20 Best Ski Clothing Brands to Look & Feel Amazing

Last Updated: March 7, 2022

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Who are we kidding, we all see the person on the mountain that has the dopest outfit and think to ourselves how great they look. To help you look your best on your next trip to the mountain, we put together a list of the best ski clothing brands!

Whether you’re just looking for high-quality essentials or you want to find the coolest ski outfit out there, we’ve got you covered.

Best Snowboarding & Ski Clothing Brands

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Burton is a name you can rely on when it comes to clothing for skiing or snowboarding.

They only use the finest, strongest, warmest materials and always have an eye on what looks great as well as feels great. Their selection is built to last and built to impress!

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Peak Performance

Peak Performance knows that there is more to ski clothing than functionality. Their clothing strives to work well and look great.

You won’t look like you’re bogged down by hundreds of pounds of clothing with Peak Performance. Instead, you will look comfortable and relaxed because you are comfortable and relaxed!

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Columbia is one of the best brands for all your ski clothing needs. From jackets to pants to beanies to just about anything,

Columbia has you covered — literally. Plus, you can always expect quality products from Columbia because they only use the highest-grade materials when creating their items. Expect nothing but the best from Columbia.

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QuickSilver is known for a lot of things, from their hip skating style to their great prices.

Their ski clothing maintains that same taste and look, but the durability and quality of their products are also worth mentioning too. This isn’t clothing that will fall apart after one season!

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Billabong is a name known for their relaxed style and surfer vibes. But they take the outdoors seriously and their collection of ski clothing shows that.

They have created some of the best ski clothes on the market and all of it feels wonderful during even the coldest months.

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Roxy makes some of the coolest and most comfortable ski clothing on the market.

They have always been known for their modern, hip fashion sense and that is evident in their ski outerwear. Their pieces fit perfectly, feel amazing, and will help you glide effortlessly down the slopes.

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Erin Snow

Erin Snow crafts high-end, superior, comfortable, and durable ski clothing for the modern woman.

Everything is form-fitting, relaxing, and very fashionable. You don’t have to look like a snowman when you’re hitting the slopes, Erin Snow proves that. Their definitely more of a luxury brand, but a great choice if you have the money!

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From thick, insulated pants to parkas, beanies and more, Superdry has a wide assortment of comfortable and ultra-cool ski clothing that look and feel great.

Their products promise warmth and comfort, no matter what you are doing and where you are doing it at.

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O’neill is one of the top brands when it comes to anything outdoors and that is doubly true for skiing.

Their selection of slope-ready clothing is fashionable, comfortable and affordable. You will instantly realize why so many people love and trust O’neill.

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Why do people love Patagonia so much? Probably because they consistently make wonderful ski clothing that looks good if you’re enjoying your time at a resort or just out on the town during a cold night out.

Patagonia means quality and everyone knows it. On top of that, they’re a sustainable brand, so you can feel good and look good!

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With Descente, you are guaranteed ski clothing that is a cut above the competition.

From insulated pants to goggles to thick, flexible jackets, Descente makes the sort of luxurious snowboarding and ski items that will look good on and off the slope.

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The North Face

Few brands are as well-known and revered as The North Face.

Their product line is full of top-of-the-line outerwear that will withstand any sort of rain or snowstorm. Plus their logo and brand speak volumes, wearing The North Face means you know quality.

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Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen has perfected the art of ski clothing. Their products are both cool-looking, comfortable and hip too.

Whether you need a simple jacket or something more intricate and complex, Helly Hansen has a wide selection of outdoorsy outerwear that will fit your needs.

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DC is a hip, trendy brand that is known for more than their ski clothing.

Their style is modern and cool and their quality is top-of-the-line. People know that DC means “cool” and you will immediately feel like an insider wearing their gear.

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Outdoor Research

Outdoor Research makes top-of-the-line ski clothing that isn’t just for your time in the snow.

This is high-quality clothing that you can enjoy when riding your bike, hiking, taking a jog or just walking around town. Everything from Outdoor Research is multi-functional, durable and wonderful to look at too.

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If you are serious about being comfortable and fashionable while skiing (or doing anything outdoors in the cold), then you should take a look at Snowlife gloves.

They craft ski gloves perfect for the serious skier. Their items will last for years and promises that no matter how much time you spend outside, Snowlife gloves will spend it with you.

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Obermeyer makes the type of snowboard and ski clothing that will make you stop in your tracks and ask where it was purchased at. Their style is sleek, modern, hip.

Their durability and functionality is unbeatable too. This is the type of clothing that serves a purpose but looks amazing no matter what you are doing.

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Mountain Hardwear

When shopping at Mountain Hardwear, you’ll be greeted with hundreds to choose from for any outdoor activity you can think of.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the comfort and feel of their clothes, plus you will also be shocked by all the helpful things you find in their jackets and pants. Extra pockets, helpful zippers, multiple layers, etc. Mountain Hardwear is looking out for you.

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Alpina Sports

Alpina Sports looks like the sort of ski wear that an Olympic competitor would wear. Sure enough, their items are built to last and withstand the coldest mountains and slopes.

You don’t have to be a gold medalist to wear Alpina, you just have to be someone who takes your comfort and fashion seriously!

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To finish off our ski clothing brands list, Flylow takes great pride in making snowboard and ski gear that focuses on functionality and fashion.

Their products are comfortable, helpful and warm, and incredibly fresh too. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time or seasoned skier, you will want to be wearing Flylow whenever you’re on the slopes.

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