Matt and Nat Review – Are Their Vegan Products Worth It?

Last Updated: June 17, 2021

When considering a purchase from Matt and Nat, you enter a battle about the ethics of buying vegan leather. Obviously it’s great for animal welfare, but what about labor and other environmental consequences? 

While Matt and Nat offers affordable, vegan luxe fashion, there are lingering questions about how well the brand ranks on overall sustainability and quality. For answers, read this Matt and Nat review where we look into who they are, prices and policies, and customer experiences. 

Who is Matt and Nat?

Matt and Nat pledges to not use leather or any other animal materials in their designs. They offer minimalist and classy styles of handbags, accessories, footwear, outerwear, and knitwear all under $200. 

Based in Montreal, Canada, Matt and Nat has grown from a small vegan fashion brand in Canada to collections found in over 800 boutiques worldwide. 

As reflected in the name (Matt for material and Nat for nature), Matt and Nat’s values include protecting the planet, animal welfare, and social responsibility. 

The brand seeks to be green by using high quality vegan materials, recycled materials, and biodegradable PU (polyurethane) instead of PVC. They have a fairly detailed page about their materials on their website.

However, there is no specification about how much PVC is in the products, with some products still being 100% PVC, and lack of information on other environmental factors like toxicity and water usage. 

Matt and Nat even received a warning from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for exaggerating their use of recycled materials.

In addition, labor transparency is nearly nonexistent. Only one out of their numerous factories in China are designated as operating at a SA8000 standard (no child labor, freedom of association, safe and healthy working conditions). There is no evidence of living wages or other factory conditions disclosed

matt and nat review


The great thing about Matt and Nat is that they offer less expensive prices for vegan fashion, with most of the collection under $200

Plus, there is a wide selection of items on sale, and some items are even cut close to 50% off. 

Return Policy

According to their return policy, items must be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase in its original condition. The customer pays shipping fees. Please note that all items purchased on clearance or discount cannot be returned or exchanged. 

For in-store purchases, the policy is the same, except there is no refund allowed. 

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Matt & Nat Reviews

After researching experiences people had with Matt and Nat, the brand does not look promising

Main issues included poor product quality and terrible customer service. Numerous comments mentioned that the brand went downhill since its founding in 1995 after changes in production location and management. 

Here are a few quotes from Matt and Nat customers that show common pain points of the customer experience, which are pulled from Trustpilot (there are 85% “poor” and “bad” reviews).

“My bag would fall apart walking, I returned it in December 2020 and here it is… The middle of February and they have not bothered to send me a replacement, saying that they are out of stock of the item I’ve chosen.”

“… the trench coats could have the quality improved. Had to return the beige one I bought which felt like plastic and had loose threads everywhere. In addition, their products are produced in China, which isn’t great… “

“I initially purchased the Gloria satchel in the brown from them but upon receipt I can see there is a very clear crease right across the bag. The exchange process took more than a month and eventually the rep reached out to tell me the bag is out of stock…..”


Overall, it seems that the growth of Matt and Nat sacrifices production of consistent, quality vegan fashion products

Although Matt and Nat provide a less expensive option, it might be worth the investment in higher quality designs, like Stella McCartney, to secure a long-lasting vegan product along with more transparent ethical standards. 

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