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15 Brands Like Reformation to Try Today

Last Updated: July 7, 2023

Looking for sustainable and fashionable clothing? These brands like Reformation won’t let you down.

In this era of environmentalism and social change, the way we now shop for our clothes is no different. Sustainable clothing is not only amazing for the environment, but it also challenges the fast-fashion industries and the unfair working conditions that often go along with it. 

As much as sustainable fashion has taken off, there is still a huge lack of options out there. The issue with current sustainable options is that they are either too expensive or they lack trendy options (or both). That being said, there are still many incredible brands out there, Reformation being one of them. 

Reformation aims to make sustainable, stylish clothing accessible to everyone. They have become increasingly popular due to their chic clothing options and passion to create a transparent, fair working environment for their employees.

If you’re searching for similar companies, you’re in the right place! Keep reading for our list of 15 fabulous brands like Reformation for those who need to diversify their wardrobe.

Brands like Reformation

📷 IG @apartoftheart

A Part of the Art

Average price range: $10 – $370
Sizing: XS – XL

This brand aims to create timeless pieces in a conscious way. Their motto is to be “the brand for the conscious gentlewoman.” You will find luxury loungewear and plenty of contemporary looks on their page, a lot of which place emphasis on business-casual attire.

This is a great company to try out if you’re looking for some everyday chic looks made in a conscious way.

📷 IG @-houseofsunny

House of Sunny

Average price range: $40 – $220
Sizing: XS – 3XL

House of Sunny is one of the trendiest eco-friendly shops we have come across. Their retro style and unique patterns really stand out—this shop is the perfect example of combining trends and sustainability.

📷 IG @musierparis

Musier Paris 

Average price range: $75 – $640
Sizing: XS – L

This Paris-based brand is extremely similar to Reformation in the products it carries.

Their shop is full of sleek going-out style tops and bottoms. Musier uses local Parisian manufacturers and suppliers, actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint. 



Average price range: $90 – $210
Sizing: 2XS – 3XL

Sézane is a B-Corp certified company based in France. The company offers sustainable, timeless pieces, including special collection drops throughout the year. 

Sézane is a safe bet for all your sustainable fashion needs.

📷 IG @aylawhimsyandrow

Whimsy & Row 

Average price range: $12 – $380
Sizing: 2XS – XL

Whimsy & Row is an entirely locally produced shop that is virtually waste-free. They are carbon neutral and inclusive to all. Not to mention, their products are beyond cute. 

📷 IG @oliviarosethelabel

Olivia Rose The Label 

Average price range: $115 – $300
Sizing: XS – XL

This shop is for all you wanna-be princesses out there. Olivia Rose The Label is a UK-based shop run by a solo designer whose products are made to order, which cuts out plenty of waste. 

📷 IG @nonasties

No Nasties 

Average price range: $6 – $80
Sizing: 2XS – 3XL

No Nasties creates a stylish variety of organic, vegan, fair trade clothing. In addition, they have a new line of “planet positive” clothes that manage to actually remove harmful CO2 through their process of creating and shipping the products. 

No Nasties offers a more boho style of clothing, and they even offer products for men.

📷 IG @tonledesign


Average price range: $10 – $420
Sizing: XS – XL

Tonlé is a company that values zero-waste processes when it comes to their clothes. By using fabric scraps others see as trash, they create a purposeful and honest environment for both their employees and customers.

Tonlé’s unique pieces are handcrafted with reclaimed or remnant material. Since the fabric is leftover, the products are even more unique, as they can only have limited quantities. They also have a market on their website where you can sell your old Tonlé pieces to continue the cycle of limiting waste.

📷 IG @armedangels


Average price range: $10 – $370
Sizing: XS – 2XL

ARMEDANGELS has everything you could ever want from a sustainable clothing shop. From loungewear to dresses to undergarments, they have it all.

They even have their own “detox denim” line, denim being one of the most non-eco-friendly garments to make, which is super unique.

📷 IG @chnge


Average price range: $20 – $85
Sizing: 2XS – 4XL

CHNGE is one of my personal favorites when it comes to sustainable clothing. Their attire is mostly loungewear, but the styles are super modern and trendy.

Their products are made out of 100% organic cotton and they also support activist causes, such as BLM and female reproductive rights.

📷 IG @kowtowclothing


Average price range: $30 – $330
Sizing: 2XS – 2XL

Kowtow is a very contemporary fashion brand. When it comes to their products, they strongly value fair trade, sustainable fabrics, safe workplaces, and ethical treatment of animals. 

📷 IG @brownsfashion

Browns Fashion 

Average price range: $20 – $7,850
Sizing: 3XS – 6XL

Browns is an extremely fashion-forward site that utilizes popular designers and acts as a middle-man.

They have a conscious line that has been created specifically with the environment in mind.

📷 IG @faithfullthebrand

Faithfull the Brand 

Average price range: $95 – $400
Sizing: XS – 2XL

Faithfull the Brand is on the pricier side of these clothing options, but the pieces are so beautiful and worth it!

If you’re looking for a sustainable summer-type wardrobe, this brand is the one for you.

📷 IG @netaporter


Average price range: $30 – $21,000
Sizing: XS – 3XL

NET-A-PORTER is a vendor of thousands of brands, mostly designer.

They have curated an entire “sustain” section where you can find a huge variety of sustainable products. 

📷 IG @depop


Average price range: $1 – $850
Sizing: XS – XL

Depop is one of the most popular sites for clothing resales. Think of Depop as an online thrift store, except other people do the work for you.

You can find thousands of deals on unique clothes people are making/selling, or even name-brand items at a cheap cost. The best way to reduce waste is to continue the circle so that fewer clothes even have to be produced! 



One of the most sustainable practices is obviously recycling/reusing clothes. Thrift stores can be hit-or-miss, but thrifting is one of my absolute favorite ways to find unique and eco-friendly clothes. If you’ve never tried it, be sure to give it a shot!

There are plenty of great online thrift stores, but feel free to head to a local spot as there might be some great deals there as well.  


Another way to discover smaller brands that may not have much traction yet is to search #sustainablefashion or similar tags on sites like Instagram and Twitter. 

Although you’ll want to do some research on the brand first to make sure they’re actually sustainable, this can be an excellent way to find smaller brands!

Bottom Line

I hope we were able to provide some alternative options for sustainable shopping that compare to Reformation. While shopping sustainably is still a work in progress, stores like those listed above are amazing options if you’re ready to give it a go.

These brands like Reformation listed above, along with countless others out there, make sure you don’t sacrifice style or budget in order to help save the planet and support companies that are on a better ethical mission than others.

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