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My Jed North Review: Is This Activewear Brand Worth It?

Last Updated: May 9, 2022

If you’re reading this, you probably love good workout gear and are looking for a new brand to try. Jed North is a popular athletic brand with a large social media following, but does their activewear live up to athlete standards? 

I workout regularly and am always looking for good activewear brands to add to my collection. I received a few activewear pieces from Jed North in exchange for an honest review, so that’s exactly what I’ll be sharing if you keep reading!

First, let’s start with a brief introduction to the brand.

What is Jed North?

Jed North was founded by Jed Jin from Canada. The band originally started selling men’s tank tops for the gym, but have expanded into offering an array of athletic clothing and accessories for men and women!

If you haven’t browsed through the Jed North store yet, you’ll notice their pricing is pretty reasonable. Their average pricing ranges from $15 – $40 for a garment (typically $60 or less for a workout set). Aside from that, they have a generous sale section as well as frequent deals on many of their top products. 

What’s the Jed North return policy? They offer free 30-day returns on unworn products, but clearance and final sale items can’t be returned. This goes for personal hygiene products as well, such as underwear and boxers. 

Jed North Reviews 

Since I received a few different styles from the brand, I decided to break it down and review each product or set I tried out. 

Although I got a couple of items that had a strange fit, I loved Jed North overall. Don’t skip the sale section – my favorite shirt was on sale for $5! 

Light Weight Crop Tank Top

Crop Tank: $14 regular price

This is one of my favorite workout shirts I own. It’s made of the perfect blend of cotton and spandex, so it’s the ideal workout tank (or if you’re me, the perfect wear everywhere shirt). It’s a little thin, but this is perfect if you need something lightweight for the gym or for the hot summer months 🥵

I’m so glad I got two (to be honest, I placed another order for more of these shirts in different colors). They have an array of other colors, but the grey was on sale for just $5 (regularly $14) when I ordered, so I went with that. Such a deal!

Even at the regular price, it’s worth it. I love that it’s basic enough to be worn both in the gym and with regular outfits.

Despite being fairly thin, it doesn’t feel like it would rip. You’ll definitely nip out if you don’t wear a bra with this shirt, but the fabric isn’t see through. 

Another note, I recently went on vacation and these were so easy to pack, they barely take up any room.

Flora Seamless Camo Set

Seamless Leggings: $39 regular price

Sports Bra: $10 on sale, $25 regular price

As you can see, I’m a big fan of sets (who doesn’t love to match)? This is my favorite set I received from Jed North and make it into my list of favorite leggings ever (which is saying a lot, because I’ve tried a ton of brands).

The sports bra was great also, but I don’t feel like it’s hard to find a good sports bra, so it wasn’t as impressive. However, it’s proven very difficult to find good leggings. Here’s what I loved about these leggings:

  • Extremely comfortable and stretchy. I feel like Mrs. Incredible in these leggings.
  • Perfect fit. I LOVE that they offer a medium/large type of sizing because I’m always in-between a Medium and a Large.
  • NO camel toe. Seamless and stretchy leggings like this almost always give me camel toes (cough cough Gymshark), but I was so surprised that these didn’t give me one. Even without underwear.
  • Squat proof. Yes, I tested it.
  • Makes booty look fabulous.

For $39, these leggings are a pretty amazing deal (especially because you can typically get discounts on your first order). Plus, you can get the matching bra to go along with it. The bra is the same material, so it’s very stretchy and extremely comfortable – it also holds great, even for hard workouts.

I have only worn them a few times so far, but I really hope they last a long time!

Grey Ribbed Seamless Leggings

Seamless Leggings: $39 regular price

I also got another pair of seamless leggings. These are very similar to the previous leggings with all the same qualities, so of course, I loved them! They make my legs and butt look amazing with no camel toe – I don’t even know how that is possible with how tight and stretchy they are.

If you’re going to pick one thing from Jed North, I’d definitely recommend a pair of seamless leggings.

Bubble Leggings

Bubble Leggings: $39 regular price

I’d been wanting to try these trendy leggings forever, so I finally picked these when ordering from Jed North. 

If you’ve never seen them before, this “bubble” print is supposed to accentuate your legs (especially your butt), and I definitely noticed that. However, the fit was a tiny bit small.

I got a size Medium since I hover between a Medium and a Large, so I’d recommend picking the larger size if you’re like me. Regardless, I could still get a workout in with these (plus, they are squat proof)! I think I would have absolutely loved these if I got the larger size.

Yellow Set

Shorts: $29 regular price

Sports Bra: $25 regular price

I loved how this set looked online, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of it overall. The sports bra just feels bulky and not as comfortable as most other sports bras I own, but the shorts are cute! I loved how the set looked paired together, so I’m a little sad I didn’t really like the sports bra. 

I would probably still wear the set for fashion purposes, but I wouldn’t wear it to the gym since I have much more comfortable sports bras to choose from.

Grey Keyhole Cutout Crop Top

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Cutout Top: $30 regular price

I loved this top! It’s pretty thick material, so it may be too hot at the gym if you do hard workouts or there isn’t A/C, but it’s great for me. I will especially love it when the colder months start coming back around! 

This is one of those shirts that can be worn effortlessly in daily life and to the gym (aka my favorite types of shirts).

Seamless Underwear

Underwear: $2.50 – $10 (depending on current sales)

You might not have considered shopping for underwear from this brand, but I’d highly recommend it! 

I got four pairs of underwear that were on sale for $2.50 each ($5 for a 2-pack) and the quality is way better than I thought they would be. The material is so soft and comfortable. They’re not too thick and barely show underwear lines in most leggings. They do show in the seamless leggings I received above, but I think any underwear would show in these because they’re so tight. 

All the underwear I got were labeled as seamless, so I can’t speak for their other styles, but it doesn’t hurt to add one or two to your cart to try out (especially when they’re on sale)!

Guy’s V-Neck Shirt

T-Shirt: $17 regular price

Since Jed North is a big brand for men also, I decided to get a couple garments for my boyfriend to try out! 

He really liked this shirt, it fit perfectly and the material felt nice. I went with one of the most basic options, but they have a ton of t-shirts and tank tops for guys (and even more types of clothing).

Guy’s Jeans

Jeans: $30 regular price

I got these sale jeans for my boyfriend to test run some of their men’s clothing. He said they weren’t great quality and had a strange fit, so I’d recommend sticking to workout gear when it comes to this brand. They were in the sale section for very cheap, so it probably wasn’t the smartest pick. 

Bottom Line

Overall, Jed North is one of my new favorite activewear brands. I love that they offer a variety of basics as well as more exciting prints to choose from. I got a few items that I absolutely loved, including a pair of leggings that is in my list of top favorite pairs of leggings. Prices are very reasonable, you can truly score some gems from this brand.

While some of their sale products I received weren’t great, I absolutely loved most items I got! I’d say go for items that aren’t significantly marked down to maximize your chances of getting a good quality piece of activewear (and you might just want to stick to activewear since the jeans I received weren’t great).

Note: I’d highly recommend their seamless leggings if you struggle to find well-fitting, squat-proof leggings that don’t give you a camel toe.