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Lilicloth Reviews: Should You Shop or Skip?

Last Updated: March 7, 2023

With so many online retailers to choose from and with such a saturated market, it’s more important now than ever to do your research on brands you’re not too familiar with.

Because of this, we’re going to explore Lilicloth, an e-commerce clothing company. Read more to see our in-depth Lilicloth reviews to know if you should shop or skip this brand! 

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What is Lilicloth? 

Lilicloth is an online retailer offering graphic t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel and accessories for men, women, and children. 

Below, we’ll get into the specifics of Lilicloth and what you can expect if you decide to shop there. 

Lilicloth Overview

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There’s not much information about when Lilicloth was founded or by who, but the Lilicloth website advertises its philosophy as, “Beauty and fashion regardless of age.” 

Lilicloth shines its spotlight on its graphic designs, but they also offer products like shoes, hats, and jewelry. 

Keep reading to see the brand’s reviews (and make sure to keep scrolling to the comments to see what other people have experienced).  

Lilicloth Reviews

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Overall: ★★ 2 stars

Upon doing research on Lilicloth and the reviews real customers leave, the company does not seem to be very reputable based on the negative experiences customers have had with them. 

Some of the critiques Lilicloth has received are the quality of the clothing, the item never being received, and the lackluster customer service. Although the prices can be enticing, we’d recommend shopping elsewhere.

Price: ★★★ 3 stars

Lilicloth specializes in graphic t-shirts, so the company offers a large array of graphics and slogans pertaining to any situation and relationship. 

However, the prices of Lilicloth’s clothing seem to be a bit high for attire so basic, as some customers expressed in their reviews. 

Top Alternative: NewChic

Quality: ★★ 2.5 stars

Some customers who did receive their shipments were somewhat satisfied with the quality of the products from Lilicloth. 

There were some issues with sizing, as the sizes were not consistent with the size chart given. Other shoppers say they had issues with the clothing shrinking in the wash. 

Given the reviews of Lilicloth shoppers, the quality can be hit or miss.

Customer service: ★★ 2 stars

There are many reviews from customers saying they’ve had to jump through hoops dealing with Lilicloth’s customer service. 

Customers are saying it’s difficult to contact them, and that customer service doesn’t communicate well. On that note, let’s get to the clothing reviews! 

Lilicloth Shirts Review

As mentioned before, Lilicloth really markets their graphic tees. 

The company has so many different shirts to offer — shirts for special occasions, shirts for family members, shirts for animals, and more. 

Aside from their vast collection of t-shirts, Lilicloth also offers blouses, tank tops, and long sleeves. 

On the flip side, some of the previews for the clothing looks a bit sketchy due to the model always being in the same position. Also, some of the clothing appears to be digitally tampered with or photoshopped onto the model. 

Lilicloth Dresses Review

Lilicloth carries a smaller collection of dresses compared to their t-shirts, but the company still covers all the bases.

Lilicloth offers maxi dresses, floral dresses, print dresses, party dresses, and even sun dresses.

The website makes it easy for shoppers to filter through what kind of dress they’re looking for, and often times there are multiple colors to choose from. 

Again, some of the clothing the models are wearing in the previews don’t look real. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing, but it’s just something that may trigger the sketch radar. 

Lilicloth Sweatshirts Review

Always wanted to wear a graphic tee and sport a fun slogan in the middle of December? Luckily, Lilicloth has sweatshirts to keep you warm. 

Much like their collection of t-shirts, Lilicloth offers sweatshirts for everyone in the family, friends, and lovers alike. 

Lilicloth has an array of colors and designs, and they even have Christmas sweaters for the holidays! 

Need more opinions so you can decide if Lilicloth is the place for you? Keep reading for prominent points made by real customers. 

