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7 Best Beard Grooming Kits for a Lush Facial Forest

Last Updated: October 12, 2022

The pandemic hit hard, sending a massive wave of hysteria through humanity. During this time many men were stuck in place, forced to adapt.

And in that time, their prehistoric roots began to show, and slowly more men began to grow beards that would make even Bigfoot blush.

Be proud. Your once naked face has been changed into an Amazonian Jungle, and like any jungle, it is a delicate ecosystem that needs to be tamed from time to time, keeping your invisible animals happy.

Yeah, your beard looks good now. However, without a good routine to keep the mess in line, you’ll end up looking like you got beat up with a hairball coughed up from a sick cat.

But with every beard, comes a special little care pack that can push your beard from yuck to yum. These are the beast beard grooming kits to kick patchy facial hair in the nuts.

Best Beard Grooming Kits

The Beard Club Deluxe Kit

At $137 ($68 with their father’s day special), the Beard Club was thinking of every situation you may come across in your beard battles with their premium grooming kit.

Need some itch relief? Grab the sandalwood oil and free your beard from the red bumps of fire. Flip out the wooden comb and really get through those tangles, keeping your facial hair supple and moisturized.
Enjoy the added body soap so that you can unify your smells.

Fulllight Tech Beard Kit

Some men need a little help to nourish their facial forests, and that’s okay. No one is going to call you out for a little fertilizer in your face. Bring the help.

Fulllight wants to help without robbing you for everything you have. Get some balm, beard oil, a brush, beard scissors, and some shampoo for the low, low.

It’s also backed by Amazon’s choice placement and thousands of raving fans who simply can’t get enough

Badass Beard Care Loaded Beard Caddy

A bamboo piece of perfection tightly packed with all the fixins you need to grow an excellent beard.

The caddy is non-slip and the package comes with both a brush and comb, some wax and some balm, and a handy pair of scissors to keep it all under control.

The cool part? You get to handpick every part of the package so that you can set yourself up with the ultimate little beard care HQ. Don’t be afraid of the oxhorn comb or the boar’s hair brush.

There’s also a guitar pick in case the need for rockin’ calls after you’ve done your beard justice and you’re lookin like a metal god.

Shea Moisture Ultimate Beard Kit

Shea moisture decided to kick beard tangles and itchy skin in the ass with their underdog setup.

Beard wash, conditioning, and balm unite their forces like the power rangers to turn into the greatest power you have against a bad looking beard.

The only drawback? Shea moisture has a hard time keeping up with demand, meaning lots of sold out products.

The Beard Struggle Big Daddy Gift Set

Imagine being out at sea. You take a dive and emerge from the cooling waters fresh, reenergized, and your beard has grown a couple inches, boosting your sea captain image.

There is no struggle in the Beard Struggle, because they did all the hard work instead. Mineral beard masks and beards tonics round out an all star cast of beard care.

The Beard Struggle was even feeling generous and included a whole party of extras like a beard defender, free shirt, and a brush, all for buying something on their site. There’s even a wallet included because it’s going to be hurting after this one.

Beard Reverence Ultimate Grooming Kit

Wake up and smell those great, great deals. A premium kit coming in at a used-car price, costing an average $100 less than the more expensive beard grooming kits.

And yet it still comes with everything you need and more. You still get your balms and conditioners, and even your brush. But you also get a neat little bag to keep it all organized.

Beard Reverence also packs major deals on their site, so if you feel like going crazy, they can offer frequently bought together items as package deals so you can get the savings.

The Art of Shaving Total Beard Care Kit

The marks of wisdom come in all sorts of shades, but they seem to have a few things in common: lots of thinking, great words, fuzzy robes, and scruffy beards.

But wisdom also comes in the Art of Shaving’s kit, where the wisdom smells a bit like a sprawling forest with some hints of lemon, making for a tasty aroma on your face.

Make sure to use the beard wash, conditioner, and the balm to keep your beard smooth and tangle free. No more weird spots curling out of control.

It’ll drive the lady nuts. And probably the men too.

Pro Tips for Grooming Your Beard

Grooming kits can do a whole lot for your beard, but they aren’t magic. Keep these beard tips in mind so that you don’t become a bald baby.

  • Get your rest. Good sleep promotes hair growth.
  • Eat your veggies and protein. Diet plays a big part in follicle growth (iif you’re not happy with your growth, consider what nutrients you may be missing to cause thinner hair growth). 
  • Wash your face and develop a skincare routine.
  • Trim up your beard from time to time. Don’t go overboard, just simple trimming.
  • Your beard is hair. Shampoo and condition it just like the hair on your head.