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11 Best Sweater Dresses for Ultimate Coziness (2023)

Last Updated: March 2, 2023

Whether you’re doing fashion on a budget or just want to cut your closet down, it’s essential to look for versatile pieces. Ahead, we’ll share some of the best sweater dresses to add to your wardrobe asap.

You can wear them in so many different ways, and they’re infinitely cozy; the perfect item to add to a stylish winter wardrobe. If you’ve never heard of such a thing, don’t worry. We’re going to go over our favorites and how you can wear them!

What Is A Sweater Dress?

The term sounds pretty simple, but every brand has quite a broad interpretation of what they consider a sweater dress. For this list, a sweater dress is any dress made out of a sweater-like material in a similar silhouette.

You’re going to see a lot of long-sleeved turtleneck styles here as that’s the most common, but we’ve also included some that are on the shorter side and even some sleeveless silhouettes made out of wool or jersey. 

With this wide range of styles, you’ll find something that works for your wardrobe even if you don’t like the typical sweater style.

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Best Sweater Dresses

The Mockneck Sweater Dress by Vetta

We love this company’s capsule wardrobes, but you can also buy their pieces individually. This sweater dress is so worth it, even if you don’t want the entire five-piece collection.

The turtleneck is detachable so that you can get two different styles out of this one, and it’s made out of cotton that’s on the thinner side, so it’s cozy without being hot.

Vetta recommends styling this dress with boots on its own, and we have to agree, but you could always put pants underneath if you want something a little warmer.

Highline Crew Neck Dress by Tentree

If you’re looking for a dress that’s a little more literal with the interpretation, we recommend this one from Tentree.

It doesn’t have the mock neck if that’s not what you’re into, and the looser-fit raglan sleeves can be a little comfier as well since they give you a little bit more shoulder room. 

As for the material, the waffle knit in this one is what Tentree uses for their regular sweater, so it quite literally is a sweater made into a dress.

Midi Sweater Dress by Madewell

Sometimes you need to go to the office but still want something cozy to wear, and this merino wool sweater from Madewell is perfect for that.

The midi-length is a little more office-appropriate than the mini-length you usually see, and the detailing on the cuffs, collar, and hem keeps it from looking too casual.

If you want to dress this one up, we suggest pairing it with heels and a couple of pieces of your favorite jewelry.

Turtleneck Sweater Dress by Another Tomorrow

This one is undoubtedly an investment piece, but ethical wool pieces can be hard to find, and we just couldn’t resist.

This one fits a little tighter than most but has enough stretch to be flattering, and the ribbing is certainly evocative of a classic winter sweater.

Sweaters are great, but not all of us can pull off a chunky knit. If that’s you, this one has just enough detail.

Virgo Dress by Arielle

This one is the dress that most loosely fits the category of the sweater dress. It’s not the most sweater-like thing in the world, but we felt the material was certainly a good fit, and the style might appeal if you want something a little more unique and modern.

We love the one-shoulder silhouette and the texture of the wall. Plus, it’s 100% recycled, so this is about as close to a zero-waste garment as you’re going to get.

Libra Dress by Reformation

We love the texture that a ribbed knit provides, but sometimes you need a little bit more than those tiny little stripes.

This one has quite a lot of stretch to it and is flattering on a lot of body shapes, and if you’re someone who needs a broader set pattern, the more prominent ribbing is the way to go.

Reformation has paired this one with some simple gold jewelry and a leopard print jacket. We love the look, but you could go so many different ways with it.

Betsy Sweater Dress by Amour Vert

Many of the dresses we’ve been looking at so far have been a bit plain, so we wanted to pick one with a little more detail. 

The longer length and shorter sleeves make this one a little more wearable, and the two-toned knit adds a little more interest than a standard rib. It’s certainly more of a piece you would wear on its own rather than with a pair of pants, but it’s still a great addition to your closet.

Knitted V-Neck Dress by Mila Vert

We had a little trouble with this brand, just because they have so many great dresses that we weren’t sure which one to recommend!

They have a ton of organic cotton knit dresses in classic silhouettes that get rave reviews for the fit. This one, in particular, is light enough to be worn in spring, and the belt detail will give you a little more shape if you need help emphasizing your waist

The brand recommends wearing it with one of their cardigans, but we couldn’t resist showing it off all on its own.

Charli Knit Dress by Rue Stiic

This particular style is a plain white dress with some ribbing, but they have an entire section of knit dresses so that you can check those out as well.

We picked this one for its practicality; it’s a nice, thick material that’s still short enough, so it’s not too hot for spring, and the long sleeves will still keep you from getting chilly if the temperature happens to dip.

That said, they also have a retro stripe maxi dress that we thought was just so cute, so check that out if you want something a bit more colorful.

02/18 Organic Cotton Dress by Nago

This one is a little bit closer to a cardigan than a sweater, but the fit is probably something you don’t expect from this style of dress. Plus, it can be a more flattering option if stretchy, fitted styles aren’t your thing.

This particular one is an a-line dress with buttons down the front, giving off a casual yet feminine vibe. Even though it has long sleeves, the material is on the thinner side, so you can still get away with wearing this on hotter days. 

It’s a dress that you would probably want to wear on its own rather than with many other pieces, but it’s a pretty low-maintenance dress to style.

The Lauper Dress by Boyish

We originally started recommending Boyish for their minimalist style, but they also have some pretty great knit dresses.

The Lauper dress, in particular, is effortless in design but has an excellent cut that makes it look luxurious. The puffed, almost bishop sleeves add just enough detail that you could wear this to casual events but also dress it up with accessories for a party. 

Plus, you get to plant a tree when you buy it!

Styling Tips For Sweater Dresses

If this is your first time buying one of these beautiful dresses, you’re probably fretting about what to do with the darn thing. No worries! These are honestly so versatile that you can’t go wrong with them.

You can wear them on their own or throw them over a pair of jeans, but we love wearing them over some wide-leg trousers for a business casual look.

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Bottom Line

Sweater dresses are one of those hybrid clothing items that actually do get the job done, providing you with multiple looks in one without seeming a little ridiculous.

You can get them in a classic turtleneck style or something more modern, and they go with so many different types that you can’t mess them up. 

We’ve shown you some of our favorites from each company, but most of these have multiple sweater dress options, so it’s worth looking into all of them. You’ll definitely find something that looks amazing on you!


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