What Other Customers Think

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We scoured the internet for shopper reviews so you don’t have to! Here are some common points made: 

  • Customer service does not communicate well when there are issues with shipping and receiving the product
  • Many customers did not receive their product as promised 
  • Shipping takes a long time — for some up to 45 days
  • The quality and size of the clothing is hit or miss
  • Customers who were satisfied with Lilicloth loved the fun designs
  • You can find many positive reviews online, but they have been known to provide fake reviews, so it’s hard to tell which ones are true. 

Return Policy

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If you would like to cancel an order, Lilicloth will allow the cancellation as long as the request to cancel is before the item or items have been shipped. 

If your order has already been shipped, Lilicloth will not allow cancellations. 

As for the return and refund policy, Lilicloth allows 15 days for customers to request a return and refund. 

The terms include the item being in the same condition as it was when it was received. You also must have the receipt and the original packaging.

The return shipping fee is paid by the buyer, and Lilicloth can either accept or reject your request for a return and refund. 


For a bit more info, here are some answers to some commonly asked questions about Lilicloth. 

Where does Lilicloth ship from?

Lilicloth ships from China.

Is Lilicloth legit?

Based on the negative customer reviews and the fact that some of the reviews on the Lilicloth website appear to be fake, we’re going to say Lilicloth is not the most reputable company to shop from. 

In Conclusion

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If you’re wondering if you should shop or skip Lilicloth, we think it’s best to skip this brand. 

Looking past the reviews on the Lilicloth website — which appear to be fake considering there are pictures of the same people under different names — a majority of shoppers have had negative experiences with the brand. 

But, no worries! If you’re looking for company similar company that is more reputable, here are some of our alternatives! 

Brands like Lilicloth

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7 thoughts on “Lilicloth Reviews: Should You Shop or Skip?”

  1. Item too small. Cannot reach them with info they asked for like order number. They make it difficult and hope you give up. These chinese companies are all the same. Not a good idea.

  2. My experience was rather poor. I ordered two tee shirts, which came separately about two weeks apart and the first one took about two weeks to arrive. After the first wash both shirts shrunk beyond a comfortable level and are almost totally useless to me. What a joke. I gave them a ZERO recommendation. Quality was fair, but by the time I got either of them over my head, I was almost strangled by the neck tightness. I DO NOT RECOMMEND any product sold by this scam company. Buyer Beware is an understatement.

  3. I placed an order 11/30 and had not received purchase yet. I did not know it was based in China. The address on internet said London. They have no customer service. I have done chat three times now and not satisfied at all with their response. I will NEVER ORDER from this company again. I had wanted the sweatshirt that had “Mimi” logon on it and was looking forward to wearing it on Christmas Day to family get- together. Looks like I will never if ever get it. Poor excuse of a company and do not order from this place.
    Jeri Burch
    USA South Carolina

  4. will never buy from there again – service sucks and you can’t get off their email spam list. sent wrong size and expect the customer to pay postage and fee.
    ordered 2 tiems for christmas, only 1 arrived in time.

  5. I ordered 2 sweatshirts as birthday gifts for my husband’s 75th
    Big Birthday and a table runner too. That was on January 16, 2023!
    I keep tracking and it says “processing”!!!! His birthday is in 2 weeks!
    I have a feeling this company is not reliable and I have been tricked!
    There is no way to email or phone the company for Customer Service!!!
    LILICLOTH IS A SHAM COMPANY! I will check “All ClothedUp” before
    I buy online again!

  6. this site is a scam. i order 2 tshirts and after a month i received 1
    second one never show up. i was charged for 2
    also you cannot unsubscribe. they keep sending you emails

  7. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. You can NOT talk to anyone.
    They refuse to send me what I ordered.
    I ordered size 5 tennis shoes and they sent me 36 which is way to big for me.
    They say 36 is the new 5.
    I sent them photos of the shoes in my closet that say Size 5 is equivalent to size 35.
    They want me to pay for shipping the shoes back 15 dollars for a refund instead of sending me what I ordered/paid for.
    DO NOT SUPPORT THIS OUT OF COUNTRY BUSINESS. They think Americans are stupid.


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