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TBDRESS Reviews: Buy or Pass?

Last Updated: April 21, 2022

Are you searching for the perfect holiday outfit or just a nice cocktail dress for a night on the town? TBDRESS has plenty of classy, dressy options ranging from casual to red-carpet-ready. 

TBDRESS definitely has a wide selection of items available at a great price, and with additional discounts available too! But is TBDRESS really worth the hype? We’ve put together this comprehensive TBDRESS review to give you all the good, bad, and ugly! 


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TBDRESS is an online retailer that specializes in cheap and dressy women’s fashion (though they do carry a men’s line as well). They pride themselves on their excellent prices and evening wear, semi-formal wear, and formal wear. 

TBDRESS claims to:

  • Provide to a global consumer base in over 230 countries.
  • Sell items at very low prices for customers globally.
  • Have an excellent customer service team.
  • Host an efficient and worry-free shipping system.

What Does TBDRESS Offer?

📷 IG @tbdress.fashion

TBDRESS offers a wide range of apparel products, specializing in special occasion pieces. If you’re looking for that perfect dress for your bestie’s holiday party or a nice coat to keep you warm throughout the colder months, TBDRESS has what you’re after!

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📷 IG @tbdress.fashion

Overall: ★★ 2 stars

TBDRESS does offer some incredibly low prices for certain items as well as a variety of special occasion pieces to choose from. Despite this, items are often damaged before or during shipment, and sometimes are not even the correct item at all. Customer service claims to be excellent, yet they rarely resolve issues in a timely and reasonable manner.

Shipping: ★★ 2 stars

While the shipping itself tends to be hassle-free, if there are any errors or if a package gets lost along the way, it can be very difficult to resolve the issue. As long as you enter shipping information and there are no shipment errors along the way, it’s a fairly smooth process. 

Pricing: ★★★ 3 stars

The pricing is incredibly affordable (most of the time). Despite the low price point on a majority of TBDRESS’ items, there are some with a higher price point that, according to reviews, are simply not high enough quality to justify that price point.

Quality: 1 star

The biggest complaint by far is with the quality of the products. Multiple reviews disclose that items do not match pictures on the website, they are sometimes the wrong color, and garments often have defects such as snags and tears. There is much room for improvement in this area.

Customer Service: ★★ 2 stars

Customer service could definitely be better. When guests have complaints about a damaged item being sent to them or receiving a dress in the wrong color, customer service is not quick to refund or exchange the item. This is an unnecessary hassle for issues that are the responsibility of the company. 

Based on reviews from Trustpilot, here are some key points of feedback:

  • Items looking nothing like the pictures promoted in ads and/or on the website.
  • Items are often in the wrong color.
  • The garments are very poor quality and susceptible to damage during shipment.
  • The higher priced items are still low quality; making the price point unjustifiable.

TBDRESS Customer Reviews

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Trustpilot shows that TBDRESS has a rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars—an incredibly low rating. 65% of the reviews are bad, while only 28% are excellent, with the remaining 7% falling in between (based on 828 reviews). 

To give you more detailed information, here are some reviews directly from the customers:

“TBdress is a total scam. The outfit I ordered was incredibly small and trying to get a refund is impossible. The communication is ridiculously unprofessional and you can tell they have absolutely NO intention of following their return policy that is stated on their website. They should be forced out of business!” – Mary Norton on Trustpilot

“This is the worst and most costly online experience for me. I spent over $200 on items that took over 30 days to arrive, and cannot wear because the sizes are not even close to what I ordered. The biggest disappointment and slap in the face is them offering $30 restitution. The customer service is horrible and they pretty much are telling me that either I take the $30 or I pay more than $45 trying to send it back to China (and not to the California address where it was shipped from).” – Leila Dickerson on Trustpilot

“This has to be the most horrible online experience that I have ever had. I ordered two dresses got one it was nothing like it was online the second one never came, now I see they make it hard to get the money back. They need to be shut down.” – Tameka Brown on Trustpilot

“Ordered a dress from a photo which (I realized too late) was stolen from another website. The dress I got was the wrong color, poorly made and composed of heavy material at odds with light chiffon layers of the design. The cost was $178; when I complained about the dress and said it was unsatisfactory and unwearable, I was offered $75 – IF I returned it via their instructions TO CHINA! When I insisted on a full refund, all communication ceased.” – Ruthe Benton on Trustpilot

Bottom Line

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TBDRESS seems to be a great place to shop at first glance—the photos on their website showcase beautiful outfits at great prices! However, since customers often don’t receive what they order and quality is abysmal, I would not recommend TBDRESS as a top place to shop.

If you’re looking for the perfect outfit, don’t let these TBDRESS reviews discourage you! Here are some alternative retailers with excellent customer service and great reviews, so you can rest assured you’ll find that perfect special occasion outfit without stressing over quality and shipping!

TBDRESS Alternatives

#1 Reformation

# 2: Revolve

# 3: NAKD

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