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Blundstone vs Redback: Which Boot Is Best?

Last Updated: August 31, 2022

Finding the best boots for the occasion can be hard, as many factors come into play regarding their quality. Some people are looking for fashion, while others are more focused on function and utility.

There are many different styles of boots to choose from, which can make it challenging to find what works best for you.

Thankfully, this article will pit Blundstone vs Redback against each other to see which offers the best boots, as well as the other benefits they have to offer.

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Blundstone vs Redback Overview

BlundstoneRedback (Winner)
– Typically more expensive with boots starting at $209.95

-Free shipping on orders over $75

– 30-day return policy

– More variety in styles and designs for men and woman

– Options for children as well

– Great choice for fashion and work

– Very transparent about their practices
– Generally more affordable catalog with boots starting at $170

-Free shipping on orders over $99

–  30-day return policy

– Suitable for men and women

– Focuses on work-ready designs

– Manufactured in the UK

 – Smaller catalog

What They Offer


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This is a brand that doesn’t skip a step when it comes to quality, and they’re happy to show their customers how they do it. With many options for men, women, and children to choose from, they’re a great universal choice if you and your family need new boots.

You’ll also find a decent range of fashionable and functional boots that are ready for the street or a hard day at work. The company also provides extensive information about how they make their products.

Although their footwear was once made in Australia, they now manufacture their products overseas and source their products from India, China, Vietnam, Mexico, and Thailand.


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Although they have a much smaller catalog, each of their boots is more than ready for the work day ahead. This isn’t to say they don’t feature a few stylish options, but their primary focus seems to be on tradesmen.

Shoppers also benefit from a decent list of apparel to match, and the company seems to have a reasonably affordable price range.

If you’re searching for long-lasting protection and style all in one, Redback is a stellar company to rely on.



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It’s apparent that the company takes the quality of its products seriously. They practice a rigorous quality management system, and each pair of boots exudes consistency, safety, and innovation.

They also focus on reducing risk by creating a product that’s meant to last and support the wearer in a vast range of environments.

Aside from its manufacturing, the brand is also adamant about a healthy work culture, which in turn, produces stellar results for the customers. 

However, some customers around the web say Redback wins in overall quality. That isn’t to say Blundstone isn’t great quality, just that Redback is slightly better.


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Giving many similar companies a run for their money, Redback offers plenty of detail in regard to efficiency, comfort, reliability, and style. The technology that goes into their footwear includes pull-on loops, tough yet supple leather, and a foot-smart design that makes them comfortable for all-day wear.

Wearers will also benefit from an insulated footbed, anatomic support, soles that can take a beating, and unique heel reinforcement that’ll withstand the test of time.

Some designs may vary in the features they provide, but each pair of boots is made with the same quality standard as the next. This brand is focused on providing its customers with tough, rugged boots that can take a beating. 



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Blundstone does a pretty good job of providing a fairly universal pricing structure across its products. A majority of their boot catalog ranges from $200 to $250 per pair. We think this is a pretty fair range considering their quality and included features.

Some may argue that this is expensive, but it always comes down to the saying “you get what you pay for.” The company also offers care products to ensure your boots last as long as possible.

You can easily find cheaper options, but it’s important to focus on quality, function, and reliability when it comes to a good pair of boots.


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In comparison, Redback provides a cheaper price tag across most of its catalog. You’ll find much of what they have to offer ranges from $170 to $250, with some unique pairs reaching upwards of $300.

We feel Redback is the more affordable option, and customers seem to think they have superior quality. However, Blundstone has a much larger catalog to sort through.

Nevertheless, the company delivers decent quality, making its asking price relatively fair.



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When searching for your perfect fit, a good starting point would be to spend some time with the size guide that’s found at the bottom of their website. Here, you can get a better understanding of what size is right for you. Each of their products offers a standard range in sizing that’s suitable for most body types.

The company also provides plenty of details on how to find the right fit, along with notes on what their boots are supposed to feel like when you try them on.

Considering most customers buy their boots online, this information helps people make the right purchase for their needs.


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Redback also provides a size guide that customers can reference, and it looks like they offer a wider range of available sizes as well. You’ll find various fitting tips to help you make the right purchase, and each size seems to be available for the most part.

Their boots are made to comfortably fit work socks, insoles, and a range of foot types since everyone is a little different. Redback puts more than enough effort into their designs to ensure your feet stay comfortable in the long run.

What Customers Have To Say

If you want to get a comprehensive look at what customers think of the brands, take a look at the comments down below:

  • Most people find Blundstone boots to be very comfortable
  • Others have mentioned their Redbacks have lasted up to a decade
  • Blundstones are good quality but don’t seem to hold up as long as Redbacks
  • Redbacks handle wear and tear well
  • Blundstone’s are the more stylish option

The Bottom Line: Who Wins?

Both companies have something to offer depending on what you’re looking for. Blundstone has a broader catalog and many fashion-sensible designs. On the other hand, Redback is an excellent choice for tradesmen and harsh working conditions.

Overall, it seems like customers prefer the reliability of Redback boots, but this doesn’t mean Blundstones don’t provide value as well. If you’re looking for a more stylish option, Blundstone may be your best bet. 

This Blundstone vs Redback review broke down their pros and cons, and it’s apparent that Blundstone offers more style while Redback provides more functionality.

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