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16 Stores Like Burlington You’ll Fall In Love With

Last Updated: March 12, 2023

Formerly known as the Burlington Coat Factory, Burlington was founded in 1972 in New Jersey. 

At first, Burlington only sold women’s coats and junior suits, but as the company evolved, it began selling more apparel items, homeware, and even furniture.

Burlington doesn’t offer online shopping, but over 900 Burlington stores are spanning the United States, so you’ll definitely be able to find a Burlington near you!

But if there isn’t, or if you just love Burlington and want to shop from similar places, we’ve got your back. 

Keep reading to see our list of 16 stores like Burlington.

16 Stores Like Burlington


📷IG @RossDressForLess

Ross’s catchphrase is “dress for less,” and that’s the main selling point of stores like Ross and Burlington! 

Not only is Ross affordable, but this department store offers apparel, home decor, art, and tons more. 

Like Burlington, Ross doesn’t offer online shopping, so be sure to check out where your nearest Ross is! 

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📷IG @marshalls

Marshalls is a department store where you can shop in-store or online! 

Marshalls has a ton of budget-friendly products and items ranging from apparel for women, men, and kids, to homeware and accessories.

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx
📷IG @tjmaxx

TJ Maxx is actually a sister company to Marshalls, so the two department stores have a lot in common. 

TJ Maxx carries wonderful products in apparel, beauty, decor, and even cooking items like spices and oils. In fact, you can often find big brand names at discounted prices! 

If you love TJ Maxx, check out more stores like TJ Maxx.


📷IG @homegoods

If you like going to Burlington to peruse the home and kitchen sections, you’ll definitely love HomeGoods!

HomeGoods offers in-store and online shopping with a vast range of products for every room in the house. Shopping with HomeGoods will have your living space looking snazzy and cozy.


📷IG @homesense_us

HomeSense is focused on creating your dream living space by helping shoppers discover furniture, lighting, art, rugs, and more! 

HomeSense has a lot more big furniture, so if you’re looking for budget-friendly pieces, make sure to check HomeSense out! 

J.C. Penney

J.C. Penney
📷IG @jcpenney

A shopping mall favorite, J.C. Penney is a department store that offers clothing, homeware, beauty products, and more. 

J.C. Penney is very budget-friendly and often carries big brand names at lower prices!

Stein Mart

Stein Mart

Stein Mart is an online store for women offering discounted designer and big-name items. 

Stein Mart carries accessories, home goods, and plus-sized apparel! If you want to shop by brand, you can check out Stein Mart’s selection here. 


📷IG @sierraofficial

If you love shopping through Burlington’s activewear, Sierra will be your new best friend. 

Sierra carries popular activewear brands at discounted prices that will fulfill all your adventure and outdoor needs!


📷IG @kohls

Kohl’s is a popular department store that’s a one-stop shop for your apparel, furniture, and bed and bath needs.

What makes Kohl’s stand out is that many locations have a Sephora, so you can get your makeup fix!


📷IG @gilt

Gilt is member-based online boutique that offers luxury and designer brands at a discounted price. 

Offering apparel and accessories for women, men, and kids, you can expect to see up to 70% off retail prices as a Gilt member! 

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack
📷IG @nordstromrack

Nordstrom Rack is the perfect place to get your favorite brands at budget-friendly prices. 

You can spend hours at Nordstrom Rack and find the best deals and bargains on high-end and designer goods like bags, shoes, and makeup without breaking the bank! 

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Beyond The Rack

📷IG @beyondtherack

Beyond The Rack is an online discount store for women, men, and kids based in Montreal, Canada. 

Founded in 2009, Beyond The Rack serves as a one-stop shop destination with deals as big as 80% off on local and big-name brands. 

Sacks OFF 5TH

Sacks OFF 5TH
📷IG @saksoff5th

Ssister company to famous New York City Sacks on 5th Avenue, Sacks OFF 5TH is a discounted shopping destination that offers all your favorite designer and luxury brands at much more favorable prices. 

Sacks OFF 5TH has makes high-end brands more accessible and attainable so that everyone can soak in luxury. 


📷IG @poshmark

Poshmark is an online consignment and thrift store where members can buy and sell gently-used clothing, accessories, and jewelry!

Not only is Poshmark a great way to limit fashion waste, but it’s a very active community where you can often find amazing deals and bargains on your favorite brands. 


📷IG @depop

Similar to Poshmark, Depop is another popular online marketplace used for buying and selling clothes. 

You can find a lot of amazing products and items on Depop and even make a couple friends along the way! Depop is an awesome way to discover new brands, support small businesses, and find budget-friendly deals on your favorite brands. 

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📷IG @kirklands

Kirklands is an online retailer that provides home decor, wall decor, furniture, and more. 

If you love decorating  your home and finding new pieces, Kirklands is definitely the place you want to check out. 


📷IG @yoox

If love going to Burlington for the deals but want a bigger pool of apparel to fish from, check out YOOX! 

Based in Italy, YOOX is an online marketplace that carries discounted items on high-end and luxury brands like Burberry, Coach, and Valentino

If you’re feeling extra saucy and want to treat yourself or a loved one, YOOX is the way to go. 

In Conclusion

We hope you loved our list of 16 stores like Burlington! 

There are so many different stores out there to check out, so we hope you found at least one that suits your style and interests.

Treat yourself.