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Hero Cosmetics Review: Do Their Products Work?

Last Updated: April 28, 2022

Ready to get closer to perfect skin? Hero Cosmetics specializes in creating skincare products to target acne-prone skin. Continue reading our unsponsored Hero Cosmetics review below for more information on this skincare brand.

Finding the right product to get rid of acne and blemishes can prove to be difficult with the vast number of products available to treat them. 

From cleansers to toners to various spot treatments, it is a difficult choice to make, and testing a bunch of different products can be both harmful to the skin and make a dent in your wallet. 

With that said, Hero Cosmetics claims to rescue your skin with their products. But, are they all that heroic? Read our Hero Cosmetics review to find out.

What is Hero Cosmetics?

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Hero cosmetics launched in 2017 with the intention to teach regarding the benefits of using hydrocolloid patches, which at the time was unknown. 

They specialize in creating products that effectively treat acne, blemishes, and acne-prone skin. Their products are effective and convenient, made for both men and women. They have created a space for people to be proactive about their skin, talk about their skin problems, and share solutions.

Hero Cosmetics Overview 

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Hero Cosmetics creates products that treat acne-prone skin. The brand first began with their first product, hydrocolloid patches

Hydrocolloid patches work to treat acne by creating a shield or protective barrier that absorbs oil and pus, flattens spots faster, and reduces inflammation and skin redness. Hero cosmetics has created various types of hydrocolloid patches and other products to treat acne.

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Hero Cosmetics Review

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Overall ★★★★★ 5 Stars

Based on customer reviews, many customers are very satisfied with the products that they have bought from Hero Cosmetics. Most say that the products helped with their acne and blemishes.

The brand is known for their hydrocolloid patches, but they have also expanded into creating skincare products that will treat acne to be used in conjunction with the patches.

Shipping ★★★★★ 5 Stars

When shopping directly from the brand, they process the order in 2-3 business days. Domestic orders arrive within 4-7 business days after shipment. They also offer international shipping, although they cannot guarantee shipping times.

Hero Cosmetics products are also sold from other retailers: Amazon, Target, and Anthropologie will have their own shipping policies.

Selection ★★★★ 4 Stars

The brand offers a wide selection of hydrocolloid patches for various types of acne breakouts. They have expanded into skincare products for daily use, as well as dark spots.

Value ★★★★★ 5 Stars

Hero Cosmetic’s products are pretty affordable. They range from $4.99$51. This price range includes mini versions of products and sets.

Might Patch Original Review

An award-winning nighttime patch that started it all for Hero Cosmetics. These hydrocolloid patches are designed to flatten pimples, remove gunk, and essentially treat blemishes almost instantly.

After using the product just one time, many customers have stated that they saw instant results. They woke up with flattened blemishes, visibly less redness, and the white gunk from their pimples was gone.  

Rescue Balm Review

For use after using a patch or after popping a pimple, this rescue balm is designed to heal the blemish area by adding moisture and combating dryness, helping to get rid of redness and dark spots. It can be applied both morning and night.

Many customers have stated that they saw results with the rescue balm from reducing scars to noticeably less redness. It is formulated with panthenol, beta-glucan, and vitamin E to moisturize skin and replenish any dead skin cells. 

There were some negative reviews of customers that stated the rescue balm did not do anything for their skin after using it, but there are far more positive reviews of the product than negative.

Clear Collective Trio Review

A skincare trio that is formulated and designed to be used together to combat acne. This skincare set is designed to be used morning and night and the brand claims that it reduces the appearance of pores, oil, and breakouts.

Tried and tested, the claims appear to be true. Many customers stated that after using the clear collective trio, they started seeing results and skin started to look clearer, brighter, and smoother. There are a small number of negative comments where customers did not feel a difference in their skin after using the products.

What Customers Are Saying

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After searching through reviews online, customers have mixed reviews about Hero Cosmetics. Most customers love the products, but a few say the brands did not deliver results.

Overall, customers say that Hero Cosmetics products:

  • Flattens acne spots
  • Revitalizes complexion
  • Are affordable
  • Many customers say that the products worked for them, but few say that they didn’t see any difference in their skin

Return Policy

According to their return policy, products can be returned within 30 days. An email has to be sent with an order number and a reason for return to be sent a prepaid shipping label.

If buying from other retailers such as Amazon or Target, the return policies will differ.

In Conclusion: Worth Trying?

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Although there have been mixed reviews of the Hero Cosmetics products, I do think that they are worth trying. Most customers did see results after using the products.

The brand offers products at affordable prices, and there were also many more positive reviews than negative reviews. 

Hero Cosmetics Alternatives

If you don’t think that Hero Cosmetics products are right for you, here are some other options to check out!

  1. Starface
  2. Dr. Jart+
  3. Cosrx

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