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12 Best Hair Clippers for Men to Maintain the Mane

Last Updated: April 14, 2022

An at-home hair trim is easy with these best hair clippers for men below.

Some hairstyles are easier to maintain than others, and with the right amount of practice and skill, it isn’t too difficult for a man to sculpt his head of hair. Of course, certain hairstyles require a professional touch as some people need much more work than others, but a solid hair trimmer can take you a long way in the comfort of your home.

Whether you like to edge up your hairline or you just need to keep that buzz cut in check, the technology used in today’s hair trimmers comes with all kinds of features. Continue reading through this list to get a detailed look at the 12 best hair clippers for men that you can find right now.

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Best Hair Clippers for Men

Wahl Cord/Cordless Magic Clip

Price: $119.00

Offering top-tier quality and performance that you won’t find with any other brand, many professional barbers recommend these trimmers. If you know your way around a hair trimmer, then these trimmers would be a solid choice for you.

It comes with everything you might need, whether it be different-sized guards, a sturdy comb, or of course, a charging adapter for the trimmer. With these trimmers, you can accomplish soft line fading and seamless blends with ease.

Panasonic ER-GP80 Hair Clippers

Price: $229.43

These hair clippers are covered in features that’ll help you achieve the best-looking cut. It has x-tapered blades that do an excellent job catching hair and minimizing stubble from every angle.

It comes with a sharp 45-degree blade edge that won’t miss a single hair on your head. You’ll also enjoy the clipper’s linear motor as it provides consistent power and detects your hair density to adjust the blade speed properly. 

Andis Master Cordless Lithium-Ion Clippers

Price: $245.70

Constructed with a carbon steel blade and ultra-durable housing, these clippers are excellent and will last you for many years. You can accomplish fades, tapers, and any other hairstyle you could want.

It also comes with constant speed technology, which helps provide an even and consistent cut no matter which angle you’re coming from. They’re made with professional barbers in mind, and these clippers are still a great choice if you’d rather give yourself a trim at home.

Conair 18-Piece Haircut Kit

Price: $44.92

Here is an all-in-one bundle that’ll get you started with cutting hair at home and is one of the most cost-efficient solutions. The clippers come with eight different comb attachments for varying hair lengths.

This kit also comes with two styling clips and five-position detent taper control for the best-looking cuts. Considering the price and the included accessories, these clippers would be an excellent choice for any man.

Hatteker Men’s Hair Clipper Detail Trimmer

Price: $72.37

If you’re looking for an all-in-one trimmer that can handle a head of hair and your beard, then this might be your next favorite clippers. Every part of this bundle is waterproof and is made with a blend of titanium and ceramic blades, so not a single hair gets missed.

It also comes with a precision dial that allows you to quickly and easily change the guard size on your clippers. You’ll also notice a few different blade heads and guard sizes that are interchangeable. 

Philips Norelco Multi Groomer 25-Piece Kit

Price: $84.95

These hair clippers are prepared for all kinds of hair management needs and are capable of handling hair cuts, beard and nose trims, and more. It offers over six hours of run time on a full charge and many interchangeable guards for a precise cut.

You’ll also appreciate the rugged carrying case for the kit, and it’s an excellent option to take with you if you’re going to hit the road. An overall great choice if you need a new pair of clippers and aren’t sure exactly what all you might need.

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Limural Hair Clippers for Men

Price: $49.99

A sturdy pair of clippers that’ll stand the test of time, they’re multi-purpose clippers with all of the full-size combs for your hair cutting needs. Constructed with an ergonomically designed handle for easy use, it also has an LED display, so you’re able to keep a close eye on the battery level.

You can also choose between using it cordless or you can attach a cord for longer trimming sessions. It’s also surprisingly powerful, yet much quieter than many other clippers on this list.

Wahl Professional Cord/Cordless Senior Clippers

Price: $175.00

Back again with another option from Wahl, these clippers are professional-grade and are best at handling traditional fades and tapering. It’s durable, robust, and with proper care, it can be the last pair of clippers you’ll ever buy.

Wahl has always focused on quality, and these clippers are a great example of that. Of course, it comes with multiple accessories such as different-sized guards, a barber’s comb, and a charging adapter.

BaByliss PRO SILVERFX Clippers

Price: $209.99

Offering a high carbon stainless steel blade that never disappoints, these clippers come with enough torque to handle many different types of hair. You’ll enjoy the clippers ‘ hour run time and reliable lithium-ion battery.

It includes eight different comb attachments and can be used with or without a cord. You’ll also enjoy how sturdy it feels with its all-metal housing and knurled barbell grip for ease of use.

Red Pro Titanium Hair Clippers

Price: $69.00

With all of the essential components you need for hair trimming, these clippers offer all of the basics you need to get started. It comes with six different guides to accomplish varying hair lengths, and it’s built with a magnetic motor that drives a good amount of power.

A comb, brush, and clipper oil are also included for added comfort and style. You’ll enjoy the smooth cut these clippers provide, and they work well with short and long, thick hair.

Braun MGK5280 Hair Clippers

Price: $59.94

These clippers aim to be an all-in-one solution for your hair cutting needs, and they come with all kinds of accessories for different trimming needs. It holds a charge that allows roughly 100 minutes of trimming and only takes around an hour to charge fully.

It also provides some of the best length adjustments that you can find, with thirteen different adjustments to choose from. Men will also appreciate the auto-sensing motor that will comfortably trim any hair with tugging or pulling.

Remington Vacuum Haircut Kit

Price: 49.99

This haircut kit from Remington provides a unique bundle for hair trimmers. It comes with dual motors and an extra-large chamber that aims to catch a majority or all of your trimmed hair.

The clippers come with a total of eighteen pieces in the kit that includes six combs, barber scissors, a cleaning brush, and more. It’s truly a powerhouse and is an excellent choice if you aren’t a fan of the mess after cutting your hair.

To Wrap Up This List

Hair trimming technology has come a long way over the years. You can now easily find the best trimmers for your particular hair type and style. 

Some provide the best power, while others offer features to maintain cleanup while cutting your hair. Whatever your trimming needs may be, this list provides all the details on the best hair clippers for men.

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