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15 Best Sunglasses Brands For Men From Classic to Modern

Last Updated: April 21, 2022

The best sunglasses brands for men can be hard to find. That’s why we put together a list of our top picks for stylish frames.

Sunglasses serve more purpose than simply keeping the sun out of your eyes. It can help define the persona of an outfit and add a level of mystery to your style as a whole. You can also find multi-purpose sunglasses that are prescription, polarized, or crafted to filter blue light from screens.

Everyone has their preferences with sunglasses considering they can affect the shape of your face and other prominent features. We thoroughly tested out the best sunglasses brands for men, and you can find our top picks down below.

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Best Sunglasses Brands For Men


Offering over 100 different frames and a seemingly endless selection of styles, Persol has been a long-time favorite for quality eyewear. A majority of their sunglasses come in multiple colorways, and they follow the highest standards for manufacturing practices.

Crafted in Italy, they boast a Barberini mineral lens and a sophisticated look that fits various styles and personalities. You can enjoy a polarized lens, a durable frame, and a pair of sunglasses that’ll last a lifetime.


A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses can last for years with the proper care, and they provide many staple designs that look great no matter how trends change. Men’s sunglasses range from roughly $70-$500, depending on the style and materials used.

Aside from their top sellers, Ray-Ban produces many different styles that are suitable for different preferences, giving them a broad market reach.

They also give you the option to customize your Ray-Bans to achieve a more unique and signature look.


If you like to spend time outdoors, Oakley sunglasses are known to be a go-to choice for active lifestyles. You can find a decent blend of standard and eccentric designs, and a majority of them do an excellent job of blocking out those pesky sun rays.

Whether you bike, run, or snowboard, you can find a pair of Oakley’s that is fitting for your specific activity. You can customize a pair of sunglasses if you like, and they offer prescriptions with many of their sunglasses if needed.

American Optical

Hailed as an American classic of sunglass brands, they offer a very niche selection of sunglass designs. Not only do they offer a dapper look, but the company claims they’re the choice of multiple U.S. presidents and are the first pair of sunglasses on the moon.

These bragging rights alone show the popularity of the brand and the dedication to true craftsmanship. American Optical’s vision originated in 1833; their eyewear has significantly influenced sunglasses in America.


This company is a favorite for many as they offer a decent-sized catalog with multiple styles and colorways available. With round, square, oval-shaped sunglasses, you won’t have any trouble finding something that’s right for you.

They make it easy to find your new favorite as you can filter their catalog by frame, polarization, face shape, and more! If you’re searching for a new pair, Carrera is definitely worth a look.

Oliver Peoples

Taking stock of the retro aesthetic, Oliver Peoples sunglasses provide a sophisticated and stylish look on any man. The company practices rigorous craftsmanship that doesn’t miss the slightest detail, and its pricing ranges from $127 up to $1,500.

Based in Los Angeles, the brand is known and respected on a global scale and continues to pioneer and innovate within the market. They may be a little pricey, but they may be the last pair of sunglasses you’ll ever need.


Moscot is known for their stylish designs and colorways that add an extra flair to any outfit or personality, offering something unique to the industry. Each pair also comes with many different colorways, giving you plenty of options.

The brand has a handful of collections that all come with a signature style, and they don’t skimp on durability. If you’re looking for something that’ll stand out, Moscot has what you’re looking for.

Tom Ford

If you’re looking for the best sunglasses brands for men with high style, look no further than Tom Ford.

A fashion statement nonetheless, Tom Ford has some of the most stylish yet equally neutral sunglasses on the market.

Great for being paired with a casual outfit or a three-piece suit, their shades offer a universal standard for men.

Warby Parker

Although you can find a fair amount of design and colorways on their website, all of their sunglasses come with a relatively neutral look. Providing a uniform style, Warby Parker shades are an excellent choice for any guy.

They also make it easy to shop online, as you can actually test out five different frames at home for free to find your personal favorite. Crafted with reliable materials and through craftsmanship, they’re worth the consideration.

Randolph Engineering

This company is a best seller in the sunglass market, and they offer a range of modern and classical styles to suit the preferences of multiple generations. They have a 200-step process for every pair of shades, and they go through tedious quality assurance testing.

You’ll find many color hues that complement various hairstyles, outfits, and unique personalities. With each pair, you can choose between a decent list of colorways to help achieve the most personalized look.


Boasting an ergonomic design that offers 100% UVA and UVB protection, Lexxola has some of the best modern sunglass designs on this list. They provide a standout look from loud and bright colorways to unique shapes and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Every pair of shades they produce are intended to be unisex, so every pair will look just fine on men while giving them a stylish and somewhat posh flair.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little different from the norm, browse through Lexxola’s catalog.


A company that’s a long-standing leader in the fashion industry, you can expect its sunglasses to offer something different from the rest.

From slim to more boisterous designs, you can achieve a full-face look or simply cover the eyes to show off your best features.

They come with a higher price tag, with the cheapest pair going for $305. Each pair of sunglasses offers something different, giving you a more unique look than what’s usually found on the market.

Barton Perreira

With a virtual try-on feature, you can see how their sunglasses will sit on your face, making it easier to feel more confident about your purchase. They offer relatively classic and uniform designs that work great with relaxed outfits or a more professional setting.

You’ll be able to face the sun without losing focus as their sunglasses come with the necessary protection to keep you covered wherever you look. Regardless of their slim or round designs, you can take on the day with invisible comfort and style.

Garrett Leight

Here you can find a blend of full, thick frames, or you can opt for a translucent frame that really makes the colored lens pop. Their selection isn’t massive, but each design is as unique as the next.

While complimenting your facial features and outfit for the day, every pair comes with the shade needed to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. These sunglasses come with a sizeable price tag, ranging from $300-$700.

Kirk Originals

Assembled by hand in England with premium quality materials from Mazzucchelli, Kirk Originals sunglasses come with some of the highest quality standards you can find. Most of their styles reference popular looks from the 1950s through the 1980s for a look from a bygone era.

They focus on full and thick frames that give your face a bold and dignified look. Aside from their size, the colorways are pretty neutral to help them blend with various outfit choices.

Let’s Recap

If you stumbled across this article, you’ve probably learned there are many more eyewear brands than you thought. This list contains styles, designs, and colorways that are perfect for all kinds of personalities, outfits, and personal preferences. 

You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a stellar choice in your price range, and make sure to take advantage of their virtual or take-home features that allow you to try before you buy. Overall, this article has some of the best sunglasses brands for men to step up their style game while making a striking impression.

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