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13 Best Korean Makeup Brands You Need In Your Collection

Last Updated: September 12, 2022

Looking for K-beauty products to enhance your natural look? Read our list of the 13 best Korean makeup brands for your new obsession.

When we hear the word K-beauty, the first thing that comes to mind is the innovative skincare products with highly effective ingredients and innovative formulas.  

But, makeup is also a major part of Korean beauty, developing skin-friendly products that contain skincare ingredients. These best Korean makeup brands below offer innovative and fun products to add to your collection. Keep reading for our top picks! 

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Best Korean Makeup Brands

Clio Cosmetics

This brand was founded by two makeup artists that believe anyone can learn makeup techniques with the right tools and products. From lips to eyes, this brand has you covered.

In addition, they’ve been around since the 2000s and create innovative color cosmetics.

📷 IG @etudeofficial

Etude House

Founded in 1958, Etude House has become one of the most recognized beauty brands in its respective country and beyond. The brand carries fun, youthful color packaging and offers a wide range of products for makeup beginners and pros alike.

Plus, Etude House offers a wide range of products from makeup to body care to foot care at affordable prices.

📷 IG @clecosmetics

CLE Cosmetics

This minimalist brand’s mission is to highlight one’s natural beauty while prioritizing skincare at the same time. 

Plus, each product is multi-tasking and provides a multitude of complexion-enhancing benefits, leaving your skin looking healthy and radiant.

📷 IG @kajabeauty

Kaja Beauty

Here is the first Korean makeup brand that was co-founded with Sephora to bring whimsical and versatile products with pigmented shades.

Additionally, this brand’s colorful products are packed into uniquely designed packaging that will fit in your palm but delivers on color. 

📷 IG @amorepacific_us

Amore Pacific

This brand is often referred to as the leading luxury beauty brand in Korea. 

Moreover, they produce multi-tasking products that soothe and treat skin concerns while also providing skin-enhancing makeup.

📷 IG @misshaus


Launched in 2000, Missha grew in popularity due to the brand’s high-quality affordable products, which are also formulated with natural ingredients.

Plus, Missha offers some of the most exceptional beauty products on the market.

📷 IG @holikaholika_official

Holika Holika

Available since 2010, Holika Holika means “temptation” in Korean and “addiction” in English. 

In addition, this brand offers affordable and multi-use products that customers love. They’ve grown into such a cult favorite, you can even find some of their products at Ulta!

📷 IG @innisfreeusa


Innisfree offers long-wearing makeup and effective skincare products. Plus, this budget-friendly brand uses local ingredients sustainably sourced from Korea’s Jeju Island.

Although these products were once hard to buy in the U.S., they are now available at Sephora.

📷 IG @tonymoly.us_official

Tony Moly

Founded in 2006, Tony Moly took K-beauty trends and made them staples in beauty routines. 

Moreover, each one of the brand’s products contains high-quality ingredients with innovative technology for effective results. To add a cherry on top, many of their products come in absolutely adorable packaging (for example, the Tako Blackhead Scrub).

📷 IG @vdl_cosmetics


Putting innovation at the forefront of the brand, VDL translates new ideas and trends into each product with high-tech makeup innovation.

Although they’re not one of the most affordable Korean makeup brands around, their products are of fantastic quality and definitely worth the price point.

📷 IG @touchinsolus

Touch In Sol

Offering fun, sensorial, and high-quality makeup products, this Korean makeup brand makes it its priority to help you find your beauty. 

Although well-known for creating the famous No Pore Blem primer, this brand also has a wide variety of other makeup products worth checking out!

📷 IG @peripera_official


Peripera is a colorful and vibrant brand that offers innovative lip products that customers can’t get enough of.

The fun packaging and affordable pricing will catch your eye, but their pigmented products that last all day will keep you around.

📷 IG @sulwhasoo.us


This brand creates both luxury makeup and skincare products containing Korean herbal medicine.

Harmony and balance are at the center of this brand, treating the body and mind as one. 

In Conclusion

There you have it— the best Korean makeup brands that have been tried and tested.

So, be sure to add these brands to your list the next time you’re looking for some innovative makeup products!

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