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Loving Tan vs St Tropez: Which Should You Choose?

Last Updated: August 1, 2022

It’s that time of year when a sunkissed glow is a summer must. If you don’t want to look pale next to your friends on the water or you don’t want tan lines, not to worry. 

There are plenty of self-tanning products out there that promise a natural glow, including St. Tropez and Loving Tan. Below, we compare the two brands side by side to make sure you get the best tan this summer. 

Check out our Loving Tan vs St Tropez Review for the inside scoop on which works better.

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Loving Tan vs St Tropez Overview

St. Tropez

St. Tropez is a UK brand that was founded in 1984. The brand offers tanning mist, bronzing mousse, tanning lotions, and more. 

St. Tropez has been a reliable place for many people to get their self-tanning products for almost 4 decades.

Loving Tan

Loving Tan is much younger, founded in Australia in 2011. And if there’s anything we know about Australians, it’s that they know how to get a good tan. 

This brand makes sure all of their products are naturally derived and hydrating on the skin, which in turn would make the tan last longer.

The company sells tanning mist, bronzing mousse, tanning lotions, and even tanning remover. 

St. TropezLoving Tan (Winner)
-Prices range from $25-$45

-Uses 100% natural ingredients; products formulated without sulfates

-Blends evenly

-Free returns within 10 days of purchase if in unopened and unused condition
-Prices range from $30-$70

-Loving Tan uses 100% natural ingredients

-Also sells self-tanning remover

-Free returns for store credit within 10 days of purchase if in unopened and unused condition

Loving Tan vs St. Tropez

Now that you have an idea of what each brand offers, let’s break down each category to take a closer look.


St. Tropez

St. Tropez Smell
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St. Tropez steers its products away from the typical chemical smell with floral scents. So, if you don’t want a chemical smell after you apply your self-tanner, then we suggest you go to St. Tropez. 

We all know this is important if you don’t want to burn your nostrils with the stench of chemicals. Some people aren’t bothered by the smell, but if you are sensitive to scents, St Tropez might be the better option for you.

Loving Tan

Loving Tan Smell
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Loving Tan smells more like chemicals with nothing to mask the scent. However, customers didn’t have too many issues with the smell.

It does have that typical self-tan scent, but if that doesn’t bother you, Loving Tan is the way to go. Keep reading to find out why.


St. Tropez

St. Tropez Shades
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St. Tropez self-tanner comes in one color but offers three payoffs. This allows you to choose the depth and darkness of your tan. You also have the option to reapply for a darker tone. 

It is on the lighter side compared to Loving Tan and some reviews said it does not work as well for darker skin tones. On the flip side, though, some people prefer the more subtle color it gives as opposed to the deep tones of Loving Tan. It’s really about personal preference for this point.

Loving Tan

Loving Tan Shades
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However, Loving Tan self-tanner is offered in three color shades: medium, dark, and ultra-dark. This allows you to pick one according to your preference and the end color payoff you want. Therefore, Loving Tan has more options when it comes to color payoff. 

Personally, I like a deeper, richer color, so Loving Tan gets my vote. 

However, some people do prefer the lighter tones from St Tropez for something more subtle. Many customers also state that Loving Tan works better for darker skin tones as opposed to St. Tropez.


St. Tropez

St. Tropez Blendability
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Since St. Tropez color is lighter, it is easier to blend the tanning products evenly on your skin. Plus, the brand offers a foamier option for ease of application. This is very important in getting an even smooth, natural-looking tan. 

Many customers also say that St Tropez is more moisturizing than Loving Tan, so if you have dry skin, this might be the better option. However, it is a little more sticky after application for this reason.

Loving Tan

Loving Tan Blendability
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Loving Tan is a bit darker and richer in color, leaving less room for mistakes when blending. However, customers say it dries quicker, which can make it harder to blend well. 

On the other hand, the fact that it tries quickly is also a positive for some people. They like that it doesn’t feel sticky after application.


St. Tropez products typically range from $25-$45, while Loving Tan products range from $30-$70, making it the more expensive brand. 

With that said, many people say Loving Tan is their holy grail self-tanner, so it’s worth the extra dollars you pay.

How Long It Lasts

St. Tropez lasts up to 5-7 days after just one application; it is more moisturizing and also fades evenly.

On the other hand, Loving Tan tends to fade a bit quicker on some products, lasting around 4-5 days. Overall though, it’s not a huge difference to make or break either brand.

What Customers Are Saying

After reading other reviews on sites such as Reddit, here are the main points of feedback about St. Tropez vs Loving Tan:

  • St. Tropez has more blend-ability, but can be sticky afterward
  • Loving Tan dries quicker, but might not be as moisturizing
  • St. Tropez is more affordable
  • Loving Tan is better for dark skin tones
  • St Tropez typically smells better than Loving Tan
  • St Tropez has more of a green undertone while Loving Tan has more of an orange undertone
  • St Tropez has a more natural look, however, and usually has better color payoff

Final Verdict

There are so many pros to both products, it’s tough to choose. St. Tropez wins in price, blendability, smell, and ingredients. However, Loving Tan has a better color payoff and shading options, which also makes it better for dark skin tones.

If you want something that smells nice, has a lighter color, and is more moisturizing, go with St. Tropez.

If you want something that dries quicker and has more color pay-off, go with Loving Tan.

Both brands ultimately have a loyal fan base, so you know you’re getting a good product either way you go. We hope our Loving Tan vs St Tropez Review helped you find the right tanning product for you! 

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