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12 Brands Like Patagonia for Top-Tier Outdoor Gear

Last Updated: April 7, 2022

Many different clothing brands like Patagonia deliver a unique and functional selection of outdoor clothing for the nature enthusiast. Loved by many, the company is highly regarded for its vast selection of various styles, features, and quality materials.

Although Patagonia may seem to have a growing chokehold on this particular market, they aren’t the only ones making waves with outdoor gear. Continue reading through this list to get a comprehensive look into 12 brands like Patagonia that add their own signature touch to the outdoor clothing market.

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Brand Like Patagonia

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The North Face

Offering a wide selection of outdoor clothing for men and women, this brand has been a pioneer for fashionable, comfortable, and reliable gear for the outdoors. From jackets, utility bags, footwear, and more, they rarely disappoint with the quality of their products.

Although every outdoor enthusiast has their preferences, they’ve held strong over the years amidst competition. They continue to release excellent clothing suitable for many different weather climates. Overall, they’re a great go-to choice if you don’t want to shop around too much.

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With a company culture that focuses on sustainability above all else, you can rest assured that this clothing brand has the planet’s best interest in mind. Moreover, their selection of clothing is a perfect blend of comfort with adaptive qualities to various climates.

If you plan to hit the tropics, they have something for that; or maybe you prefer the beauty winter offers, and they’ll have you covered there too. Crafted with the adventurer in mind, you’re bound to find something you’ll love on their website.

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This outdoor clothing brand has a passion for mountain-trekking, but their outdoor gear is well equipped to handle many different natural environments. There’s a big difference between a local hiking trail and backpacking for days on end, and this clothing brand has anything you might need to take on both.

The company has grown exponentially over the years and now boasts a worldwide reach and influence on the outdoor market. Many of their customers are die-hard fans, and it isn’t difficult to see why they’re so loved considering the detail they put into each product.

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An outdoor brand that chooses to be a leader for sustainability and the efforts toward quality of life, their entire mission is based around the health of humanity and the planet. Eco-conscious brands are needed more than ever, and their outdoor clothing is some of the most ethical you’ll come across.

The clothing brand only partakes in ethical manufacturing practices, and they aim to use 100% recycled or repurposed materials by 2025 for all of their products. Not only does their clothing promote activity in the outdoors, but you’ll feel good about every purchase you make.

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Columbia Sportswear

A well-renowned outdoor clothing brand with plenty of options for men, women, and children, we can confidently suggest that their durable clothing is worth every penny. No matter which outdoor activity you prefer, it won’t be too difficult to find something that’s perfect for you.

They have over 80 years of experience crafting quality outdoor gear; the brand upholds their reputation to this day and continues to make their clothing as affordable as possible. You’ll also find plenty of discounts across the website, and you can find what you’re looking for without digging too deep in your wallet.

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Eddie Bauer

You shouldn’t ignore this outdoor clothing brand as they’ve been innovating clothing for natural environments for over 100 years. There aren’t many clothing brands that can say they’ve lasted that long, and based on that fact alone, you’ll be in good hands no matter what you purchase from the brand.

They offer various clothing styles for men and women of all ages, and their selection is a stellar blend of casual comfort and top-notch utility. One of the characteristics that make this brand stand out is creating a wide range of clothing styles for nearly any outdoor activity you can think of.

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Mountain Hardwear

Outdoor athletes can rejoice as this clothing brand’s entire selection is geared towards optimal functionality for rigorous outdoor sports and activities. Aside from the undeniable high-end standard their clothing exudes, each piece is relatively fashionable, making you look and feel great.

You’ll also love how their clothing manages moisture, and you won’t ever suffer in the cold as their jackets know how to break the harshest winds. They’re one of the newer brands on this list as they were founded in 1993 but quickly rose the ranks among the other top outdoor clothing brands on the market.

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Taking an influence from mountainous terrains, this clothing brand offers a high-quality selection of outdoor gear. Regardless of your altitude, this is another brand like Patagonia that will have you fully equipped to take on mother nature and all her glory.

The company has physical store locations, or you can easily order online and offer free shipping and returns to make the ordering process even more hassle-free. You’ll also find that they carry a sizeable selection of outdoor clothing for men and women alike, along with body-inclusive sizing.

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An outdoor clothing brand that’s been innovating since inception, you won’t have to doubt the quality of their clothing due to the level of transparency in their business. The core of their mission is to provide the utmost warmth, comfort, and clothing tech that’ll keep your body protected in the most severe weather conditions. 

They also provide a warranty on their gear which keeps you protected if you run into any issues with their products, and they practice excellent customer service. Moreover, the company is known to be responsive and helpful when needed.

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Feathered Friends

This company’s clothing may have a primary take on winter weather, but their gear is quite adaptable to various weather climates. Aside from their clothing line, you’ll also find some of the best sleeping bags for the outdoor market.

Handcrafted in Seattle, the company has been crafting reliable outdoor gear since 1972, and they’ve been full steam ahead ever since. They’re a great option if you prefer colder climates, and their entire line of products will have prepared to weather any storm.

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Outdoor Research

If you’re searching for an outdoor clothing brand that takes pride in its manufacturing and the effectiveness of its products, look no further. This brand doesn’t lack when it comes to the fine details, and they know exactly how outdoor clothing should be made based on decades of pure, hands-on experience. 

Like many other brands are starting to do in recent years, this company has had an eco-friendly approach from the beginning, and they continue to update their ecological efforts as the years pass by. It’s a brand that cares about where its materials come from and the ethics behind them.

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The fact that this brand works on being carbon neutral while still providing some of the most durable outdoor clothing speaks volumes about the company’s core values. They’re so confident in their work that if you happen to find the slightest defect in your purchase, they’ll repair it to brand new, free of charge.

They take immense pride in the fact that its unique outdoor clothing allows you to trek parts of the globe that would otherwise be unreachable or uninhabitable. Even if you don’t plan on skiing the coldest mountaintops, their outdoor gear is also suitable for more casual outings.

The Bottom Line

Patagonia may be pretty popular on a global scale, but this list contains twelve other brands that have their own unique take on outdoor gear, all suited for whatever climate you’re headed to next. 

You’ll also find a decent range of cost-efficient options in addition to more luxury-oriented selections. So whether you’re looking for utility, style, or durability, this list of brands like Patagonia has a little something for everyone

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