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8 Best Faux Leather Leggings in 2023

Last Updated: June 26, 2023

We all love leggings, but leather (or faux leather) leggings can really take your outfit up a few levels without sacrificing the comfort of leggings. However, there’s quite a few options, so we’re here to help you find the best faux leather leggings to add to your wardrobe. 

Whether you want a wallet-friendly pair or a higher-end pair of faux leather leggings that will last you forever, we’ve got you covered. 

Best Faux Leather Leggings

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Price: $98

Since these leggings are made by Spanx, a brand that aims to create body-contouring shapewear and other clothes, it’s no surprise these faux leather leggings are at the top of our list. 

They’re comfortable and they make your legs (and butt) look amazing.

Commando Perfect Control Vegan Leather Leggings

Price: $98

If you want a pair of higher-end faux leather leggings that look and feel shockingly real, these Commando leggings are where it’s at. 

They’re only available in black at Nordstrom, but you can find other colors – like our favorite tan color – at Amazon (the price will vary here) or the Commando website. We also love their reptile printed faux leather leggings!

Alo Yoga Shine Legging

Price: $88

Made by one of the top legging brands, these comfortable and form-fitting leggings aren’t intended to be faux leather, but the shiny design gives off that leather look.

They’re available in grey or black, but we’d say black looks more like faux leather.

LYSSE Faux Leather Legging

Price: $108

These are another great pair of high-waisted faux leather leggings worth mentioning. The seams running down the side of each leg have a slimming effect that makes your legs look slender and long. 

That said, the fit can be tricky (a lot of people say to size up), so that’s one thing to consider.

EXPRESS High-Waisted Faux Leather Legging

Price: $50 

With a super high waist, these are another pair of vegan leather leggings that people love (especially for the price).

With 78% of reviews recommending them, they may very well be worth checking out. Plus, you can often find them for 50% off during a sale! 

Aerie OFFLINE Crackle Legging

Price: $54.95 

These definitely look more shiny rather than like faux leather, but they may very well give off the vibe you’re looking for!

They’re also one of the more affordable picks – especially if you shop when on sale (they often have 50% off sales). You can even get a matching bra!

Abercrombie Vegan Leather Leggings

Price: $69 

Although these don’t have many reviews, we had a great experience with the fit, so we figured we would add them to the list. Available in an olive color as well as regular black, these fit great and have a nice fleece lining that adds warmth. 

They feature minimal stretch that makes them compact and form-fitting, while still being pretty comfortable.

Target Liquid Leggings

Price: $16

Personally, we didn’t like these compared to our favorite pairs of Spanx and Commando at the top of the list – however, we were recommended them so much, we decided to share them. The material is a bit thin and they feel a little loose (not as form-fitting). However, if you’re on a strict budget, these are definitely still good quality compared to the price. 

That said, we would still recommend investing in a higher quality pair if you want a pair that’s going to look amazing for years.


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