to think about it like this: if you can wear a sweater underneath a jacket and still be comfortable, that jacket is probably light. If you can’t, it’s going to be too heavy for layering.

And quickly too hot.

If you’re not getting snow, then don’t even worry about getting a heavier jacket and stick to your light jackets instead.

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