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Uniqlo vs H&M— Which Offers The Best Fast Fashion?

Last Updated: March 13, 2023

Both of these brands in question, Uniqlo vs H&M, not only boast a worldwide image and a vast customer base, but they also come with an ever-changing catalog full of the latest trends.

To see which brand offers the most overall quality and value, we spent quite a bit of time reviewing their products and business practices. Nevertheless, this Uniqlo vs H&M review will offer all the insight you need to see which is best worth your time.

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Uniqlo vs H&M Overview

Uniqlo is a fashion brand that originated in Japan and quickly became a favorite for many shoppers all over the world. Aside from the modern styles and integrations of pop culture into their clothing, the brand also has a focus on sustainability and an affordable business model.

You’ll also find that the company participates in quite a few collaborations, giving customers access to exclusive clothing designs that can only be found at Uniqlo.

Although H&M may offer a similar shopping experience, their clothing selection is more neutral in comparison yet equally fashionable. Their selection is more reflective of companies such as Zara, but H&M generally comes at a much more affordable price.

The company was founded in Sweden and is currently a hit in many metropolitan areas worldwide. It’s a great place to get a good-looking suit at a fraction of the cost, relaxed streetwear, and everything in between.

UniqloH&M (winner)
– Many different brand collaborations

– Lots of colorways available

– Offers style inspiration for shoppers

– Multi-cultural fashion sense

– More selective product catalog
– Great choice for affordable dress-wear

– Very body inclusive

– Valuable rewards program

– Online store offers home items

– Large product catalog

Uniqlo vs H&M

For those who aren’t familiar with the brands, it can look like they offer pretty similar clothing, but once you take a closer look, it’s evident where their individual qualities shine. 

Considering their general pricing is also quite similar, it can be difficult to know which one offers the best overall value. You’ll also want to factor in the particular styles you’re looking for, as both brands come with their strong suits. 

Keep reading below to get a more comprehensive look at a few of their primary differences.

What They Offer

Many people would consider both brands to fall into the category of fast fashion as both are known to be affordable while providing an ever-changing catalog of fashionable clothing. 

Regardless of this, there’s more than one reason why shoppers prefer one over the other.


They’re an excellent choice for any season of the year and offer clothing options for everyone in the family. Although this store may not be your first choice for a new suit, it’s a solid option for some standout streetwear that represents the most current trends.

📷 IG @uniqlousa

As stated earlier, the company participates in many different collaborations with other brands, giving their selection more of a unique flair.


It isn’t too difficult to walk out of H&M looking sharp. Although they offer a handful of graphic tees and other designs, they generally boast a neutral look with a blend of light and bold solid colors. 

📷 IG @hm

Better yet, the quality of their clothing can be surprisingly good for the price, and you can put together a complete outfit for well under $100 if you do it right. They also offer items for men, women, and children alike.



Based on varying public reviews online, it seems the quality of Uniqlo’s clothing is hit or miss. There are a decent number of comments about the stitching of their clothing, from buttons to seams, but many customers claim it’s the best clothing they’ve ever owned.

📷 IG @uniqlousa

We feel it comes down to what you choose, but many people are willing to overlook these minor issues considering the fast-fashion price tag.


The company may boast a sharper image, but in comparison, some customers aren’t a fan of their overall quality. It seems after repeated use, some items start to show their true quality and may taper off of that crisp image. 

📷 IG @hm

However, this doesn’t mean everything is made of poor quality, and there are plenty of shoppers who stand by H&M as a top choice.



After taking a glance at their various categories, it’s evident that both companies fall within a similar price range, but they beat each other in a few key areas. Their catalogs are so vast that prices range quite a bit, but it seems that Uniqlo can be a tad more costly.

📷 IG @uniqlousa

Whether it’s t-shirts, bottoms, or dress wear, Uniqlo generally comes up a few dollars more expensive than H&M.


Known for some of the best pricing in fast fashion, H&M has some of the best deals you can find. Many shirts range from $10-$20, and you can put together a three-piece suit for about $100, and it’ll come with surprisingly good material quality.

📷 IG @hm

We feel H&M has a pricing structure that’s hard to beat, and they also provide many different ways to save money, such as a rewards program, discounts, and bundle options.



Both clothing brands come with almost any size you might need, but this will still vary between their in-store and online shopping experiences. In most cases, in-store will offer a more niche size selection, but online, they offer sizes from XXS to XXXL.

📷 IG @uniqlousa

Most of their items are generally available in all sizes too, but they may run out of their more popular items and sizes from time to time.


H&M offers a full spectrum of sizes, but they don’t seem as uniform across their entire catalog. Most of their sizes start with extra small and go up to XXXL, but it looks like Uniqlo takes it one step further in that regard.

📷 IG @hm

Regardless of which brand is in question, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something in your size online. Remember, in-store experiences will vary depending on what’s available.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

Aside from our own research on both brands, you can find many truths about them through public customer comments and reviews, which aren’t too hard to find. Keep reading below to see what many customers have to say about the clothing brands.

  • Uniqlo offers relatively good quality for the price
  • H&M’s quality is known to vary depending on the item
  • H&M has a much larger clothing catalog
  • Many shoppers love the capsule collections Uniqlo releases
  • Both brands are considered highly affordable
  • H&M is a great choice for a more professional look
  • Uniqlo is optimal if you’re looking for stylish or abstract streetwear

The Bottom Line

You can undoubtedly upgrade your wardrobe with both brands, but H&M seems to be the better deal for your wallet at the end of the day. 

At a glance, both companies seem to offer a relatively similar clothing selection, but after taking a closer look, it’s apparent that they come with plenty of unique qualities that serve a broad demographic of customers.

Regardless of personal preferences, this Uniqlo vs H&M review broke down which company reigns supreme in fast fashion and offers all of the insight you need to spend your money wisely.

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