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15 Best Places to Find Cheap Maternity Clothes in 2023

Last Updated: March 2, 2023

Shopping for maternity clothing can feel like a chore, and it can be difficult to find items that are both stylish and affordable. So we’ve compiled a list of the best places to find cheap maternity clothes to help you enjoy the best of both worlds! 

Whether you’re looking to build an entire maternity wardrobe, shopping for a friend or loved one, or simply looking to add in a few new pieces—we’ve got you covered!  

Why Maternity Clothing?

Maternity clothing is specifically made with pregnancy in mind. Typically, the fabric has more give, the textures are softer, and the material is more lightweight. Comfort is always key —especially with hormonal changes such as hot flashes. 

This extensive list covers the best places to find must-haves for your maternity wardrobe, offering not only comfort but trendiness as well! 

While you’re looking through the list, remember to try out a few fun, new pieces to spice up your closet and freshen up your look! 

Best Places to Find Cheap Maternity Clothes


ASOS offers a variety of maternity clothing, ranging from athleisure wear to red-carpet-ready dresses! So whether you’re looking to hit the gym for pilates or going out to dinner, ASOS has the perfect outfit for you.

Not only do they offer a wide range of options for all tastes and occasions, but their price range is perfect for the budget-savvy shopper! So it’s easy to see why this brand tops our list!


H&M has all of your go-to basics. So if you’re after the perfect cozy sweater, a shift dress, or comfy yoga pants—look no further. Made of the comfiest fabrics with durability in mind, H&M’s selection of maternity basics is essential for day-to-day dressing.

The reasonably priced maternity selection at H&M makes it a top hit among expecting parents. They have everything you could need for running errands or cozily lounging around the house.


Gap has an extensive maternity collection. They carry everything from sundresses, denim, and business wear—this is your one-stop shop for maternity clothing. If you’re looking for something in particular, they’ve got it! 

Not only does Gap have such a wide selection of maternity clothing, but they also categorize according to trimester, making the shopping experience super easy to navigate

Old Navy

One of the best things about Old Navy’s maternity category is its wide selection of clearance and sale items! So if you’re looking to stick to a tight budget, this is a great option for you!

Similar to their parent company, Gap, Old Navy offers a variety of styles for different occasions. This variety, combined with the excellent sale prices, makes for a stress-free shopping experience!


Target has one of the most diverse and unique maternity departments of all the stores on our list. You can find everything from pricier, designer-inspired pieces to affordable sales and clearance items. So whether you’re looking for an evening gown for a formal dinner party, a pantsuit for the office, or some comfy sweats to relax in—Target has it all

From kitschy slogan t-shirts to long floral summer dresses, rest assured that you will find exactly what you’re looking for at Target. This is a must-shop for all expecting parents with inclusive sizing, designs to suit everyone’s taste, and reasonable prices!


While Nordstrom does have some casual offerings, most of what they offer is chic and stylish. Shopping here is just right for the expecting parent who chooses not to compromise their style during pregnancy. While the fabrics and cuts of the designs offer comfort, they are timelessly fashionable

In addition to their great selection of clothing, Nordstrom also offers a wide range of practical lingerie, including nursing bras and maternity undergarments.


PinkBlush is a maternity brand known for its trendy bodycon dresses (yes, you can wear them during pregnancy, and yes, they look just as iconically flattering). Their soft and buttery knit fabrics ensure the dresses are just as comfortable as they are fashionable.

In addition to their fan-favorites, they carry a wide variety of special occasion dresses. So if you’re looking for the perfect baby shower dress or a dress for your best friend’s wedding—this is the place to look!

Hatch Collection

Hatch Collection focuses on comfort. If you find you value comfort over everything else, this is your holy grail stop. Fabrics are breathable and cozy, and the cuts are loose and airy. With a large selection of cozy sweaters, this is a great place to build up your fall and winter maternity wardrobe!

While a bit pricier than some of the other options on our list, you can rest assured that you are receiving quality garments in return. The price difference is well worth the coziness.


One of the most well-known budget-friendly stores, Walmart has a wide range of maternity clothing available with inclusive sizing. So if you’re looking for sleepwear, workout gear, or a comfy sundress, Walmart is your place to shop!

Not only does Walmart offer a wide range of maternity clothing, but they have one of the most budget-friendly selections on our list. If you’re looking to bulk up your maternity closet without breaking the bank, this is a great place to start shopping!


Macy’s is the sweet-spot store on our list. They offer everything from super stylish pieces to comfy yoga pants. They have some higher ticketed items but offer excellent clearance deals as well. If you’re unsure where to start looking, this is a great first stop as it will help you figure out your wardrobe priorities! 

Not only does Macy’s offer plenty of maternity clothing, but they also carry other must-haves such as maternity belts to ensure comfort of the belly and back throughout the day. Paying attention to all of the details, they’ve built the perfect maternity collection for expecting parents!

Boohoo Boutique

Boohoo Boutique is best known for its trendy, style-blogger fashion pieces. The good news is, that same aesthetic translates over in their maternity collection! So if you’re all about posting cute outfits on the ‘gram, you’ll want to shop here! 

You’ll find all of your well-loved trends on Boohoo—tie-dye, biker shorts, bodycon dresses, and baseball tees. So get ready to snap some photos in front of your favorite mural wall. Your next insta post is waiting on the perfect outfit!\

Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity is another brand focused on comfort and movability. Their designs are loose-fitting and made of the gentlest cotton and stretchiest knits. 
In addition to their comfortable pieces, they offer additional discounts for our heroes! This includes: teachers, healthcare employees, military personnel, and more—making them a great business to support!

The Loft

The Loft’s primary focus is denim. They offer staple denim cuts with a stretch panel for optimum comfort. But, they don’t just stop at pants—The Loft carries shorts as well! This is a great place to build your summer maternity wardrobe.

In addition to their denim basics, The Loft offers a variety of fun prints for spring and summer! This is absolutely a must-shop for those warmer, brighter months!



If you’re looking to shop at one store and one store only, Seraphine is your go-to! They carry special occasion dresses, trendy pieces, comfortable loungewear, and everything in between. 

With the trendy parent-to-be in mind, Seraphine has built a collection of wardrobe staples alongside fabulously trendy pieces. So no matter what you’re searching for—if you’re looking to add a few new pieces to your closet or start from scratch—Seraphine has it all for you!



Okay, so you might be wondering why shapewear is on this list. It sounds daunting and uncomfortable during pregnancy, right? Well, think again! 

Parents-to-be love the maternity collection from Skims! While the shapewear from Skims can add structure to your favorite outfit, it is undoubtedly breathable and comfortable. They even offer a nursing bra with a super easy-to-navigate clasp. For your pregnancy undergarments of all kinds, Skims is a must-stop! 

Bottom Line

Shopping for maternity clothing can be a daunting task, especially if you’re building an entirely new wardrobe from scratch. It can be difficult to even know where to start!

In this list of the best places to find cheap maternity clothes, we compiled a variety of stores that offer everything you could need for every taste and budget! So get to clicking and enjoy your stress-free shopping experience! 

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