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My Revtown Jeans Review in 2022: Is Their Denim Worth It?

Last Updated: August 10, 2022

Disclaimer: All products in this review were purchased with my own money.  

Why does it seem like finding a high-quality, comfortable, and flattering pair of jeans is like finding a needle in a haystack? Well, Revtown might just be one of those needles. If you look at nearly any Revtown jeans review, you’ll notice people commenting about the comfortability and flattering fit. 

Their jeans are super comfortable and flexible, pretty comparable to jeggings. But, do their jeans really keep the true look of denim with extra stretch and flexibility? Today, I wanted to share my all-inclusive Revtown jeans review since I’ve purchased a few pairs in the past few months. I’ll be sharing all about the quality, fit, and any other comments or concerns I have.  

What is Revtown? 

Revtown, frequently known as the brand with “The Holy Grail of Jeans,” is an Italian brand for men and women that combine performance fabrics with high-end fashion to create the ultimate pair of bottom-wear. 

Their jeans are known for being comfortable, stretchy, and flattering. They move with you instead of restraining you. They’ve made quite a name for themselves amongst men and women for their unusual comfort and are fawned over for this unique design. They also have four different jean lengths to fit any height, which is an uncommon feature.

Revtown Overview

Made with athletic stretch fabric, these jeans will become a closet staple. They’ve been mentioned on sites like Forbes, Business Insider, and Gear Patrol, all commenting on their fit, comfort, and mobility.

This brand also makes a big effort in terms of sustainability. For example, they dye their denim using orange peels, nutshells, and shrimp shells. This results in 30% less energy, 50% less water, and 70% fewer chemicals compared to traditional dying. 

Revtown Jeans Review

Overall: 4 stars

All in all, Revtown offers high-quality jeans that have great fit, comfort, and style. The only downside is that they don’t have a huge range of styles, but hopefully they’ll add more as they grow.

Price: 4 stars

Although their jeans average around $90 a pair, they are definitely worth the money. For the fit and comfort, the cost is more than reasonable.

Selection: 3 stars

They have a decent range of colors and styles, but they could definitely extend!

Quality: 5 stars

Considering the great fit, amazing stretch, and superb comfortability, these are definitely quality jeans.

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Revtown Jeans Review (Women)

Revtown Skinny Jeans

Price: $89

Sizing: True to Size

Overall Review: I’ll be starting off with their popular skinny jeans. These definitely lived up to the hype up their true-to-size fit and functionality, plus they were comfortable. 

Although many people were happy that the jeans were available in so many different fits and cuts, I thought they could’ve added a few more. Otherwise, it seems like the skinny jeans are definitely what they’re made out to be, and totally worth the purchase!

Revtown High-Rise Skinny

Price: $89

Sizing: True to Size

Overall Review: These high-quality jeans are another true-to-size fit with just the right amount of added comfort. I always prefer high-waisted fits, which is why I tried both this pair and the previous skinny pair. Like I figured, this fit was way better for my curvier body. It’s a lot more flattering (especially in the booty region). 

These are also an excellent selection of jeans for those who are a bit on the taller side. Overall, these jeans are sexy, fitted, and comfortable!

High-Rise Straight

Price: $89

Sizing: True to Size

Overall Review: Although these are last (for the women’s section), they’re definitely not least. I actually like them the best! Unfortunately, many sizes were sold out and there was only one color option as well as one length when I purchased, so I hope they’re not phasing them out. These are cute and casual without being tight in the legs, perfect for ankle booties or boots. 

Revtown Jeans Review (Men’s)

*These were reviewed by my boyfriend, who also tried a few of their pairs of jeans

Taper Skinny Fit Jeans

Price: $89

Sizing: True to Size

Overall Review: Now, with a little something just for the boys, these jeans are one of the top-rated men’s styles for comfort. They’re flexible, breathable, and performance-based. They’re the perfect skinny jean for men. They’re my bf’s favorite pair of jeans

Sharp Jeans

Price: $89

Sizing: True to Size

Overall: Reviewers rave that these jeans in particular are a perfect fit with a tough material that you could really get rough-in. Great for a first-time purchase, Revtown has definitely got you covered for hardcore and designer jeans at an affordable price. 

Automatic Jeans

Price: $89

Sizing: True to Size

Overall: These jeans are the most relaxed fit option for men. They feature a straight-leg cut that is sultry and clean. This particular pair of jeans has an “athletic stretch” that allows you to move freely. My boyfriend liked these the least, but that’s just because he prefers skinnier jeans.

Average Prices

When it comes to the average prices for Revtown, jeans seem to fall around $90 apiece. Of course, if these jeans are truly all that they’re made out to be, this price is an absolute steal.

Return Policy 

When it comes to returns, Revtown has free returns and accepts all returns within 30 days of purchase as long as the original tags are still intact and the items are unwashed/undamaged. If you are returning a gift, an additional 15 days are added on top of the initial 30 to allow you more time to issue your return. 

After your return has been accepted, you will be issued a refund within 14 days. 

Bottom Line

To sum up my Revtown jeans review, I definitely think they’re worth the money. Their jeans are comfortable, fit great, and make my body look great (especially the high-waisted skinny jeans).

I do wish they had a larger selection of colors and styles, but I can make do. Most styles fit perfectly and make your booty look great! As for men, my boyfriend liked the three styles he tried and said they were some of the most comfortable and well-fitting jeans he’d tried.

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