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14 French Luxury Brands To Put On Your Radar

Last Updated: June 9, 2023

When it comes to all things beauty and fashion, the French simply do it all masterfully. From a classic everyday red pout, elegant french girl fashion, and skincare that strays from harsh chemicals and fragrances, there’s not a ground that they haven’t covered. That’s also why there are so many well-known French luxury brands.

Paris is the fashion capital of the world, and on top of it, love. Romance and fashion intertwine in the City of Lights and find their way onto every corner of the streets. Dazzling silhouettes of the day-to-day Parisian stun and shock the tourists with their striking ambiance throughout the sidewalks on city streets. 

Brands like Balmain, Louis V, YSL, and even more have originated in France, paying homage in different seasons to the inspirations and muses scouted and discovered throughout the country. 

Dior, Chanel, and Givenchy are forever known to those who have any interest in fashion, but these aren’t the only places to shop when it comes to French luxury. Emerging designers have been on the rise in the last few years and we are slowly seeing them blend into the fashion culture and define new heights with their clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories. 

Without further adieu, here are our fave French luxury brands:

French Luxury Brands


📷 IG @jennierubyjane

Inspired by his grandmother, mother, and the south of France where he grew up, Simon Porte Jacquemeus brought the it-girl bag to life. His one-of-a-kind and chic silhouettes resemble the perfect mood for the most-wanted supermodels of our time. 

If you have any clue what is on fire in fashion, you’d know Jacquemus is constantly setting the bar with destination runways, niche clothing design, and his charming personality (no wonder all the models want to hang with him at the after-party!). Jacquemus brings warmth and every-day-basics to your wardrobe no matter the gender. 


📷 IG @natalie.ogg

It’s no doubt that Balmain has become a staple in French fashion culture. Pierre Balmain began the fashion house in 1945 and worked to become known for his sophistication and elegance in the art of dressmaking. 

Current creative director, Olivier Rousteing, has worked over the last eleven years to create a distinct and recognizable look for Balmain. High-profile celebrities like the Kardashians have sported the cinched waist and broad-shouldered dresses countless times. Rousteing knows how to incorporate the brand into the new digital age. 


📷 IG @rouje

Rouje has been up and coming for the last few years with its ability to capture many different aesthetics in one collection. At Rouje, there is something for everyone while encompassing the sleek and modern take on French style in everyday clothing. 

Affordable luxury always hits. 

Musier Paris 

📷 IG @musierparis

Musier Paris takes over French fashion with its timeless pieces and closet essentials that will last a lifetime. A piece purchased from them is an investment that will amount to great outfits. 

With cuts and garments that draw attention to the body’s beauty, Musier provides a fashion moment for anybody looking for it. They don’t stop at clothing either; the shoes and accessories Musier has put out are also stapled wardrobe pieces.

Yves Saint Laurent 

📷 IG @ysl

We couldn’t go any further without mentioning a top favorite of ours. YSL has given us all the leather moments we didn’t know we needed. 

The recognizable silhouettes and sheer shimmers of YSL have made the brand a staple in fashion. They have led other designers to think more dynamically and out of the box. YSL is the perfect cool-girl look. 

And sunglasses are a must. 


📷 IG @Kenzo 

All of our street style lovers will know that beloved brand Kenzo, now being revamped by creative director Nigo, had some time to make up for over the years.

Under new direction, the brand has slowly climbed to the audience’s radar once again. The monogram prints, unique patterns, and harmony of creativity mixtures shine bright through the recent season runways. 


📷 IG @celine

Known for their calf-skin, leather, and shearling variational bags, and trendsetting sunglasses, Celine has always made a name for itself as a French fashion house. 

Celine bags are effortlessly glamorous and hard to get your hands on. Owning a piece of Celine will give you insight into making luxury purchases while emphasizing the importance of a well-made designer handbag. 


📷 IG @malikalouback

Courreges has stepped into the fashion industry over the last year with a big demand for their cool pieces that offer a relaxed aesthetic.

The vests, jackets, and blouses are designed to shape the body and emphasize different body types no matter the silhouette.

Marine Serre

📷 IG @marineserre

The upcycled and recycled clothing from Marine Serre was notably popular in the last couple of years, with their crescent half-moon symbol becoming a recognizable brand identity. 

The garments are made sustainably and even include biodegradable elements. Marine Serre became somewhat of an overnight sensation, with acts like Beyonce and Dua Lipa clad in their crescent moon full bodysuit. 


📷 IG @daziell

MaisonCleo has been in the spotlight during the recent fashion week. The brand pushes out clothing that experiments with all types of fabric from mesh and lace to sequins and tweed. 

The label has become somewhat of an Instagram sensation, with many influencers rocking the new runway collection. The cuts of the clothing mixed with the funky pops of color are perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. 


📷 IG @balenciaga

With a new creative director, Demna, Balenciaga has seemed to enter a new level in the fashion industry. 

Celebrity brand ambassadors have been making headlines for being doused in the garments designed by Demna, always making a moment that people will remember. Balenciaga is edgy and expressive. 


📷 IG @imnotgrace

Sandro is casual and nerdy-girl chic, keeping femininity and warmth as a priority. The vintage-style clothing offers a fashion moment.

With everything from shoes to accessories and handbags, this French brand checks all of the boxes. There is summer in the air.

Isabel Marant 

📷 IG @riannevanrompaey

Isabel Marant is a fashion genius, able to make anyone look effortless and entrancing with her boho-style garments. 

Marant has made a name for herself since the ‘90s, being awarded as the best female designer. Marant embodies the everyday girl and offers knitwear garments that match a leisurely yet chic aura.

Amelie Pichard

📷 IG @ninakoltchitskaia

An out-of-the-ordinary and daring way to accessorize is anything involving Amelie Pichard. 

There are endless options to stay sassy yet classy. Metallics, glosses, and tie-dye bags can all be found. 

In Summary

Before we say Au Revoir, just know these aren’t all the French luxury brands, but they are some of the best. You can’t go wrong with brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior, but if you want something a little different, these brands are worth the look.

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