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15 Best Zero Waste Stores For All Your Plastic-Free Essentials

Last Updated: May 3, 2022

There are several companies out there willing to get you everything you need without leaving a ton of waste in their path, and we’ve gathered up the best of the best for you here. These zero waste stores will have almost everything you need and ship it to you with none of that plastic that just ends up in your trash can.

Have you ever noticed just how much stuff you have to throw away every time an order arrives? Between the shipping boxes, any packing peanuts or air packs, and the packaging on your items themselves, you usually end up throwing away more than you keep with every purchase. Even if you avoid online shopping, your in-store purchases typically come with paper and plastic bags.

This packaging adds up to a major plastic problem, which only seems exacerbated by the pandemic. One study by Oceana found that e-commerce giant Amazon was responsible for 465 million pounds of plastic packaging waste in 2019.

Given the height of that number alone and the sheer number of retailers out there, it’s apparent that we need to cut down on this packaging waste somehow. But the necessity of cutting down on packaging doesn’t eliminate our need for certain household essentials. 

So apart from not eating, cleaning, or wearing clothes, are there any more practical things we can do? Of course, the best way to cut down on packaging waste is to avoid packaging altogether, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid purchasing things.

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Zero Waste Stores

📷 IG @wildminimalist

Wild Minimalist

Even if you’re pretty tame, you can still get all your zero waste needs met at Wild Minimalist.

This one seems to be particularly well-stocked with kitchen supplies. So if there’s a bowl, plate, utensil, or storage container you want in a more sustainable material, Wild Minimalist probably has it.

They even have you covered with your apron, so this one truly has everything you need for the kitchen.

📷 IG @packagefreeshop

Package Free Shop

We’ve talked about Package Free Shop before as the zero-waste superstore, and we couldn’t not include it here.

Founded by Lauren Singer, “the girl with jar,” the mission of Package Free Shop is to make Singers’ zero-waste lifestyle accessible to others.

The work has certainly paid off; the shop has become a popular place to find zero waste bath and body supplies, cosmetics, cleaning essentials, and a whole lot more. You might not be able to fit all your trash into a jar just yet, but it’s a start.

📷 IG @zerowastestore


Sometimes names can be misleading, but that’s not the case with ZeroWasteStore. They have everything you want and more, all without the plastic.

They have a vast selection from kitchen products to makeup to baby items and even pet care. ZeroWasteStore truly makes living waste-free as easy as possible.

📷 IG @ecologicalmarket

Ecological Market

Out of all the shops we’ve looked at, this is probably the one you’ll want to use if you’re looking specifically for beauty products, gardening, or office supplies.

Ecological Market also has laundry, cleaning, and food storage supplies, but there are a few other things you want to take notice of.

If you have any furry friends, it can be a struggle to keep them happy and still be zero waste, but that’s not an issue here. Instead, there are several pet toys you can choose from that all come to you with zero-waste.

You can also get the sustainable paper, even versions that have been dyed, along with envelopes. We have not seen a reliable source for sustainable office supplies, so this was a nice touch. Even their gardening tools are sustainable if you want to grow your own food!

📷 IG @theearthlingco

The Earthling Co.

If you’re looking for amazing zero-waste hair care products, The Earthing Co. is your one-stop shop.

They carry the cutest shampoo and conditioner bars, along with a bamboo comb. Our favorite product, however, might be their top-rated dry shampoo!

Psst! For even more shampoo bar options, check out the best zero-waste shampoos here!

📷 IG @wellearthgoods

Well Earth Goods

Well Earth Goods was started by Lee and Jocelynn, parents of three who wanted to figure out how to raise their children and maintain a zero-waste lifestyle.

They’ve managed to reach their goal with their company, providing zero waste essentials for your kitchen and bathroom.

This includes eco-friendly trash bags, reusable coffee filters, cleaning brushes, food storage, and more. They can even help you out with your morning coffee!

📷 IG @yourlifeunpacked

Life UNpacked

Life unpacked is a Canadian company, but they ship to the US and provide so many essentials guilt-free.

Toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap are the most common, but this is one of the only places we’ve also managed to find a truly zero-waste dry shampoo.

It smells good and works great! Plus, they offset the carbon emissions from their shipping!

📷 IG @ecoroots


Another one-stop-shop for all your zero-waste needs, EcoRoots stocks just about everything you can think of plastice-free.

Their products range from kitchen and home items to beauty and skincare. Plus, they donate 1% of all profits to the Ocean Conservancy, which helps remove plastic from our oceans.

