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13 Affordable Sustainable Jewelry Brands to Wear Everyday 

Last Updated: April 12, 2022

Shopping sustainably is great for the planet, but one downside can be the high-price point. So, that’s why we put together a list of affordable sustainable jewelry brands to shop ethically without breaking the bank.

But, you may be asking yourself, “What makes a jewelry brand sustainable?”

A sustainable jewelry brand uses recycled metals, ethically-sourced and conflict-free gemstones, and does not mass produce to help lessen waste.

Finding a brand that ticks all the boxes is easy. But what’s hard is finding sustainable jewelry brands that are also affordable. Keep reading this list of the best affordable sustainable jewelry brands to add some ethical sparkle to your wardrobe.

Affordable Sustainable Jewelry Brands

Ten Thousand Villages

For over 75 years, Ten Thousand Villages has been a pioneer of the fair-trade movement that has laid the groundwork for sustainable change in over 30 developing countries. 

Their jewelry is created by independent small-scale artisan groups, co-ops, and workshops. And, not only are their hand-crafted pieces affordable, but they are also unique.

Monica Vinader

This is a UK-based brand that creates ethically-made fine and bold jewelry. The brand only works with manufacturers or family-owned businesses of the highest standard. Moreover, they work with ethically-sourced and conflict-free diamonds. 

The gold they use is gold vermeil, a special gold coating that makes the items more durable than solid gold. All pieces are handmade, and the brand also offers a 5-year warranty and lifetime repair.

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Soko creates beautiful, minimalist jewelry you can wear every day, all with sustainable practices. This is a women-led company that uses materials such as chrome-plated brass, hand-painted ceramic beads, reclaimed horn and bone products, and other sustainable products. 

Moreover, they connect artisans from Kenya to the worldwide jewelry industry to support their financial freedom. 

31 Bits

31 Bits was founded by 3 college students who wanted to make a great impact on people’s lives by working with artisans in developing countries. The company works with artisans in Bali and Uganda to create fashionable, affordable, and ethically-made jewelry. 

Everything this fair-trade jewelry brand does is funded through product sales, which means purchases directly empower women around the globe. 

Made Trade

Made Trade jewelry is responsibly made with ethically-sourced metals and gemstones. 

Their jewelry is made with recycled metals and heritage techniques, as well as jewelry made in the U.S. In addition, they utilize recycled gold, upcycled plastics, and lab-grown gemstones.


Able creates affordable jewelry pieces that are all made in-house for everyday wear. Plus, they have customizable options too!

The brand believes generational poverty ends when people can provide for themselves by empowering women, entire families, and communities.  


Here’s a jewelry brand that combines traditional forms with modern lifestyles and aesthetics. Their jewelry pieces are bold but also timeless with a wide selection of delicate and statement pieces.

In addition, their jewelry collections are made by hand and are made to order —they are against mass production. Plus, they use sustainably and ethically sourced materials such as conflict-free diamonds.

Studio Adorn

Studio Adorn was founded in 2017 by British designer Bonnie Doonan. The company designs minimalist jewelry for everyday wear. 

They use recycled 9k gold and silver. All pieces are made in Norwich in a studio shared with other female creatives. In addition, they can also create customized jewelry.


GLDN creates jewelry that is made to order, leaving almost zero waste in the production process. They believe that jewelry should be personal, high-quality, and affordable. 

They sell directly to customers without a middleman to decrease prices. In addition, the brand donates 10% of its profit to organizations like Global Fund for Women.


Boma designs delicate and minimalist jewelry. The company owns a factory in Thailand which makes jewelry production easier, ethical, and affordable.

Working directly with jewelers, Boma can make sure their artisans work in proper conditions and earn fair wages.

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Bagatiba creates jewelry pieces that are simple yet stunning and are committed to sustainability. This is visible in their practices with their ethically-sourced materials and mindful packaging.

They use stainless steel that is naturally rust-free and hypoallergenic. Plus, their packaging is recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, and compostable.  


Nouare creates hand-crafted sustainable jewelry that is feminine, timeless, and versatile.

Their jewelry is strong and durable, and they also provide repairs!


Vrai creates modern, mission-based jewelry. Their jewelry collections inspire optimism, elegance, and give the power to move forward.

They use recycled solid gold, never gold plating or vermeil. Plus, they cut and polish their diamonds sustainably with zero emissions in the U.S. 

In Conclusion 

The brands mentioned above will bring some serious shine to your wardrobe without hurting the environment or your bank account.

With this list, we know you will be able to find affordable sustainable jewelry brands that you will love!

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