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24 Best Summer Nail Colors to Slay Any Summer Day

Last Updated: May 9, 2022

Summer is all about bright, vibrant colors as nature is in its prime and the sun is shining bright. The warm months are the perfect time to bring out the shining, bold colors that make your fingers (and toes) pop. Let’s take a look at The Best Summer Nail Colors today, whether for an at-home mani-pedi, or a professional treatment at the salon.

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Summer Nail Colors


This is a classic color that never goes out of style, no matter the weather or season. Since white goes with everything, you do not have to worry about matching it with any specific footwear either.


Visiting the ocean on your bucket list? Couple it with a pretty coral color! The pink-orange coloring is not only fresh for the season, but very feminine in look as well.


A good tangerine color will remind you of sweet summer tanginess. This gorgeous shade is a bit more orange and less pink than coral. 

Neon Orange

Bold colors are always one way to catch someone’s eye. If your style is usually casual, lighter colors, bright colors like orange on your nails will provide the pop you need this summer.


Turquoise is another perfect nail shade for getting you in the sand and surf mood. It’s a highly underrated color that deserves to be worn more this summer.


For a fresher look, a seafoam color (similar to mint green) is a great color for summer. If you are worried about the possible sickly appearance, don’t be.

It might not look like it from the bottle, but this color is flattering on all skin shades.

Lime Green

If you want to make more of a statement, go for a darker lime green. Neon green works too for an eye-catching burst of color!

Metallic Pink

Pink metallics, especially rose gold, are especially pretty. With beautiful hues, they give a sleek look that will shimmer in the sun.

Metallic Neutral

If you love neutral shades, but want something that stands out a bit more, go for a metallic neutral. 

Golden Yellow

The yellow sun is always out in the summer. Why not match it with your nail color? A golden yellow will give you shine and even brighten your mood.

Warm Bronze

Want to add a twist to a classy chocolate shade? Make it happen with this metallic bronze hue. 

Pastel Yellow

While many people like to reserve pastel nail shades for spring, pastel yellow is one that can totally come out to play in summertime as well. 

Neon Yellow

You can’t forget about the neons! We’ve mentioned this before, but neon nail shades are a classic standout pick for summertime, especially in such a happy color as yellow. 

Apple Red

Another classic, bold color to give you a boost of confidence for any crowd. Red is loved by everyone and is a great color to wear year round, not just in the summer.


Another color to take to the sea! This almost magical color shining on your nails will be a perfect match against the sand and shells of the ocean and beach.

Steel Grey

If you are looking for a more neutral color, but want a change of pace from the nudes, peaches, and whites, give greyish silver a try. 

This color gives just enough shine, but is not too bright to draw too much attention to it.

Sea Blue

Once again a bright color perfect for a beach day! The word sea is even in the color name. Plus, the color is a great calming shade to help you slow down after a busy day.

Sky Blue

A little lighter than the sea, a light sky blue is another perfect summer nail color to match the summer sky. 

Add some cloud nail art and you’ve got the perfect summer nails!


Like its cousin red, pink is a classic, go-to color for all to wear. From a darker fuschia to a lighter salmon or neon pink, this color will never steer you wrong when you apply it.


A bit underrated, violet is actually a great summer color (think mermaid purple). Vibrant purple shades are perfect for summertime. 


Want a nice balance between a soothing blue and royal purple? Periwinkle is a great color to choose. It’s a fantastic color for nice summer outings and shopping trips with friends.


A neutral peach color of polish is a classy go-to for all occasions. With a clean look and finish, all skin tones will appreciate a peach shade.


We can’t forget about all the fun sparkle polishes out there! 

You can opt for clear sparkles that can be applied on top of your favorite summer nail color, or look for your favorite color listed above with a shimmery finish. 

For example, Gold Frosted Pink from Essie adds a fun summery touch to a regular pink shade. 

Mix & Match

Now that you’ve found some of the best summer nail colors, don’t be afraid to mix and match them if you don’t want to stick to one shade!

While you’re at it, incorporate some current nail trends to stay relevant. 


Summer is an especially fun time to experiment with new colors, designs, and even types of nails. 

With the sun shining bright, everyone can see your beautiful pieces of art. Don’t hide your hands away this summer, show them off with these gorgeous summer nail colors. 
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