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Saved By The Dress Reviews: Worth It?

Last Updated: December 5, 2022

It’s always great to have options when shopping online, but not every store is the most reliable, and that’s when we come in. 

There are lots of online boutiques delivering the trendiest fashion and cutest styles, but how do these stores really measure up?

Today, the spotlight is on Saved By The Dress, an online boutique that focuses on providing women with all the clothing a fashionista needs.

But is Saved By The Dress worth shopping at? Read our Saved By The Dress reviews to learn more and see if this brand is a good choice.

What is Saved By The Dress?

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Saved By The Dress is an online boutique launched in 2013 by couple Bill and Carla.

The boutique is based in sunny Miami, Florida, and has been mentioned in major publications as being one of the faster-growing companies of the moment.

Saved By The Dress offers apparel for women that’s meant to be stylish, affordable, and versatile!

Products Overview

Saved By The Dress offers trendy clothing for women and offers every item to keep a fashionista’s closet happy. 

As you might imagine, they sell plenty of gorgeous dresses, but they also have a wide selection of other apparel including tops, bottoms, and loads more.

Saved By The Dress Reviews

Saved By The Dress
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Overall: ★★★ 3.5 stars

Though Saved By The Dress has some awesome styles and noteworthy garments, the company falls flat in regards to customer service, its return policy, and size inclusivity. 

Many customers do end up enjoying what they received from Saved By The Dress, but unfortunately, there are some hiccups with the company that stops it from being a spectacular brand overall. 

Quality: ★★★ 3.75 stars

Quality of rarely a strong suit when it comes to fast fashion, and Saved By The Dress is not really an exception. 

Luckily, a majority of shoppers have no issues with the quality of Saved By The Dress’s items, but there have been some mishaps and let-downs for certain products — as there are for any brand! 

Price: ★★★ 3.5 stars

Saved By The Dress claims to offer super affordable clothing, but if we’re being honest, it’s a bit on the pricier side when compared to other fast fashion brands that offer similar styles of clothing. For example, dresses typically range between $40 and $100.

Most garments are under $120 and, when including accessories, can be priced as low as $5. These prices aren’t necessarily bad, but there are definitely other similar clothing stores that offer better bargains.

Sizing: ★★ 2.75 stars

One thing that should be a given in this modern day and age is size and body inclusivity. Unfortunately, Saved By The Dress is not giving what it’s supposed to be.

Saved By The Dress only offers sizes S, M, and L when it comes to tops and dresses, but sizes S, M, L, and XL when it comes to bottoms

Although many shoppers say their items were true-to-size, we’re not a fan of the small selection of size options.

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Saved By The Dress Dresses Review

Saved By The Dress Dresses Review

Judging by the name, Saved By The Dress, it’s no wonder the boutique has an extensive collection of beautiful and trendy dresses. 

Among other styles, Saved By The Dress offers maxi dresses, casual dresses, formal dresses, and more!

All dresses are under $100 and come in either size small, medium, or large. 

Customers who’ve bought dresses from Save By The Dress are generally satisfied with their products, but they do advise to take a look at the size guide to ensure accurate sizing.

Saved By The Dress Rompers & Jumpsuits Review


If you want the freedom of a dress but don’t want to commit to wearing one, rompers and jumpsuits are the way to go (going to the bathroom is a hassle, though). 

Saved By The Dress’s collection isn’t that big, but the styles do pack a punch. The rompers and jumpsuits are super cute and are perfect for the spring and summertime due to their vibrant colors and fun designs. 

This collection comes in size small, medium, or large, and prices range from $40 to $86! 

Saved By The Dress Maternity Review

Saved By The Dress Maternity

We love when a brand has a maternity section, and Saved By The Dress offers maternity tops and maternity dresses! 

Sizes for Saved By The Dress’s maternity wear reach to size large, with some items offering size extra large. 

Prices for this maternity wear falls under $90, with the least expensive item being $30. 

If you’re looking for something cute to wear out and about, Saved By The Dress’s maternity line is super cute and could be an option for you, especially since maternity wear can get pricey. 

Saved By The Dress Return Policy

Probably the brand’s Achilles heel, the boutique’s return policy is what Saved By The Dress reviews have critiqued the most — and for good reason.

Saved By The Dress offers a 30-day return policy so long as the items are unworn, unwashed, and are free of damage. So far, so good, right?

But then the return policy also states that Saved By The Dress is not responsible for sizing issues and will therefore not honor a return, which customers are understandably frustrated by. 

Shoppers who have had issues with sizing have had problems getting into contact with customer service and many people report not being able to return their items at all. 

Further, Saved By The Dress does not give full refunds, but only provides store credit, which we all know isn’t really a refund if you had an unsatisfactory experience with the company and don’t want to purchase anything else. 


Where is Saved By The Dress located?

Saved By The Dress is located in Miami, Florida.

Who owns Saved By The Dress?

Saved By The Dress is owned by married couple Bill and Carla.

The Final Verdict

Though Saved By The Dress has some cute and stylish clothing, we don’t think it’s worth shopping at when there are other brands out there that offer similar styles, better prices, more transparency, larger size variety, and a more accommodating return policy.

Not every store can be your go-to, and that’s okay! Even if you do end up shopping from Saved By The Dress, we hope your experience is nothing but positive.

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