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11 Best Hair Waxes for Men – Superb Styling Products

Last Updated: October 18, 2021

The halls of great pompadours and slicked hair did not come about by themselves. Great bedhead shining with magnificence often has a little help too.

Because hidden behind bathroom mirror cabinets and tucked between sock drawers and in the glove compartment rests a sly little jar with all the secrets.

Hair wax,  uplifting your hair follicles to greater heights because without it your hair is flat and very sad.

Free your hair from the flatness and sadness, allow some hair wax into your life, and discover why the best hair wax has men styling the hair in the greatest of ways.

Why Hair Wax?

Wax is a little miracle worker. It’s not really there to keep your hair’s hold or magically change the way your hair looks.

Instead, hair wax gives your hair texture and shine and offers a little bit of structural support so your hair can carry through the day. It won’t change your style though.

And that makes it perfect. This means finding the right wax can mean different hairstyles for every day of the week and works on hair of all types. Your bro need a little lift? Dab him up with some wax.

But because the hold usually isn’t the same as it is for gels, this can mean long hair suffers, as putting too much will make your hair a greasy mess and you still haven’t achieved the hold you need.

Be gentle with it and your hair.

Just make sure to wash it out before bed. Leaving it in can rub the wax all over your sheets, leaving you to wake up with clogged pores and some major acne.

Best Hair Wax for Men

Gatsby Moving Rubber

The boys rocking spiked fades and crew cuts are going to love this one. Gatsby’s moving rubber is handcrafted for shorter hairstyles.

Put a small dab and let your hair do its thing with spiked styles that push attitude. It even lets your hair naturally bounce around so people can’t even tell your waxed up.

People with longer hair should look elsewhere.

Horace Wax

A bit of beeswax and carnauba is a weak scalp’s best friend. The dynamic duo likes to keep that hair strong and reinforce that vitamin intake for serious luxury locks. 

Horace wax has more than that little combo on deck. The French powerhouse decided to mix it up with some sapote butter kaolin clay to give you the ultimate look enhancer. 

The woody scent cream is made for all hair types. 

Paul Mitchell Firm Style

Some like their aesthetic to be a bit more on the natural side, and that’s what Firm Style is made for.

Bed-head, frozen in the perfect mishap, and bodacious beach-beaten hair can both be taken care of with this Paul Mitchell wax. It’s also finished off with a crisp grapefruit and lemon scent.

unisex and perfect for all hair types. Soft hold and bouncy hair, don’t get mad when your partner tries to steal some.

Sachajuan Hair Wax

Sachajuan perfected the light hold wax for those who have longer, poofier hair that needs less hold and more of a sheen.

But that isn’t what makes the wax great. What makes it great is the conditioning technology that makes your hair feel silkier and smoother than before you waxed it.

A leave-in wax that makes your hair healthier. A genuine piece of magic.

Blind Barber 60 Proof

Beer was a big inspiration for Blind Barber’s 60 proof wax, full of hops that work together on your scalp to give it nutrients and shine.

Best for a medium styling that isn’t excessive but won’t fail under pressure. This means a silky finish to that long bit of bedhead you’ve been building up.

Plus it has a tonka bean scent that drives people crazy and it is water-based, so one regular shower cleans up all the wax residue in your hair. No more hard hair from leaving your gel in.

Oliver J. Woods Blackseed Wax

Blackseed and coconut sound like such a delicious combo. Oliver J. Woods liked that idea, so they decided to make wax which makes your hair just as delicious. 

Backed behind those bad boys is some jojoba oil which nourishes the scalp and aids in hair growth. More beautiful hair for your beautiful little head.

Best with damp hair and light holds.

Old Spice Fiber Wax

Old Spice has a pedigree that is matched by few. Their endearing scents have captured the hearts of men all over the world, and for good reason.

This pedigree is even present within their hair wax, which uses the same scent as their popular Swagger deodorant and body wash.

It has a low shine to it for a more matte finish and has a medium hold that allows some bounce to the hair for a natural look.

Humble Health Hairstyle Wax

Sometimes the best hold is the hold that doesn’t stop and strengthens no matter the length or weather.

Humble Health’s wax offers a subtle smelling wax that stays flexible and allows for extreme control when styling. Give your girlfriend a mohawk she’ll never forget type control.

Matte finish for low shine and probably best used for hairstyles that are short or medium in length. Sorry glorious long locks.

American Crew Fiber

Another high hold wax that uses beeswax for an added extra oomph in power and nutrition for your hair.

American Crew’s Fiber Wax is best used for short hair and uses a tight hold for long-lasting looks. A low shine finish gives your hair an extra bit of brilliance and looks natural.

Redken Maneuver Work 

Medium holds have a perfect middle ground excellence to them, allowing them to be applied in a variety of scenarios. Redken’s is probably one of the best medium hold waxes in existence.

Add a great amount of texture with a small bit that adds a nice low shine. Works well with hair styles that need some bounce or extra control.

Water-based so it just rinses right out.

OSIS+ FlexWax

A high hold cream that allows for constant remolding. Start the day off with a 9-to-5 dapper do and end the day with a messy head of hair that doesn’t slouch or look flat.

Holds better than gel or pray and offers a finish that doesn’t look like a tacky, greasy mess. Plus it rinses out quickly so that your hair doesn’t fuse together. 

Use it sparingly and give a thin scalp a thick new look.

Final Hair Wax Styling Tips

  • Always use wax sparingly. Too much will grease your hair in a nasty way.
  • Short and medium length hair tend to work best with waxes.
  • Get water-based waxes so that you can change your look on a dime.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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