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26 Leather Jacket Outfits – How to Wear a Leather Jacket

Last Updated: October 17, 2022

These days, you don’t need a motorcycle to pull off a leather jacket. As a timeless wardrobe piece, leather jackets can spruce up any style with minimal effort. 

There are many ways to style this badass form of outerwear, from dressed-down to dressed-up. Check out these 12 ways to style a leather jacket (including leather jacket outfit ideas and inspiration).

Leather Jacket Styles

Before diving into how to wear a leather jacket, it’s important to note that there are a few different types of leather jackets out there. Here is a breakdown of the most common styles.

Biker Jacket

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Arguably the most popular style of leather jacket, the biker jacket is a wardrobe staple for anyone who loves tapping into an edgy fashion style.

This jacket is usually shorter in length – the bottom of the jacket typically ends at the top of the hips (or higher, we’ve seen lots of cropped versions lately). This style also typically features a collar that can be folded or buttoned down.

You’ll also notice that many biker-style leather jackets have plenty of zippers, pockets, buckles, or snaps.

Note: Biker jackets are also often called motorcycle jackets, or moto jackets in short.

Bomber Leather Jacket

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Initially used by aviators in the Air Force, the bomber jacket is a classic style that has been around for ages.

A bomber jacket has more of a rounded wraparound neckline, typically made of thicker material. It usually goes down to the waist and zips up (or buttons up).

Leather Blazer

You’re bound to be familiar with the trendy blazer, but leather blazers take this trend up a notch.

Blazers are a versatile garment that look similar to a suit jacket, but more casual.

They can be made with all types of fabrics, but in this article we’re specifically talking about leather blazers (which tend to be thicker than regular blazers).

Leather Coat

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Finally, we define this category as any type of leather coat that doesn’t fall into the other types of leather jackets.

These are typically longline coats, sometimes having more intricate designs or unique elements (like the gorgeous coat above).

How to Wear a Leather Jacket

Black on Black

Most leather jackets are black, so you can’t go wrong when pairing this garment with more black.

Pair fitted black jeans with your black leather jacket for a sleek, monochromatic style. Wear with heeled combat boots to complete this badass biker look. 

Note: If you want to brighten the outfit up a little bit, you can opt for a white shirt instead of black.

Leather Jacket Over a Dress

Getting ready for a dinner date? Leather jackets (especially biker jackets) are often thought of as an edgy style, but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with a cutesy dress.

Try wearing your favorite leather jacket over a cute mini dress for a surprisingly gorgeous contrast.

Leather Jacket with Neutrals

As much as we love an edgy all-black look, sometimes you’re not feeling it. Pairing your leather jacket with neutrals like white and taupe colors are the perfect way to lighten up your leather jacket outfit.

Note: If you’re going to be incorporating a brown shade into your outfit, don’t go too dark. We wouldn’t pair a black leather jacket with any shade that’s darker than the pants in the outfit below.

Pair With Casual Shorts

Pair summertime shorts with a cropped jacket for a cute, warm-weather outfit that doesn’t compromise on style.  

Opt for a Colorful Leather Jacket

Your leather jacket doesn’t have to be black – this garment can come in all different shapes and colors!

To give an example below, dress up a pastel blue jacket with white jeans and top.

Mini Skirt Magic 

Try wearing a mini skirt with a white top and a leather jacket. You can’t go wrong with this classic ensemble.

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Biker Leather Jacket & High-Waisted Jeans

When deciding how to style your leather jacket, you can’t go wrong with some light blue high-waisted jeans.

Compliment this outfit with a cropped and fitted biker jacket to accentuate your waist, plus a statement necklace and/or earrings to top it off.

Pair with a Jumpsuit 

Jumpsuits have so much going for them. Pair your favorite jumpsuit with your leather jacket, add accessories, and call it a night.

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Leather Blazer Outfits

Look professional with a pleather blazer and high-necked top. 

Since blazers are baggier, opt for a cropped top to offset the bagginess.

Athleisure Leather Jacket Outfit

Throw on a leather jacket over your best athleisure set for a sporty, yet put-together look. 

Brown Leather Jacket Outfit

Although black leather jackets are most common, various shades of brown are very much in style right now (and we’re obsessed with them).

Try pairing a brown leather jacket with white, other shades of brown, or other light neutral colors for a chic look.

Note: Try to avoid pairing brown and black together unless it is a very light brown shade, like a light beige. Brown looks much better with other complementing shades of brown.

Leather Jacket & More Leather

For a truly put together look, pair your favorite leather jacket with leather pants or leather leggings.

That said, we recommend pairing your leather outfit with a non-leather shirt (ideally a different color) and other accessories. Otherwise, it might look more like a Halloween costume.

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Final Notes

Overall, a leather jacket is a versatile wardrobe staple that is truly great for any occassion. It’s easy to pair with anything from jeans to dresses, making it a perfect staple piece (or even part of a capsule wardrobe).

Plus, if you want to avoid wearing animal products, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock the leather jacket look. Faux leather jackets are widely available and often less expensive than the real thing. 

We hope this guide on how to style a leather jacket helped you nail your next look!

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