📷 IG @zeroishco


Perfection is almost impossible, but honesty certainly is not, and that’s what Zeroish strives to embody.

Not everything they offer is perfectly zero waste, but it’s pretty darn close. You can get almost any home essentials you’re going to need here, and they’ll even bundle them up for you to save some hassle!

Zeroish does particularly well with beauty, offering a wide range of reusable facial pads, swabs, and even biodegradable bandages.

If you want to save yourself a little time and money, you can get all of these in a zero-waste kit together.

📷 IG @beekitchenwrap

Bee Kitchen

A good plate of leftovers can be a lifesaver when you don’t feel like cooking, but all that plastic wrap does some rather nasty things to the planet. Sure, you can get a disposable paper wrap, but that doesn’t exactly look picnic-ready, does it?

Their cotton food wrap is coated in beeswax to keep your food fresh, and rather than throw them away, you can use them time and time again. And you’ll want to because the patterns are to die for. A lot of them give off very vintage vibes, and they’re perfect for an Instagram-ready lunch.

📷 IG @zerowasteoutlet_

Zero Waste Outlet

A zero-waste lifestyle can sometimes get quite expensive, so outlet prices are always a good thing.

Zero Waste Outlet has a bit of a smaller selection, but you can still find everything you need for a zero-waste home right here. 

Mainly you’ll find many zero waste shampoo and soap options here, which is always great considering the number of plastic bottles you would go through otherwise. They have a pretty wide selection, but if you want even more options, check out these 16 brands!

📷 IG @bite

Bite Toothpaste

One of the things that can slip right by us when looking for zero waste products is dental care. We’re so used to plastic toothpaste tubes that we don’t think much of how many of them we have to buy.

Bite wants to change that, though, with eco-friendly toothpaste bits stored in refillable glass jars. The refills come in compostable packaging and what’s inside is vegan and cruelty-free.

If you’re not a big fan of mint, don’t worry! They also have a berry twist flavor in their toothpaste and mouthwash if you’re looking for something different. It’s an excellent update to your dental care routine that cuts out all the plastic.

📷 IG @ecotradecompany

Eco Trade Company

There’s nothing better than a shop with a little bit of something for everyone, and Eco Trade Company delivers on that.

This company allows you to shop by values like wildlife conservation, energy conservation, and water conservation. As far as plastic waste is concerned, they’ve got plenty of options for that as well.

If there’s something you need for your home that you haven’t found a zero-waste alternative for, it’s probably here. Natural silk dental floss, biodegradable trash bags and coffee cups, bamboo soap dishes, and reusable coffee filters are just some products available here. They even have biodegradable glitter!

The best part is that all of it comes to you with carbon-neutral shipping, so you can feel good about what you’re buying and how it gets to you.

📷 IG @shopsimplegood

Simple Good

Next up, we’ve got another zero waste lifestyle and home goods brand. Advertised as Long Island’s first zero-waste lifestyle shop, Simple Good has everything you need for a zero-waste home, from self-care to kitchen storage.

They offer replacements for disposable paper towels, sponges, food wrap, and more with sustainable menstrual products and baby clothes.

Our favorite products are the Marley’s Monsters plate and bowl cover set, a reusable cotton alternative to plastic wrap and silicone lids. They’re pretty to look at, easy to use, and you won’t lose them in the mountain of plastic containers in your cabinet!

Gneiss Spice

If you’re an avid cook, one of the most frustrating things in the world is doing your due diligence with every other ingredient, only to be stuck with plastic bottles when it comes to spices and seasonings.

If you struggle with this, consider getting your spices from Gneiss (pronounced “nice”). Most famous for their magnetic jars, they also offer spice refills in compostable packets, though you can get them in paper as well.

They have almost every seasoning you can think of, including some you would usually have to find at a specialty grocery store. Whole nutmeg, star anise, and saffron are all available here, but you can also find more basic spices as well.

They also have pre-blended popcorn seasonings, za’atar, smoked salts, and almost any other spice blend you could think of. If you have your own personal spice blend that you use, they’ll even print a custom lid for you! 

The only plastic element in these is the labeling stickers that come with your kit, and you can request to remove them. So if you love to cook but hate going to specialty grocery stores or dealing with plastic bottles, this is the brand for you.

Bottom Line

The idea of a zero-waste lifestyle can seem pretty high maintenance, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are some fantastic people out there who have recognized the need for plastic and package-free products. With this list of the best zero waste stores, you’ll be shopping more sustainably in no time. 


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